Lufthansaflight refund promised


Lufthansa, essentially double-charged me (very misleading promo they had) for a set of tickets. I requested a refund (after being bounced between numerous customer relations people) and they agreed to refund the money I'd been charged.

They didn't follow through on their promise.

I called their customer relations department, wrote e-mails to their customer relations e-mail addresses (as they requested that I do) explaining my issue. They assured me that they would refund my money. Finally, after about 40 days (and follow-up from me) they refunded a portion of what they agreed to refund. I followed up again in writing and by phone to make sure that they complete the refund. Finally they agreed to refund the remainder but told me to wait another 3-4 weeks.

They again neglected to follow-through.

Now over 80 days have passed since they originally told me they'd refund the money they double-charged me. Although they've promised verbally and in writing, these promises so far have just been lies because they don't follow through and they actively conceal any sort of escalation process.

Lufthansa's customer service may be the worst I've ever experienced. Don't fly with them.

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