Lufthansa German Airlinesbeing stranded at the airport

N Jul 27, 2019


I would like to submit a complaint about what happened to me at the airport. In fact, i received a text message few hours before my flight that one leg of my flight was delayed. So, i could not catch up the following flight. I called the airline lufthanza, the agent told me that there is only one flight after 11 hours with a 6 hour layover. I accepted the changes in order to put myself in the safe side. However, he did not mention any other option. He said you can also refund and wait for it. Actually i travelled with my enfant who is 4 months old. I ended up being stranded at frankfurt airport. I got in touch with the customer service there. However, they did not help me and the only thing they gave me are some coupons. There was a flight with lufthanza earlier than the planned one. I was waitlisted, but then there were no seats. So i was struggling with my baby at the airport and even her formula finished. So it was a very hard situation and no help was given. I also was stranded at casablanca airport as well for 6 hours. I would like to request a compensation for the bad customer service and the carelessness for customers to enjoy a nice trip. In addition, my stroller was lost in frankfurt and i filed a complaint but i am still waiting for it i have to drive to get it from the airport.

being stranded at the airport
being stranded at the airport

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