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I had purchased Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Service for my ten-year-old son to fly from San Francisco to Frankfurt, Germany. My son arrived in Frankfurt and was supposed to be escorted by a Lufthansa employee to meet my niece, who was waiting for him at arrivals. The Lufthansa employee did not take my child to meet my niece nor contacted her at all. Instead, she left his carry-on luggage inside the aircraft and rushed him to his connecting flight. Lufthansa Unaccompanied minor service states explicitly that they need to hand over the child to an adult upon arrival. My child called me several times from the airport to let me know his bag is still inside the aircraft and the Lufthansa lady is not taking him to meet with our niece. Lufthansa employee refused to speak to me at first, but After several attempts from my child, she told me that she won't go back to take my child's luggage from the plane and that she will take him to his connecting flight. Our documents clearly state that my niece will be meeting my child in Frankfurt. At departure in San Francisco, the Lufthansa employees clearly told us that they are not allowed to escort the child during transit and that someone has to meet the Lufthansa escort in Frankfurt. Lufthansa does not offer unaccompanied minor services for connecting flights, only direct flights. I do not understand how the Lufthansa employee can board my child on another flight without informing the adult waiting for him or myself. In regards to his lost luggage, I filed a lost bag claim and called several Lufthansa numbers in Frankfurt airport and also went and spoke to the Lufthansa supervisor at San Francisco airport to report what happened and try to locate my son's luggage. Lufthansa informed us that the baggage could not be found and they are sorry about this. We will like to have our property returned to us, and the Lufthansa escort to he held accountable for irresponsible handling of a minor. Please help us solve this. My email address is [protected] [protected]
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