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On March 29th 2019, 3 of my friends and I celebrated my 21st birthday at the Logans in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Olympia location. I mistakenly left my birthday card there which contained a gift card. I called back a few hours after I left and spoke with Emily who assured me that the card had been placed in the managers office and I could pick it up the following Monday when I got back from being out of town. When I arrived at the location that Monday I spoke with the manager and he said that he had not seen the card. He told me he was not sure how to handle that situation but took my name and phone number and told me he would talk with the other manager, Brad, and get back with me about the matter. I have called 3 times and gone in person twice and no one will tell me anything except that they can not replace lost or stolen items. I understand that it is my fault that I left it there, but the fact that it was there in a safe place really bothers me. I have an issue with the lack of integrity in the employees that work there because obviously an employee has stolen or "misplaced" the card unless customers are allowed in the Managers office. I would really like to hear back on this matter. Logans has always been a great/favorite restaurant of mine but I will not ever return if this does not get resolved. It is unfortunate that this occurred and I hope someone does the right thing and admits to having the card.

Apr 15, 2019
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  • Mi
      Apr 15, 2019

    An employee could have taken it... or it could have been another customer. You just don't know. Sorry that happened but chalk it up as a lesson on keeping track of stuff better.

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