Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring Complaints & Reviews

Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring / non complience of contract obliigatiuon/negligence/inferior product installed/disrepected by customer service representatiive/misrepresentation

Jul 05, 2019

Attached is the email sent to Melisa Dingus sent in March, 2019. This attachment should give a explanation of some of our complaints. Mellissa, As per our conversation on March 12, 2019, three contractors sent by your company arrived at my home to remove the carpeting and padding that wa...

Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring / tile installation

May 01, 2019

Dear Luna I had a sales rep out to my house mid March with the intention of purchasing tile flooring for my bathroom and carpet for my staircase. The sales rep that came over was extremely uninformed. She did not know the product, kept showing my samples of things I was not interested and seemed...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring / carpet

Apr 04, 2019

Horrible management and company that will not do what's right! Had carpet installed that needed to be replaced because of a defect. AFTER we have been moved in they said the entire carpet will be replaced under the warranty. We have so much stuff in all our rooms with 3 kids, it's an...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring / unethical behavior

Dec 05, 2018

I would like someone to know about the unethical behavior of one of your employees who was supposed to be helping me resolve several errors made on my order, installation, and financing. Denisha h. Was this employee. She initially started out trying to be helpful. After several attempts at...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring / carpet installation/luna

Nov 09, 2018

I purchased a whole townhouse of carpet to replace old carpet. We picked the top of the line with the highest padding as well. My scheduled delivery date was 11/5/18 and I was told I was first stop on the list. On 11/5 it was raining and I received a call from Luna at 7:30 am stating they...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring / carpet/ kitchen tile

Oct 23, 2018

August 25, 2018, I contracted with Luna Carpet to install 3 rooms of carpet, a small hallway and stairs, plus the living and dining area. I also contracted to have the kitchen tiled. August 27, 2018, the carpet installers were prompt. They completed 3 rooms (which consisted of 2 bedroom...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring / laminate

Jul 14, 2018

I had laminate flooring installed in my upstairs and carpet everywhere else. The laminate on my stairs starting coming up almost immediately after installation. I waited two different days for repair people to come and they never showed up. On the third day when he came to repair them he...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring / carpet installation

Jun 14, 2018

Job # dl 1220b Sales rep lsr1559 darrin collins Customer service rep nicole p. We placed an order for carpet and tile on may 7, 2018. The tile installation was scheduled for monday 6/4/2018 The carpet installation was scheduled for friday 6/8/2018 The tile installer arrived on time as promised...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring / special sales "purchase one item for floor and get two rooms for $50.00

Jan 26, 2018

Date of Purchase: 1-16-2018 salesman LSR474-John Baughman - First showed regular samples both wood flooring, then carpet flooring. I questioned whether this was the flooring that was for the sale advertised? Answer "no", I indicated that was all I was interested in.. Mr. Baughman then...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / laminate and carpet

Nov 03, 2017

Just don't do it. One of the most stressful experiences of my life. I paid $15, 000 for new laminate and carpet but it wasn't worth it. The worst customer service I have ever dealt with my entire life. I did not spend hours, I spent days cleaning up after these fools. There's a reason they...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / unethical behavior

Oct 30, 2017

I am writing in regards to my purchase of LVT in light gray with smoke grout and an install date of Sat., 10/28/17. My salesman, Rick Hoffman, first come to our home on Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017. My husband and I decided on the type of flooring we wanted and asked for two different tiles to...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / carpet and vinyl floor installation

Aug 24, 2017

Repeatedly trying to get the flooring you must pre-pay for installed! On first visit, they didn't bring enough carpet, didn't finish vinyl install, no baseboards, no thresholds/borders between carpet and vinyl, and wrong color quarter round was installed. The they didn't show up for the...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / installation - no show!!!

Jul 20, 2017

On 6/24/2017, I signed an agreement with Luna to install Armstrong hardwood floors on two stairways, hallways & stair landings in my home. Luna scheduled the installation for July 6th. On 7/6, the Contractor arrived but did not have all of the materials to complete the job. The contractor...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / refunding for carpeting already removed

Jul 10, 2017

June 26, 2017 Job numbers GX10798-4975962 and CX21435-4975961: I had my upstairs apartment completely redone, Laminate in the kitchen and living room, Carpet on Stairs and Bedroom. When the workers came, they stated I had to pay first... I found this odd so I called the customer service...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / installers never showed. I was never called to let me know no one will be installing today.

Jun 16, 2017

I placed my carpet order over 2 months ago. I confirmed the 6/16/17 installation date 2 weeks ago. A missed day at work only to have no installation. No calls to say why. When I called at 12:30 PM to check and see where the installers were the person on the phone told me that they had no...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / stay away from this company

May 25, 2017

This company is a train wreck. Stay away. After the 1st disaster a year ago, I decided to give this company another chance since they were adamant they wanted to make it right and that things had changed within the company. Nothing has changed. 1st off I was scheduled for install 9 day...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / return of my deposit

Mar 16, 2017

On February 20, 2017, I had a Flooring specialist come to my home to give a quote on installing tile floors in my basement. I did like the product but I was not to sure about the price. I was trying to wait for my husband to come and look at what was going to be installed. Needless to say...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / poor customer service / money not refunded

Mar 13, 2017

I first met with a Luna sales person in February. Set an installation date for March. The installers showed up with only half my carpet and could not finish one room due to the carpet being cut correctly. Needless to say I was not able to get that room finished and began calling Luna that...

[Resolved] Luna / carpeting installation

Feb 22, 2017

January 21st I met with a salesman who helped me pick out a new carpet for our entry way. Small room with a total of 20 yards of carpet needed. Set instillation for February 1st. Luna called on the 30th saying our carpet had not been delivered and was not in the state and they needed to...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / laminate floor installation

Feb 07, 2017

The worst company I have ever dealt with!!! After getting sold a low grade floor and having to deal with changing it prior to installation things went down hill from there. I dealt with a manager named Art took care of the change and didn't charge me for the upgrade, when the installer...

Luna Carpet / carpet installation

Sep 17, 2016

On September 3, 2016 Luna installed carpet in my home (4 bedrooms, stairs, hallway, living room. After they left and I was putting things back in order I found a floor vent from the master bedroom on the shelf in another bedroom. I called Luna at 10:14pm on September 4th and left a...

Luna / poor customer service

Aug 31, 2016

We ordered carpet last summer (approximately 1 year ago) and were super excited about the quality and service with the carpet installation. However, the problem with Luna began two weeks ago on August 17, 2016. Two weeks ago on August 17th, our sump pump went out for our AC unit and the...

Luna / late install

Aug 09, 2016

I ordered from Luna on 8/2/16 to be installed the next day. My salesman Joe Junkel was on time, very professional and easy to work with. The problem came on the day of install I was told my install was being rescheduled because the color was out of stock. I immediately called my salesman Joe...

Luna / laminate flooring product & install

Aug 06, 2016

Terrible experience with Luna! Sales person, Joe Junkel, promptly arrived at the scheduled appointment time at my parent’s home. Unfortunately, both our parents fell over the course of the last 3 months, sustaining serious injuries and are hospitalized. We needed to get their home updated...

Luna / poor installation

Jul 08, 2016

Have had terrible trouble with carpet, where they had to seam the carpet...One of the places is at least 24" long, got stuck in vac sweeper...the other is between the hallway and bedroom door... I have lived in many houses and have had several carpet seamed and I have never been...

Luna / hardwood/carpet

Jun 14, 2016

Let me start off with day one... We had Luna customer service rep come out to our home to give us an estimate. His name was Calvin.. He was very polite and friendly... I thought we would be in good hands... boy was I wrong... First off he let us know that the special they had going wa...

[Resolved] Luna / billing issues - poor poor customer service

Mar 30, 2016

I got my carpet installed 2 weeks ago. When it came down to paying, the lead installer had an invoice that had the old total before we negotiated a cheaper price and my $400 deposit was never removed. I told him the amount was wrong and to call customer service and reference a confirmation...

[Resolved] Luna Carpet / the installer brought uncut roll of carpet

Dec 25, 2015

I won’t advise anyone to deal with Luna Carpet. We hired them to install the carpet and said that we needed to do it within three days, because later other installer would come to change the floor in the hall. The owner said that it would cost me $17, 000. It was very expensive, but when I...

Luna Carpet / entire company dealings

Nov 14, 2015

Where do I begin...They are lucky you have to select one star, otherwise it would be blank. The entire process has been an absolute nightmare. The Salesman Rick came out to our house saying we would be so impressed with Luna. He gives us the first price and says I could not even get my...

[Resolved] Luna Flooring / theft /horrible customer service

Oct 14, 2014

AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!!! Luna Flooring sent thieves into our home, and we had to file a police report just to get a half-hearted call from their customer service. Their solution? Go ahead and try to have the installers arrested...and good luck with don't even have...

[Resolved] Luna Carpet / workmanship & follow-up

Sep 04, 2014

Installers left visible seams running through our living room, which they said would go down after the carpet was vacuumed. They did not, and I called to complain. I was given a claim number and told I would be contacted within three days. I was not. After a week, I sent them an e-mail...

[Resolved] Luna Carpet / terrible with numbers

Jun 04, 2014

NEVER, EVER, use this company for your carpet installs. They send out a salesperson to PRESSURE you into buying the product simply because they sent someone out know, for your free consultation. Know this, your free consultation will be a high-pressure sales pitch in which the...

Luna Flooring / poor wood floor install

Feb 18, 2013

We wanted to replace our older kitchen flooring with something nice. We had serveral estimates and signed a contract with Luna. No problems to that point. The installers were not professional in many ways, they were to install wood flooring in kitchen and into down stairs hallway/closet...

Luna Flooring / bad business

Feb 05, 2013

I called Luna to get there advertised deal. Pay for one room get all others 50.00. First lie, salesman Wayne Walker told me he just did not like that and would not even talk to me about it. Sold me carpet for my home. I upgraded to the top of the line carpet. When installers came it wa...

Luna / carpet

Aug 02, 2012

I have never been more upset talking to customer service folks before-seriously! I was told it is very frustrating to listen to customers who are upset and unsatisfied! WTF? really? that's your job. I would honestly not recommend them not only because of their non-existent customer...

Luna / deposit stolen

Jan 14, 2012

BEWARE LUNA CARPET!! I gave them a $200 deposit which I was supposed to have 3 days to cancel. I called within about 9 hours to cancel and they never refunded the deposit. I agreed to look at more carpet so the salesmen never put the cancellation in. I was trying to be nice and give them...

Luna Flooring / lying thiefs!

Nov 01, 2011

Is it possible to give negative stars because they aren't even worthy of one?! DO NOT EVER use these scam artists! I called for a "free in-home estimate" and was greeted with the pushiest salesman I have ever met, Jesse Funk. He told me at the end that I was required to give him a $60...

Luna carpets / terrible install


Lied to us and told us we could not install hardwood due to slanted floors. Cancelled evening before AM whole house recarpeting so we had to unpack and repack. Seams throughout house visible and puckering. Living room carpet two distinct colors (two dye lots?!). Two months later and refuse to rebate us money! Ridiculous, unscrupulous.

Luna Carpet / dishonest sales practices


I also lost my $200 deposit because the slime ball salesperson they sent to my home lied to me telling me he was a manager and giving me a "special" price that was ONLY AVAILABLE THAT DAY. Special enough that I called the next day to cancel, because I had a very bad gut feeling about the...

Luna / inferior installation


Don't use Luna for flooring. The sub-contractors that came were terrible, they layed the wood flooring in the wrong direction, directly in contrast to what the installation instructions dictate. It was buckling in a day. They had to come back and rip it up after they lied and told u...