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Lufthansa German Airlines review: unreasonable behavior of lufthansa personnel

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In the first few words of this letter I would like to express my gratitude to Lufthansa for upholding their remarkable reputation among passenger airlines over the past few decades. Our family has been steadfast in using the services of Lufthansa airlines and we have flown many miles with them.
Depending solely on the company's trustworthy reputation, and despite the rise in Lufthansa ticket prices in comparison to other carriers, we have chosen to purchase a ticket from Lufthansa presuming it would deliver its service in consistency with its reputation. Nevertheless, our experience turned out to be unsavory, causing anxiety to our family members, and may affect our choice of your airline in the future.

On June 17th, 2006, my handicapped mother, Kanavalava Amalia, was onboard the flight LH403 from New York to Minsk. Due to unforeseen events, the flight was postponed with the plane still on land. While the passengers had to remain onboard, they were not served any beverages to prevent dehydration. Moreover, the air conditioning unit was not functioning properly, which might have lead to cardiac arrest of senior citizens and those with unhealthy heart.

Within a half hour, the passengers were kindly asked to disembark from the airplane. However, my handicapped mother of Belarussian descent has poor knowledge of English and could not understand what was expected of her. The personnel onboard understood that, but made no motion to aid her in any way. The understandable solution could have been to ask if any of the passengers onboard speak her language.

Finally, a witness to the personnel's lack of success in helping my mother has decided to give a hand by translating the instructions into Polish. At this point, my handicapped mother had to leave the plane into an area that is in no way appropriate for her fragile health - there was not even a place to sit down. Moreover, a person that needed wheelchair assistance to get on the plane clearly needed the same treatment while disembarking from it. As a result, a senior handicapped person had to suffer for the duration of technical stabilization of the aircraft, which lasted over two hours.

Much to my dismay, nobody from the Lufthansa crew had paid attention to the fact that there was a handicapped person onboard and did not offer her any help. Unless the situation is an emergency, the human morale of helping elderly, handicapped and those with disadvantages should not be abandoned. Should a handicapped person deserve to experience anxiety while using the services of Lufthansa? Should a major airline carrier guarantee a complete safe and satisfactory service if its claim is proven to be deceiving?

I hope that you accept my letter of complaint as a response to the unreasonable behavior of Lufthansa personnel as well as a thought on how to improve the company's service and forgo mortifying its reputation in the eyes of its own devoted customers.

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Nov 03, 2019 9:47 am EST

My flight was delayed 7 hours and 15 minutes and lufthansa airline are not willing to compensate it.
Regards to this my flight arrival had been cancelled also and my suitcase left on the air craft.

Aug 31, 2019 11:21 pm EDT

A filtering system at Incheon airport targeting Lufthansa customers, telling them only 1 piece hand luggage is allowed, no computer and asking USD 287 to let passengers go

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Sep 19, 2018 12:23 am EDT


I checked in our flights from IKA to FRA (LH 601) and from FRA to YVR (LH 492) online on Sept 3rd. and reserved the seats 34KJH and 33 KJH respectively. At IKA airport, the officer changed our seats to 34EFG and 34DEF which was very disappointing and rude. We claimed our reserved seats but they discarded it. Really disappointing!

Oct 21, 2011 5:44 am EDT
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Why on Earth would you wait 5 years to post this complaint?

Mar 08, 2011 2:45 am EST
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After incredible service from Delta when I left a wallet on their plane (they called from my plane to the one I left the wallet on, and then they delivered the wallet to me at the FBI Academy, a considerable drive from Reagan and the whole was my mistake!) So, when I left a wallet on American, I expected somewhat similar service. I told the stewardess before we took off and told her the flight on which I had left the wallet was still in Chicago as they deplaned to reload the plane for St. Louis. She did nothing until after lift off and beverage service and then only said she had communicated with the senior attendant. I was to check with the gate agent when I deplaned in Tampa. In Tampa, all I got was an 800 number which did not answer on the weekend. This all happened on Saturday afternoon. On Monday am I received a recorded message telling me that if I had left my wallet on an American Airlines flight, I would have to contact the St. Louis Airport Police who would not provide me with the wallet unless I came to the airport and provided another form of ID! I lost all of my credit cards, my cash and $700 in traveler's checks left over from a European vacation several years before. I sadly did not have the numbers of the traveler's checks or even the beginning sequence. (American Express had helped once before when I had the beginning number of the checks and could state firmly that none had been used in more than two years!) Live and learn and don't fly American. A quick call in the beginning could have gotten me my wallet while still in Chicago!

Jul 03, 2010 3:41 am EDT

Lufthansa customer service? Hahahahahaha! Now there's an oxymoron if there ever was one. What more would one expect from an airline that seems hell bent on upholding the tradition that its forefathers from the late 1930s have established?

Feb 18, 2009 3:28 am EST
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I encourage every one to Boycot the worst world wide airline:

Lufthansa German shoddy predatory greedy Airline !

Let them as they are planning to do ... dream to acquire other airlines and to destroy the competition: Air Austria, Air Italy, LOT, Swiss Air.

Would you fly to be screwed, arrested and even jailed?


Lufthansa apparent Customer Service and Marketing Plan: Screw them!

Hire the cheap incompetent idiots as stewardeses and ###s as captains, for your money they will help you to be arrested jailed and fined, just for supporting and flying on shoddy LUFTHANSA Airlines in old tradition of SS!

On February 10, 2009 the people of Poland were told and had the best proof how well the employees of LUFTHNSA are carring about passengers, when member of Polish parlament, candidate for polish Premier, Jan Maria Rokita on Lufthansa flight LH3336 first was assaulted by Lufthansa stewardess, than late after her racist behavior and fraudulent claim to aircraft captain, he and his wife were denied boarding and due to fraudulently claimed alleged “agressive behavior“ wrongfully arrested by evidently racist German police.

Lufthansa Airlines confirmed that on 10 of February, 2009, the passenger was escorted by the German authorities from the aircraft on flight LH3336 between Munich and Cracow.

Unfortunatelly the idiots from Lufthansa did not know the gentelman whom they assaulted, was11.07.1992 - 26.10.1993 Chief of the Office of the Council of Ministers, the potential Prime Minister of Poland, Member of Parliment, and his wife Nelly Rokita, who is the adviser of Polish President Lech Kaczynski, but the polish citizens know very well his always set back and restrained behavior. In 2003, Jan Maria Rokita was awarded “Man of the Year“ title, which is a very prestigious award.

That is the marketing act of the century!

Lufthansa latest Marketing slogan:
We hope that in spite of the irregularities you had a successful and pleasant trip and you will choose Lufthansa again in the near future.


I hope you will be soon out of business, you damn german crooks!


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