Long Island Rail Road [LIRR]time change

T Jul 15, 2019

The lirr is constantly changing times making it difficult for people to reach work on time. I take the train to ronkonkoma every morning. The departure time used to be 5:12am then it was moved to 5:18, six minutes makes huge a difference especially when the train is constantly late. Now it is pushed back to 5:40 at this rate I will be forced to find new work. As a teacher I can't stroll in late everyday. The fares are constantly being hiked up but the service is getting worse and now you're making it impossible for people to commute to work to be able to afford the fair. Now not only am I forced to start looking for new work, I am forced to sit in the station for an hour cause there are no busses to deliver me to the lirr aligned with this schedule. The old time schedule of 5:12 am needs to be reinstated immidiately!!!

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