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Dear Luna

I had a sales rep out to my house mid March with the intention of purchasing tile flooring for my bathroom and carpet for my staircase. The sales rep that came over was extremely uninformed. She did not know the product, kept showing my samples of things I was not interested and seemed unsure at times. She was finally able to show me samples of a tile that I loved, I asked her twice - while my mother was present - to confirm color and size and she confirmed the size as a rectangular shape - a 12X18 inch tile. I purchased that along w/ carpet for my stairs. The next week, when the tile installer came it was a fiasco. The installer was at my home for over 2 hours but could not start the work as he was waiting on confirmation that I had paid for project. Imagine my surprise and frustration that no one was getting back to him to confirm. I had purchased this on my Luna credit card that I have had for over 6 years and never had an issue. The sales rep had also informed me that my toilet would not need to be removed and the installer would tile around it. The installer told me that was not the case, the toilet had to be removed. I was fine with that - but concerned because the installer was unsure on how to reconnect the toilet lines. I called Luna customer service and expressed my concerns. I also found out at that time that the sales rep had neglected to process some paperwork on her end and my confirmation of payment was never recorded - and that is why the installer was unable to proceed with the job. The installer ended up leaving without doing any work and I had wasted taking a day off from my job.
the work was rescheduled for the following week. I was unable to take an additional day off and I had a relative meet the installer at my home. The tile was installed and when I returned home found that 12x12 tiles had been installed and not the 12x18 inch - which is what I had purchased. I checked my contract and no where on it did it notate the size of the tile. I called Luna immediately and here began weeks of back and forth and much frustration. I spoke with numerous people and finally was connected with a manager named Randy. Again, after much back and forth, Randy spoke with the sales rep who confirmed she made a mistake on the size of the tile when she sold it to me. Come to find out - they tile I bought doesn't even come in the 12x18 size! They sent another sales rep out to show me other tile samples, but nothing was what I was looking for Luna is very heavy in tile flooring that looks like "wood planks" and that is not a look I was into. I in-turned asked for a 50% discount. The total cost for the project was $617. Randy offered me $150 discount. I told him that I feel a $300 discount was more than acceptable in this situation. The sales rep gave me bad information, let me purchase tile that was not in the size I wanted, screwed up initially on my proof of payment, which mead me to miss a day of work. I was then unable to take off the following week and be at my home when the incorrect tile was being installed.
If you pull my account, you will see that I am a long time, repeat customer. I had my entire previous home done by Luna, I was now hoping to have my new home flooring done by Luna as well. Randy has told me that a $300 discount will not happen in this case. Over an additional $ 150, Luna and Randy are willing to lose a long term customer? That seems extremely disappointing. I am very disappointed in Luna, their customer service and their treatment of customers.

May 01, 2019
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  • Et
      May 07, 2019

    Leah, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. Your satisfaction is important to us, and well be in touch with you shortly to discuss your concerns.

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