Lotus Leggingsunwanted vip subscription/monthly leggings

N Oct 11, 2018

Saw ad on facebook for Lotus leggings back in June. Ordered 1 pair (which I could not choose design, only size) for 4.95. It charged me twice and sent me a pair that I did not even want. Looked for weeks for contact info to try and figure it out. A few weeks later, another pair came in the mail and another 4.95 charged to my account. This happened 3 or 4 times. Then there was a charge for 49.99 on my account and I still could not seem to be able to get ahold of anyone to fix this problem. Just 3 or 4 days ago, I received yet another pair of leggings and had another charge of 4.95. And today, another 49.99 out of my account. Finally found a number to call them on this complaint page and talked to some girl who wasn't exactly rude but she kept dismissing me saying that I just wanted to cancel my subscription that I did not even know I signed up for. I did not knowingly sign up for it. She finally cancelled my subscription but told me that they would not refund any of the 49.99 charges. Like everyone else, I should have noticed that there's a reason they're so hard to get ahold of. Because it's a scam to get your money. I will be calling again tomorrow to talk to someone else to try to get my money refunded, if they won't then I will be calling my bank and taking care of it that way. This is such a scam.

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