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Dear Lulu, please stop minting money by selling low quality products atleast with your regular customers.

I bought a kids tab on 22nd July 2017 for Aed 299. From the time we have bought it we are not able to use it - twice it was given to your service team who kept it with them for almost 3 weeks each time - but still it doesn't work.

Moreover, when I asked them to exchange the product i was declined and was informed that we would keep on repairing it but cannot exchange.
Shame on the entire senior management of lulu FOR having such a policy inconveniencing your loyal customers.

I shall be raising a complaint with the consumer forum at the same time share my experience with media.

EAN NO: [protected]
SERIAL NO: SU0816225000002857
1st time it was given for servicing in August which i received after almost a month Sep end
Second time it was given for servicing after 2 days of receiving it the 1st time and I got the device after 2 weeks.

Second time service number is NB2296319

TEL- +[protected]

Lulu Hypermarket / LuLu Group International
Lulu Hypermarket / LuLu Group International

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