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7:18 pm EST
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I perhaps used Airlines miles last year to get some magazines. This year I see charges on my credit card from the company for 4 magazines totaling more than $120 . The credit card bill provided the phone number of the company, when I called they refunded me 10% less to cancel and said I would have to dispute the rest. When you call the number, they try to keep on you automated lines and not tell you how much the refund will be. I wanted the exact refund amount. The only way you get to talk to a person is if you hit "0" repeatedly, a number of times as the automated system keeps giving you options to punch more answers. Be persistent. Of course it was a waste of a fair chunk of time plus the stress of dealing with them. It was not my understanding that the magazines I took against my airline miles would be renewed each year automatically. There was never any mail to that effect. I am only glad that this month I happened to scan my credit card bill carefully. This is a scam. I can imagine that some people, in their busy lives may miss one or two scam auto renewals like this. That is what this company is banking on. The charges showed up on my most recent credit card bill, the charges are dated 11/11/2015. They gave me a confirmation number of [protected]. It is unacceptable that they will not give me the full refund.

, US
May 22, 2017 10:47 am EDT

Same here...I took a one yr only introductory offer and low and behold..2 charges were automatically deducted from my charge card after that year. They took it upon themselves to 'auto renew' without sending me any notification that they had. I called the number that was showing on my charge card statement and thought I was going to throw the phone at the wall! It's totally automated - "I'm sorry I don't understand" - "I'm sorry but were you interested in a new deal we have to offer? "- "I'm sorry you want to cancel but we have a special are you interested"?- "I'm sorry, but I don't understand"- over and over and over - I wound up pounding on the '0' button over and over... FINALLY got a person who was just as deaf to "I want to cancel and want refund" as the automated system was! He said the refund would take place in 3-5 business days but that it wouldn't be a 'full refund' as my subscription was ordered 5/12 and 'renewed' (without my authorization) on 5/12..this is 5/22!

, US
Apr 22, 2017 6:19 pm EDT

They seem to be cleaning up their act since I just got a postcard saying that unless I call to cancel my subscription will be renewed. The number to call is [protected]. What they don't realise is that I used a one-time card with both a time and dollar limit, so even if I don't cancel they won't be able to renew it. Check with your cc company- citi does have the option to create a one-time card, chase doesn't.

Geoffrey Cann
, US
Mar 18, 2017 6:07 pm EDT
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I recently started receiving (4) unsolicited magazine issues. Time, Sports Illustrated, Good Housekeeping, Home & Garden. I wondered how this got going, since I never signed up.I checked the label and found the culprit. (magazine subscription service .com), I called them and got the runaround and no help. Next I called my credit card company and disputed the charge...low and behold they gave me two numbers to call that were the ticket out of this SCAM. Both of these numbers yielded a fast refund and the end to the (4) subscriptions. Here are those numbers [protected]) and the other
[protected]). I believe these to be contact numbers for the Magazine Subscription Services .com. The operator was (english 2nd language) and concerned about where I got the phone numbers, repeatedly asking = suspicious ! I truly hope that this will help other victims.

Buntari Keitt
, US
Aug 28, 2016 4:43 am EDT

This just happened to me this month, too and I am having extreme difficulties to get my refund. Can you please let me know the number you got from your credit card company so I could do the same. 10% less than what they scam us is bad, but it's still better than nothing, than the 90% they are charging me.

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