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visited that horrible establishment for the first and last time. I was a fan of lhsh but now . Me and my party of 25 birthday wellwishers, started out on a good note with leon (server) but gradually got worse. Ohhh and yes it racial very racial. Someone in the establishment decided that we wasnt going to pay our tab and called the police to babysit us a table full of able-bodied working adults. Not one time did the so called manager come over to our tables beacuse we had a quite of few. How was we suppose to get out paying a lousy tab when we came in doves? nor the police nor the manager said one word to us they only gawked while we ate our food like we were in prison with armed supervision. Now please show me that paragraph in lhsh book of etiquette or better yet your employee handbook. Now lets get to the service issue . If you check the receipts from last night you will see quite a few items were sent back from the appetizers that were brought out after the entree wtf. The weak drinks the cold food, the sides that were brought 30minutes after the meal was eaten and thats after it took them 15 minutes to come and ask for our drink order. The manager is ineffective because if you seen this going on why not approach the table and simply say is there something i can help you with.Instead y ou call ed the freaking cops. Roll the cameras back, i have enjoyed lhsh other locations and i have never experienced this type of treatment. My very own dinner was there in january of this year. I was terribly embarrassed and then they took their time bringing out my birthday cake until i had to go to the kitchen to retreive it myseld but she sindy ( one of the most rudest server in hospitalty history) decided to bring it out. That was when the police came into play. Humilation is an understatement. My suggestion have job fair asap


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