Mac Cosmeticsincompetent customer service

I ordered items online 8/1 and later received an email stating my items would be shipped to some unknown person in CA. I'm in PA. I contacted the toll free number and explained. I further recalled that I did see this unknown name and address on my account and clicked to change the billing address to my address which was already in the system. I stupidly assumed that would change the shipping. It did not and when I received an email confirming the order I followed up with the toll free number. I explained and the person stated that she would change the shipping info and I should be set. Later I git an email stating that order was cancelled. I call and speak to a person who says that she will remove the name and address that did not belong on my account and that she would place the items back in my cart and I could repurchase. I inquired about the preauthorization pending charge and she stated that that would drop off and not go thru. I reordered the same items again and noticed that now there are 2 preauthorization charges. Today I get another email stating that the second order was cancelled. Upon further investigation I learn that the person who cancelled my order put in a fraud alert therefore all orders I made will be flagged. I AM FURIOUS. Additionally, the first charge has completely been authorized and the money has been removed from my account. I want someone to contact me immediately to discuss placing my money back in my account and two not submitting the charge to my bank for the second charge and three fix your system, retrain your incompetent staff so that I can get the items I desire.

Lynn Speight

Aug 03, 2019

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