LongHorn Steakhouse / 9111 east 71st st. tulsa ok 74133

United States

Yesterday was my daughters birthday. We had a part of 5, for dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. Weve never eaten there before. So, i am the mother of the birthday girl about our experience. First i call 39 min before leaving to get an address. A man answered and instead of giving me an address he had an attitude and told me to look it up on google sarcastically. So i hung up.
The waitress was excellent. She did no wrong doing. I first noticed my silverware was dirty. Then the rest of the family noticed a fork, knife, or spoon had food stuck on theirs.
So we get our salads, and the lettuce was old. Their was a lot of water (from my guess, being washed(?) in my salad bowl and on my lettuce. My son, he had his salad flooded with ranch. I noticed my daughter picking at our appetizer dish. There was old dry piece of food stuck on it🤮
So, were all pretty grossed out at this point. We didnt say anything because we didnt want to make a big deal on my daughters birthday...
so my daughters steak looked like a hamburger patty. She didnt touch it. My steak was bloody🤮i like very well done. Blood disgusts me. And as you can imagine how every one elses plates were😩 all of our drinks had no ice because it was melted soon as we got our drinks😳 yuck! The bread brought to us was hard😳my daughters birthday sunday was mainly whipped cream!😂😂😂
So, my husband and i paid OVER $200... Over $200!😳
So, i just wanted to say something... We will never go to Longhorn ever again.
Andrea Holliday

Apr 15, 2019

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