Lufthansa German Airlinesservice in the airplane & chief stewardess behaviour

D Aug 03, 2019

In the flight from Frankfurt to London LH900 Friday 2 August 2019, Departure time 8:00 am. FRA to LHR Business class I had a very unpleasant experience with the service in the business class. First of all the the service was very slow the stewardess were talking to each other instead of serving and when I complained to the chief stewardess he grabbed from my arm in a bully way and he asked me to explain what I meant. Later when I left the aircraft instead to greeted me he was sneering at me making funny noises to my face.
I found distressing my whole experience in that aircraft and I would be very pleased to take into consideration my complain. The chief stewardess who denied to give his name was absolutely horrible and you should consider a reprimand to him.

My name is Archontia Mexi, Ticket number : [protected] and Record Locator GMQMYM.

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