LoanCareinaccurate taxes/escrow information amount, no breakdown of increase on statement.

B Aug 06, 2018

I am on my fifth mortgage payment that was transferred to loancare the first month! ~ I sent them the first tax bill in july so it would be adjusted, and they would owe me money - the taxes were overstated at settlement because it was a new home. They increased my payment by a $100.00 and said they verified the tax information with the county. I sent them two bills from the county that say otherwise. Either they are grossly negligent or dishonest. I worked in foreclosure as a reo real estate agent for 5 years! This is how it starts - through nationstar/carrington/soluationstar/bank of america 2007-2010/chase bank - they put their customers on a path to missed payments, inaccurate information, negligent modifications, not doing due diligence to assist the mortgagee. They systematically set the mortgagee up for failure - until the homeowner gives up, and then they sell the loan to themselves and collect the profit! I have heard thousands of stories from homeowners so I know the drill!!!
I will be contacting my consumer agency if my situation s not rectified by 09/01/2018
Class-action participant if not accurately rectified.

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