LongHorn Steakhouselunch

D Aug 02, 2018

I order every week and the last couple of times I had to wait past my scheduled time. On an average I spend $30+ dollars on 2 lunches a couple times a week. Yesterday my time was 1:20. I did not receive my steak which was medium rare until 1:33. That may not seem like much time difference but by the time I drover back to the office (this was take out) my steak was well done! Barely could cut it. I also did not get any plastic ware to which I selected on the online order. We had to search for plastic ware to eat our lunch. The couple of times before I would have to go and find wait staff to get someone to bring out my order and to ring me up. They are very polite but the service needs work. Last week I ordered for dinner which I do often and they did not even have bread cooked. I order the spinach parm with cheese because my daughter eats it on the bread. I will still go back but they really need some management.

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