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Horrific post install support

I was initially impressed with the with their sales representative and the installation, but after paying...


Installation was started on July 7th. As of 7/28/20 after a dozen or more calls to customer service and multiple no shows by installers my flirting is still not complete and company keeps telling me they will call be back. I have had no help in completing the project. The sales rep that we worked with no longer works for the company. We have tried to speak to managers and no one has helped us out.

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    ET Customer Support Jul 29, 2020

    Trent, we know that your time is valuable, and we sincerely apologize for the installation delay. We've located your order and will be in touch with you shortly.

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Resolved carpet

I contacted Luna on 7/5/19 to have someone come out and repair my carpet in 2 spots. Tech was sent on the 9th to take measurements. He said I would be getting a call 1-3 business days with a quote. I have yet to receive a call back. Then on Tuesday the 9th, I get a call from Luna asking "how the install went". There was no install. Then on Thursday the 11th I get a sales call. People. Get it together, I need a call back with a quote for the replacement and an install day. I've been calling CS multiple times, no one has answers for me. They keep telling me so and so will call back. No one calls back. I get placed on hold because they need to call random dept to get answers and no one ever picks up at those dept. Then I'm placed on hold, get hung up on, I have to call back yet again. Repeat myself 20 times. This is by far the worst CS experience I have ever encountered. Reps are rude.
And don't even get me started on my 1st experience with Luna. That was a freaking zoo!!!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring's response · Jul 18, 2019

    Kasiap, this is not the experience that we wish for our customers. We’d like to address your concerns, but we’re having difficulty in locating the correct account. Please contact us at [email protected]
    Thank you,
    -Luna Customer Care

Resolved non complience of contract obliigatiuon/negligence/inferior product installed/disrepected by customer service representatiive/misrepresentation

Attached is the email sent to Melisa Dingus sent in March, 2019. This attachment should give a explanation of some of our complaints.
As per our conversation on March 12, 2019, three contractors sent by your company arrived at my home to remove the carpeting and padding that was installed by your company's contractors on November 8, 2018. This crew was pleasant, acting very understanding and professional. My husband was present this time, but not with first crew. As the previous crew, crew #1, had threatened me three times. At each time he threatened to leave my home without finishing the work that had been started and not finished. He actually scared me, but I did not want them to leave my home in the mess that they created. I was comfortable with this new crew, Miquel, his brother and his sons so that my husband and I stayed downstairs while they worked upstairs. I explained to Miquel what took place when and how the other crew laid our carpeting. I even offered drinks and bought them lunch. I noticed something odd when Miquel's crew was taking out the carpeting and padding. There was carpeting debris and dirt in my hallway vent. Later on my husband discovered that the other three vents in our living room were not cleaned out, they too had dirt and debris in them. I was very upset about the debris inside my vents, as my husband has severe respiratory problems and is very sensitive to any foreign particles in the air. He had double chemo for five month, once a week, several years prior and his immune system is not as strong as most people. Several years ago, we had Michael and Sons install a new heating system. At that time they checked the vents and stated they did not need to be cleaned out as the vents had no evidence of any kind of dirt or debris. Also, the other crew did not replace the tack boards that should have been replaced because of the water damage. When I questioned that crew about this, they replied that that's the way it is done and refused to replace the old tack boards. Also, when the new crew removed the padding from the previous installation, I noticed that there were three different types of paddings used, as evidence by the different colors of the paddings. The colors were black blue, green, black and white denoting that they were of different grades as explained to me by Miquel. The padding was laid down in pieces not in one continuous piece. I also had questioned that process at the very beginning. Also, both crews did not know how to lay the carpeting on the stairs, they pieced the stairs instead of having a continuous waterfall type flow going down the steps. That's the only way they knew how to lay carpeting on the steps. Before, I go any further, let me explain the following. My husband, who was a realtor, and I were involved with another realtor that owned a carpeting company who taught me about the carpeting business, from sales to installation. I know what I am talking about when it comes to carpeting.
Now, concerning the new carpeting installed this second time around. First of all, we had to remove everything out of our closets, drawers, curio cabinets, disassemble the computer system, china cabinet, and anything that could be damaged when the crews moved furniture. Needless to say, we are having to do this for a third time and it takes a week or more to get everything set up and put back properly. We are not looking forward to this inconvenience and work for the third time. The carpeting we paid for was supposed to be five star quality and the padding the best on the market, as per your sales representative. I had two different carpeting companies come in to assess the carpeting that was installed by your company and basically they said the carpeting was a hoax. I showed them how the carpeting was seamed throughout the house and they agreed that this was a shoddy job. This was the first carpet laid in our home. The second crew did a better job. The new crew ran out of carpeting and could not finish the basement steps. Now we have just the padding on bare steps with stables sticking out to where we have to make sure we have shoes on in order not to get injured. When they packed up their gear, I was sick to my stomach and although they offered to come back the next day, we just could not put up with the stress anymore. Also, I have a large bag of carpeting and padding strips that Miquel's crew left at our home, which shows that the quality laid down on the second time is of poorer quality of the carpeting laid down first time. I cannot help but questioning the quality of the carpeting that was laid down the first time.
Mr. Robert Butler, your representative, came to my house to try to resolve some of the problems concerning this shoddy work and the quality of the carpeting. I showed him the steps how they were laid piece by piece and the shoddy work performed with the laying of the carpeting on the steps. I had taken pictures of the work being performed and these I showed to Mr. Butler. Also, I showed him where the first crew broke my daybed in our guest room. I explained to him that I know about carpeting and this was not five star carpeting and the padding was not what we paid for, as it was not the best as it was represented to us by your sales representative. . Mr. Butler came to my home a second time and I showed him the pictures and told him about all the bits and pieces of the paddings and carpeting from both crews. I still do not trust the padding quality. I would not put this cheap carpeting in a garage nor a dog house. Mr. Butler apologies again, as before, and stated this would have to be handled by corporate. He also named a list of seven things, and the companies that he was going to contact, in order for these deficiencies to be corrected. Including cleaning the vents and also having an exterminator exterminate my home. When Mr. Butler left our home I wanted him to know that I was not a happy camper. This is a huge strain on my husband and myself, again we have to move our belongings from four rooms into the bathrooms and our sunroom creating wear and tear on our belongings. My husband and I are approaching seventy years old and we are both disabled. The vent system has been compromised creating a respiratory problem for by husband and our house has been trashed two times with the third just around the corner. The carpeting process is nothing that I have experienced in all of our homes. The carpet experts that came to our home agree that this is cheap carpeting and unprofessionally installed. The trust I had in Luna is gone. Who in their right mind would not agree with me? Once is maybe ok, twice no way and a third time I cannot believe it.
In order to solve this situation, I want the carpeting and padding I was promised by you sales representative, the steps carpeting flowing down like a waterfall, not in pieces. I want compensation for the broken bed, I want compensation for cleaning the air duct system, and cost of exterminating our home. Before, I forget, the padding that was installed the first time was old and came out of somebody else's house, hence the need for the exterminator. I will provide the pictures to you via your phone. This time I want the upstairs done one day and the downstairs a couple days later. This gives us a chance to put back everything from one floor then the second floor. My husband I cannot take the stress of having our entire house upside down. The first time, November 8th, the holidays and everything involve with the holidays that we had our plates, was so stressful that my husband experienced numerous seizure, as he has PTSD. The second time it was so obvious that nobody should have to go through this again. Let's hope the third time is the charm.
Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter. We hope to hear from you soon so that we can solve this problem to our satisfaction.
Mrs. Catherine J. Pratt 2202 227th Street Pasadena, MD 21122 Telephone # [protected]
August 2018, we contracted LUNA to have wall to wall carpeting installed in our home, which covered the living room, three upstairs bedrooms, two hallways and two stairs (13 steps each). In the contract the installation of the carpeting on the stairs was to be in the waterfall method, this is in writing. We also contracted and paid to have the best padding and five star carpeting as represented by your sales representative, Michael Ponte. As of this date your company's contract obligation have not been met. As you can see by the email sent to Melisa in March we have been frustrated and insulted by your so called customer service representatives. My wife has been verbally abused by insulting her intelligence. The last conversation that she had with your representative who was supposedly from your corporate office, Charles Ogame, tried to insinuate that she was an idiot. First off he stated that your company does not state that you carry five star carpeting and during the conversation it became evident that he had not reviewed our claim. He stated that we had already had our carpeting replaced three time. The fact is this would be the third time that we would have to replace the inferior carpeting and padding. In May, while discussing having to replace the carpeting for that third time, replacing the broken bed, and the stress involved with entire matter my wife stated that she wanted the following: 1.) Replace the carpet and padding as was contracted originally; 2.) Compensate for the broken bed; 3.) Replace the kitchen floor and the small bathroom floor on the first floor; and $.) Any monitory compensation that your company feels for this entire unpleasant situation. I have a very low stress level as I am a veteran diagnosed with PTSD and this has caused me undo stress not only for me but also for my entire family. One more consideration is that our daughter will be moving back from Georgia to live with us in August. We need to get this problem resolved now not later. Presently, I am holding off getting legal representation, starting a face book campaign, contacting Senator Von Hollan's office, and Channel 13, and also the Better Business Bureau.
Please respond in writing and email so we can get this problem resolved. As of the 8th of July this will be eight month since we first contracted with your company. There should not be any question that your company has wronged us and that we are owed a timely resolution.
Thank you for your time and timely consideration on this matter.
Herold K. and Catherine J. Pratt
Email: [protected]@hotmail .com
Telephone: [protected]
2202 22th Street
Pasadena, MD 21122


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring's response · Jul 05, 2019

    Herold, this is not the experience that we wish for your customers and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we'll be in touch with you shortly to discuss your concerns.

tile installation

Dear Luna

I had a sales rep out to my house mid March with the intention of purchasing tile flooring for my bathroom and carpet for my staircase. The sales rep that came over was extremely uninformed. She did not know the product, kept showing my samples of things I was not interested and seemed unsure at times. She was finally able to show me samples of a tile that I loved, I asked her twice - while my mother was present - to confirm color and size and she confirmed the size as a rectangular shape - a 12X18 inch tile. I purchased that along w/ carpet for my stairs. The next week, when the tile installer came it was a fiasco. The installer was at my home for over 2 hours but could not start the work as he was waiting on confirmation that I had paid for project. Imagine my surprise and frustration that no one was getting back to him to confirm. I had purchased this on my Luna credit card that I have had for over 6 years and never had an issue. The sales rep had also informed me that my toilet would not need to be removed and the installer would tile around it. The installer told me that was not the case, the toilet had to be removed. I was fine with that - but concerned because the installer was unsure on how to reconnect the toilet lines. I called Luna customer service and expressed my concerns. I also found out at that time that the sales rep had neglected to process some paperwork on her end and my confirmation of payment was never recorded - and that is why the installer was unable to proceed with the job. The installer ended up leaving without doing any work and I had wasted taking a day off from my job.
the work was rescheduled for the following week. I was unable to take an additional day off and I had a relative meet the installer at my home. The tile was installed and when I returned home found that 12x12 tiles had been installed and not the 12x18 inch - which is what I had purchased. I checked my contract and no where on it did it notate the size of the tile. I called Luna immediately and here began weeks of back and forth and much frustration. I spoke with numerous people and finally was connected with a manager named Randy. Again, after much back and forth, Randy spoke with the sales rep who confirmed she made a mistake on the size of the tile when she sold it to me. Come to find out - they tile I bought doesn't even come in the 12x18 size! They sent another sales rep out to show me other tile samples, but nothing was what I was looking for Luna is very heavy in tile flooring that looks like "wood planks" and that is not a look I was into. I in-turned asked for a 50% discount. The total cost for the project was $617. Randy offered me $150 discount. I told him that I feel a $300 discount was more than acceptable in this situation. The sales rep gave me bad information, let me purchase tile that was not in the size I wanted, screwed up initially on my proof of payment, which mead me to miss a day of work. I was then unable to take off the following week and be at my home when the incorrect tile was being installed.
If you pull my account, you will see that I am a long time, repeat customer. I had my entire previous home done by Luna, I was now hoping to have my new home flooring done by Luna as well. Randy has told me that a $300 discount will not happen in this case. Over an additional $ 150, Luna and Randy are willing to lose a long term customer? That seems extremely disappointing. I am very disappointed in Luna, their customer service and their treatment of customers.

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    ET Customer Support May 07, 2019

    Leah, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. Your satisfaction is important to us, and well be in touch with you shortly to discuss your concerns.

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Resolved carpet

Horrible management and company that will not do what's right! Had carpet installed that needed to be replaced because of a defect. AFTER we have been moved in they said the entire carpet will be replaced under the warranty. We have so much stuff in all our rooms with 3 kids, it's an absolute nightmare to have to move EVERYTHING. When I talked to a manager about being compensated for the carpet some way, she told me they cant do that. I have every right to get a discounted refund after the more than $10k we spent. This is so ridiculous they wouldn't work with us as a customer and keep us happy with some of our money back! I would never order anything again from this company!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring's response · Apr 05, 2019

    Dear customer we sincerely apologize for your experience and would like to further discuss your concerns. Please contact us at [email protected] with both your contact and account information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Resolved unethical behavior

I would like someone to know about the unethical behavior of one of your employees who was supposed to be helping me resolve several errors made on my order, installation, and financing. Denisha h. Was this employee. She initially started out trying to be helpful. After several attempts at leaving voicemails on her extension without resolution, we spoke yesterday and she was insisting i give her my email or fax number to sign paperwork and return to her immediately. I tried to explain to her that she needed to contact wells fargo their finance company because they had sent me a letter stating the dispute had been resolved. I asked if she could explain why i needed to sign her paperwork . She told me that she had already went over that with me and wasnt going to explain it again. I asked her not to speak to me that way and she accused me of taking out my frustration on her. When i asked if she could guarantee she could resolve this by just speaking with wells fargo she said if i wasnt going to give her what she needed then i could fix it myself and hung up on me. Her behavior was deplorable and completely unprofessional and i can not believe she has been entrusted by her company to resolve problems customers experience. Even though i called back to give her what she needed she would not take my calls . After 3 attempts, i called back and told her receptionist to tell her she no longer needed to help me as i had reached out to wells fargo myself and they were handling it. Very dissatisfied with her and luna all together . Will never recommend them to anyone . Sales person kim gave wrong info, she didnt place order right, installer showed up end of day and refused to do job, on top of that he didnt have all the materials he needed, had 2 take second day off work to get product installed, wrong amount in financing sent in even though i did down payment before installation and was assured it would be credited, it wasnt till a week later which made my minimum payments incorrect had to have wells fargo file dispute over this matter and then i get denisha being rude and showing unethical behavior . The only person who was helpful was diane who oversees installers she was great.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring's response · Dec 05, 2018

    Faith, thank you for making us aware of this matter. We've located your order, and we'll be in touch with you shortly to discuss your concerns.

Resolved carpet installation/luna

I purchased a whole townhouse of carpet to replace old carpet. We picked the top of the line with the highest...

Resolved carpet/ kitchen tile

August 25, 2018, I contracted with Luna Carpet to install 3 rooms of carpet, a small hallway and stairs, plu...

Resolved laminate

I had laminate flooring installed in my upstairs and carpet everywhere else. The laminate on my stair...

Resolved carpet installation

Job # dl 1220b Sales rep lsr1559 darrin collins Customer service rep nicole p. We placed an order for carpet...

Resolved special sales "purchase one item for floor and get two rooms for $50.00

Date of Purchase: [protected] salesman LSR474-John Baughman - First showed regular samples both wood flooring...

Resolved laminate and carpet

Just don't do it. One of the most stressful experiences of my life. I paid $15, 000 for new laminate and carpet but it wasn't worth it. The worst customer service I have ever dealt with my entire life. I did not spend hours, I spent days cleaning up after these fools. There's a reason they don't have a storefront because somebody would have blown it up by now.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring's response · Nov 06, 2017

    We're disappointed to hear that this was your experience, and assure you that we take matters such as this one very seriously. We'll be in touch with you soon to discuss your concerns.
    Thank you.
    -Luna Customer Support

Resolved unethical behavior

I am writing in regards to my purchase of LVT in light gray with smoke grout and an install date of Sat., 10/28/17.

My salesman, Rick Hoffman, first come to our home on Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017. My husband and I decided on the type of flooring we wanted and asked for two different tiles to come in to decide on color. Rick said the samples would arrive Mon or Tues. By Wed, 10/18, they were not here, so I called Rick. He said they were ordered and on the way. He had obviously forgotten to order them. They came in the next Mon, 10/23/17. One was one of the colors we wanted to see, the second tile was the wrong color, Iron Ore. I spoke with Rick on Tuesday, 10/24/17, and he said the correct one would be overnighted to me, the light gray. The next day sample came in the wrong color again, another iron ore. I spoke with him on Wednesday, and he admitted he made a mistake and ordered the wrong one again. With an install date on Sat. 10/28, it was now too late to order another sample. He assured me the correct color tile and grout were ordered. Thursday I texted him - wary at this time about him getting it right - and I texted light gray tile with smoke grout. He replied only ‘yes'. Friday am, I texted and asked about installation time. He didn't reply, but had Dee call me. Saturday, the installers came with the wrong color grout: mist and a whole box of the wrong color tile: iron ore. The installers were great, but I should not have had so much trouble with Rick getting the order correct. I texted Rick about the wrong color grout being here, and again received no response.

I had originally called Luna because of seeing many commercials about a 70% off promotion. I asked Rick several times for a breakdown in numbers, but he couldn't provide that, said it was all in a bottom line number but assured me I was getting the 70% off and the best pricing available. He also said he would give us a $250 discount due to flooring we had bought 3 years previously from Empire that was just crap. It had started peeling and cracking just a year after install and Empire would never call me back. Rick assured me that the Luna division was better than the Empire division, even though they are part of the same company.

Since Rick would not reply to my text on Friday, as I said, he had Dee call me. She explained that someone would call me about installation, something Rick should have told me about. I asked Dee if she could break down the numbers for me. At first, she said the $250 was put in by Rick, but for some reason, it did not go through. She was going to fix it. Still couldn't break the numbers down for me, said the 70% off was on product only, not labor, which is fine. Then she gave me the same bottom line amount due that I had originally gotten from Rick - no $250 credit and no 70% off. This job has cost me $3, 715.46, if you add 70% to that, even to half of it for product only, it would be about $6, 000 - there is no way this flooring for a kitchen should be that much so I know there was no 70% taken off.

This was supposed to be a one day installation job. On Sat, the installers got here with the wrong color grout, and said they had to come back on Monday to finish the job. I had to take a day off of work - with no pay - to cover this extra day. They also said they would have to go to Home Depot and purchase new plywood, something Rick never mentioned - an additional $636. Of course, I had to pay up front, as they were already here, so I had no choice. So now, I'm out my $250 credit, $636 for extra plywood, and a day's pay at work. Not to mention the 70% so called promotion that I believe I never received. Also, since they couldn't finish the job on Saturday as planned, and had to come back on Monday, that left my kitchen unusable for three days! We had to eat out all weekend since I didn't have a stove/oven to cook on. It was sitting in my living room!

I have never been one to write a letter like this, but I am very upset with Luna right now. Talk about bad advertising! As far as your sales reps go, is it just sell whatever you can and forget about the customer? That seems to be Rick's idea of being a salesman. I feel some compensation is in order for all this stress and extra charges we have had to endure. I'm sure I will not be hearing from anyone about this, but I certainly will not be recommending Luna to anyone.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring's response · Oct 31, 2017

    Dear Ann,
    We've read your review, and are disappointed to hear that there was a miscommunication regarding your product choice. We understand your frustration and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We'll be in contact with you shortly to discuss your concerns and start working on a prompt resolution.
    Thank you.

Resolved carpet and vinyl floor installation

Repeatedly trying to get the flooring you must pre-pay for installed! On first visit, they didn't bring...

Resolved installation - no show!!!

On 6/24/2017, I signed an agreement with Luna to install Armstrong hardwood floors on two stairways, hallways & stair landings in my home. Luna scheduled the installation for July 6th. On 7/6, the Contractor arrived but did not have all of the materials to complete the job. The contractor called Luna's, Installation Manager ("IM") and I contacted (877-241-LUNA), Customer Service ("CS") about the partial shipment of materials given for the project. After speaking to the IM, she promised to resolve the matter & re-scheduled a July 8th installation. On 7/7, Luna called & postponed the installation for July 10th because all of the flooring materials did not come in, as planned. July 10th came and departed, Luna did not call nor show up, as promised. I contacted CS [protected]) and was transferred immediately to the Materials Manager ("MM"). She said that her Department will be handling my case but her Supervisor was out of town and will contact me upon his return. I did not hear from MM nor her supervisor, so I called Luna [protected]) at the end of the day on July 11th and CS said, "Someone will contact me on July 13th to re-schedule another installation date". July 13th came and departed, Luna did not call nor show up, as promised. On July18th, MM called and re-schedule another installation date for July 20th. On 7/20, Luna called & postponed the installation for July 29th because all of the flooring materials did not come in.

Well I am anxious, I have taken off three working days from my job already plus my initial deposit for the hardwood flooring to Luna and my hardwood floors have not been installed, yet. I hope Luna installs my floors, as promise and I promise not to do business with Luna (again).


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring's response · Jul 20, 2017

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We assure you that we work with our customers from start to finish until their concerns have been addressed. We'd like to further assist you, as well as the owner of these photos. Please email your concerns and account information to [email protected] so we can follow up with you.
    Thank you.

Resolved refunding for carpeting already removed

June 26, 2017 Job numbers GX10798-4975962 and CX21435-4975961: I had my upstairs apartment completely redone...

Resolved installers never showed. I was never called to let me know no one will be installing today.

I placed my carpet order over 2 months ago. I confirmed the 6/16/17 installation date 2 weeks ago. A missed day at work only to have no installation. No calls to say why. When I called at 12:30 PM to check and see where the installers were the person on the phone told me that they had no installers available today. When I asked the LUNA associate why I wasn't called she responded, "Oh, we were just about to call you". Really? Am I truly expected to believe this? I was told that no installers were available today and although they found out earlier in the day, no alert phone calls were made to me (the paying customer) to let me know. Every time I attempted to talk to this person she would just talk over me, or at the same time until I finally asked her to please refrain from talking and let me get a word in. When I inquired about restitution I was just told that would not happen but she would be happy to reschedule. Now that will be ANOTHER day of missed work. And, no time guarantee would be offered. Where is the customer service here? This is so unacceptable! In this time of mass social media, I would think LUNA would put more pride in their reputation and taking care of their customers. I will be sure to share this scenario - A LOT!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring's response · Jun 19, 2017

    Dear Customer,
    We regret to hear that you were inconvenienced by this matter. Please email your concerns and account information to [email protected], and mention Complaints Board in the subject line so we may further assist you.
    Thank you.

Resolved stay away from this company

This company is a train wreck. Stay away. After the 1st disaster a year ago, I decided to give this company...

Resolved return of my deposit

On February 20, 2017, I had a Flooring specialist come to my home to give a quote on installing tile floor...