Mac Cosmeticsservice at the mac mirdif city center store and mac arabian center store, dubai, uae

This is in regards to the issue which I had to face yesterday (16/08/2019) in your two different stores, Arabian center MAC store and Mirdiff city center MAC store.
Around 8pm I visited Arabian center MAC store to buy some stuff which are:

prep + prime highlighter - bright forecast
technakohl liner - graphblack
eye brows styler - stud
prep + prime lip
matte lipstick - chili

I just showed my mac mobile application to the sales girl which are in the cart and I told her I need these all to buy and then she checked on my mobile and replied technakohl liner - graphblack out of stock and the other all stuff available. Then I bought all the remaining stuff and total amount was around aed 391.

It didn't take even more than 5 minutes again I returned to the store and I showed her prep + prime highlighter which I asked her for bright forecast, instead of giving me this, she had given me the light boost which I didn't even ask for. Then she was sorry and she went and checked to exchange it. Again she came back and told sorry that also out of stock but you can go to any other store and exchange it by showing the bill within 15 days.

I accepted her apology and had to drive to mirdif city center mac store. I reached there around 8.30pm. I talked to one lady over there that I want to buy mineralize skinfinish natural - dark deep as this also was out of stock in arabian center mac store and also need to exchange the prep + prime highlighter - light boost which they have sold me the wrong one. Then she opened the package and told me this is used one we cannot accept. I explained her the whole story this is what happened and I showed her the bill and the time I visited the previous store. But she talked to me in a bad manner seems like she is suspecting me. I asked her to call the arabian center mac store and check with them. But the sales girls in mirdif were not preferred to call them they were giving me so many excuses. After sometimes the same lady called arabian mac store and checked. Even after that mirdif mac store refused to take my item by saying "we cannot accept and take the responsibility go and check with the same arabian center mac store"

Now around 9 pm, again I had to drive Arabian center MAC store. As usual the sales girl apologize to me and tried to give me a voucher card amount of the wrong item. But I refused to take it as I'm not going to trust your service anymore. May be again they will tell me, cannot help me out with this voucher card. So I had to take some other items as I didn't have any other option.

This service is the worst customer experience I ever got from MAC.

1 - Why before billing cannot double check with the customer?
2 - Why do you tell the customer to go and check with other stores, after you billed out of stock items?
3 - If the company is MAC, why the branches are not helping and communicating with each other branches businesses?
4 - If you have a problem with the product why don't you resolve it internally? Why the blame is putting on the customer?
5 - If you are telling me that is a used item, that means you have sold me a used item which is your problem not mine and you are telling the customer to go here and there to solve it out! Is this your customer service?
6 - If you are talking about hygiene, I can escalate this to higher, that you have sold me a used item.
7 - There is a way to talk to a customer. How is that acceptable talking in an insulting way in front of other customers like suspecting?
8- When I returned to the Arabian store for the last time, the sales girl even she told me "if you come on tomorrow, even I should have told you this is a used one" so what is the purpose of stating on the bill you can exchange within 15 days?
9 - Who is going take the responsibility for the time which you wasted from me around one hour, my car wastage and the talking to me in an insulting way in front of the other customers?
10 - Main problem is why your products are not sealed type?

I have attached some pictures which you can have a look.

1st pictures is the exchanged bill.
2nd picture is the statement of the exchanging policy.
3rd picture is the items which I had to buy as I didn't have any other option.
4th picture is the items I bought before. (Without the wrong item)
All you can see are not sealed type.

I'm looking for a quick response for this.

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Aug 17, 2019

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