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they are a rip off

i phones yes loans for a £6000 loan to get a new used car and pay off some old bills, they promised me...

Southampton Loans

Payments being taken out of account but no loan!

I have been charged from Yes loans for applying for a £3500 loan and got put in contact with Loan and...


yes loans are an aweful company who told me that they had arranged me a loan for £1000 and that they would need a one off admin fee of £68 when all the paper work was filled in and i tried to collect my money they offered me £400 at a higher payment rate and higher apr than i was quoted. do not accept loans from this company they are not here to help you they lie to you and charge you for a profit on thier side of things

  • Ni
    nilesh Jun 12, 2009

    applied for a loan said i been accepted which was a lie.but never mentioned about a fee, of 69.50 which they took out of my account i never sign the application form never agreed to anything they said to apply for the refund on line never explained how to bloody get it...

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I applied for a loan with yes loans. Once i gave them my debit card number they took a payment of...

Mislead and misold

Yes loans.i was also misled by these people.have been trying to get my money back but keep getting put on hold asked for e mail addy was told would have to put in writing first was not otld that by someone else finally got e mail addy from them its [protected] is a copy of email i have sent them have been told there is a two week backlog on emails have never heard so much rubbish. (i was misold and misled on a loan.told had loan etc not tol u were brokers not told may not get a loan actually told i had a loan told would get it in about 5 days all not true only found out next day when paperwork came the staff u hire do not tell the truth on the phone maybe u need staff training or an overhaul of your staff, more concerned about getting admin fee than telling the truth have been told must put i that want my money back in writing so here it is i am keeping copy of this for future ref.)good luck to anyone trying to get your money back wish id read this sight first.

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Aggressive phone calls

I have had a few calls from this company, but the last two upset me. The first one was yesterday lunchtime...

Missed selling services/product

Customer Service Department
Yes Loans Ltd
Tintern House
William Brown Close
Llantarnam Park
NP44 3AB

Dear Sir/madam

Ref: [protected]

I am writing with complaint to the treatment I received from Yes Loans. Take note of the following:

1. I was charged a fee of £69.50 for the service of a finance broker, to which I did not even complete an application.

2. The staff at Yes Loans Ltd are not only unprofessional but extremely rude & unhelpful.

On 18th May 2011 at approx 12:50pm Michael from Yes Loans Ltd called me on my mobile to ask if I would be interested in applying for a loan. I agreed but said I didn’t have much time & was assured it wouldn’t take long. After taking a few details Michael asked for my debit card details to check against the credit reference database. I gave the details to him and was assured no money would be taken from my card. Michael then told me congratulations you have been approved for a loan of £10, 000 & he would put me through to Customer care team to complete the application.
I was put through to Gaby from Customer Care at approx 1:05pm, she proceeded with the loan application & informed me that it would look better on my credit reference if Yes Loans loaned me £200 to start with instead of the full £10, 000 to prove that I am good at paying back loans.
I did not like this idea as I have never heard of this procedure and it was at this point I said I do not wish to continue, I also asked Gaby is this general practice of all loan companies, to which her attitude changed and became very rude and said I can’t speak for any other company. I double checked with Gaby that no money would be coming off my card & that all my details would be deleted, she said no money would be taken of the card but she couldn’t delete the details. I asked to speak to a manger as I didn’t appreciate her aggressive behaviour, she told me that there were none available to speak to me.
I would advise that you listen to the telephone conversation as proof of how rude & incompetent your staff are. Customer Care team is a great misrepresentation of your staff.

On 21st May 2011, I checked my bank account and noticed that Yes Loans had taken out £69.50 on 20th May 2011 even though I was assured by staff no money would be taken.
I rang Yes Loans and spoke to Eric. I explained the way I had been treated by Yes Loans & told him no money should have left my account due to no application even being completed. I asked Eric if I could speak to a manager, to which he replied there was no manager available to speak to me, I questioned why there was never any managers available, Eric then changed his attitude and became rude. He told me if I write a letter of complaint I would get my money back.
Again I would advise that you listen to the telephone conversation as proof of how rude & incompetent your staff are. Customer Care team is a great misrepresentation of your staff
I am disgusted with Yes Loans Ltd & the fraud you have committed but just taking money straight out of my account without consent.
I have already complained to Watchdog & to Trading Standards about your unprofessional behaviour, if you do not respond to my complaint & refund my £69.50 within the 8 weeks, I will take this to Financial Ombudsman Service & will seek Legal advice.

Yours sincerely

unauthorised admin charge

I applied for a loan with yes loans, they appeared to be a loan company. I didnt continue with the loan...

Cwmbran Loans

Unauthorized Fee

I called this company "Yes Loans" to inquire about their student loans. They asked for my bank account information saying that I will be charged an administration fee if I choose their services. I gave them my banking info. The next day I received an application form which I was supposed to sign to authorize them to take the administration fee from my banking account.

I put the application form away as I had plenty of time before I needed the loan. A week later I received another letter from Yes Loans congratulating me in getting the loan. The letter also stated that the fee was deducted from my account! I contacted my bank and they confirmed this.

It's outrageous. I hope nothing like this will happen to everyone who reads this.


i applied for a loan on saturday the first of may 2010, i was approved by the broker yes loans, during the week i have recieved numerous phone calls which have become harrassment, today on the 5/5/2010 i have recieved a numerous of phone calls off a withheld number everytime i answered it i explained i did not want the loan and after several phonecalls my fiance answered and told the person on the end of the call we didnt want it he then kept requesting to speak to myself and calling me on first name terms to which is very unusual to myself and my fiance, after several hours the man rings up again and request the same but it was at 22:40 in the evening he rang which is very peculiar, my fiance told him we didnt want the loan and told him to stop ringing as it is harrassment and the man became very abusive and threatening towards my fiance he also made an allegation that i slept with him which is untrue my fiance asked him his name and he said its chris johnson after my fiance stopped speaking to him he then started laughing down the phone he told my fiances cousin it was untrue and started laughing agen he then also threatened me and told myself and my fiance to watch our backs i have contacted the police and i want something to be done about this its unacceptable behaviour

  • Ge
    gemmie Aug 20, 2010

    what are elephant loans like because i just applied for one ? should i cancell it or are they legal and registered company ?

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  • Mu
    murdoch Mar 05, 2012

    I have just payed the brokers fee from elephant loans! What have I let myself in for!? Any help?

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  • Gr
    granty Jul 25, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I applied for a loan from elephant loans and it cost me £200 which was half the amount of the loan I asked for the loan was meant to be paid into my bank account at 10.15am when I checked my account at 1.30pm that day the loan hadn't gone into the bank,
    So I CONTACTED Elephant loans to find out why to be told that there account was blocked from transferring the money my bank and that it would cost me a further £100 to have a solicitor bring the loan to my house. I refused to pay the extra money. I got the loan in the end without paying more to have it delivered to my home address.
    I will not be using them again and advise other against using elephant loans.

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Applied for a loan online with Loanfinder, but ended up with Yes Loans/Pay Day Loans with all my bank details forwarded to them. Before approving my loan or granting me the loan £69 was deducted without my consent. I have been trying to contact them to no success. I desperately need the refund. Can anybody please help!

  • Jh
    Jhicks Aug 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, I am concerned about your post and would like to help. I work for Loanfinder and would like to try and help customers that have had a poor experience. Please email me directly at: [email protected] . I try to respond to everyone within a 24-hour period, if not sooner (excluding weekends). I am the Compliance Manager and would like nothing more than to resolve your query. I look forward to hearing from you.



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  • Ku
    Kudakwashe Sep 16, 2010

    Will do, thanks!

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yesloans took ?£69.50 from my account before my loan had been approved, i was refused the loan, and now...


i contacted yesloans for a loan and was told on the phone that i had the loan that i want i just had to pay...

taking a fee without consent

I enquired with the company for a small loan £250.00, after they took all my details including bank details, they said they required a payment of £69.50, I said I didn't have that amount in my bank account, they sent me my application form out on Thursday which I haven't returned as I had already been accepted for a loan elsewhere, I had written to them on Wednesday to inform them I wasn't interested any more. Low and behold Today Saturday 19 th December they had the cheek to take the money out of my account which I couldn't afford, I'm now overdrawn and face bank charges next month of £60.00, why don't companies like this listen to the customers who at the end of the day pay their WAGES

Extremely high interest

Beginning of this year my partner applied for a loan with yes loans. They took a fee of £49.95 and told him that he would get a loan up to £5, 000. They did not explain that they don't actually give you the loan instead they find you a lender that charges extremley high interest. To cut a long story short we did not get a loan or our fee back. When we tried to get intouch with yes loans they kept putting us in long waiting ques on the phone. When we asked for a manager the manager was not there.

I advise people to keep away from this misleading company.

I am now going to be fighting for my fee back and the claim value includes all the costs of the phoncalls and postage it has cost us as much as the fee.

not runfunding money

about 8 weeks ago i was going to get a loan with yes loans for £3000 which they said i would pay small...


i called to get a loan from yes loans as i had bad credit they said i could get one however they had to take £69.50 out of my bank, they cut me off before i got to the end of the phone call and took the money out my bank, i tried calling back and couldnt get through once, they kept cutting off, they are disgusting have no customer skills at all, this is a SCAM do not use this company!!

  • Jm
    jmar1 Nov 18, 2009

    On 21st September 2009 Yes loans debited my bank account for a £69.50 fee for a loan application. I did not agree for Yes Loans to debit my account on this date. I called Yes loans regarding the debit from my account requested a refund and informed them that I did not want to proceed with any loan application. The agent on he phone informed me that Yes Loans required a letter to be sent to the office address to comply with the terms and conditions for refunds. I was advised by Yes Loans that customers are required to request a refund by letter and a cheque will be returned in 30 days. I sent a letter dated 29th September and asked for a full refund. Yes loans did not reply, I rang the Yes Loans office and was palmed off with excuses an operator who informed the cheque will be sent on 30th October. On the 7th of November I rang Yes Loans again as the cheque had not arrived and was given the excuse that the postal strike delayed the cheque. I sent a further letter to Yes Loans requesting my money back. Again no reply. I have spend over £10.00 in telephone calls and postage to this company. I contacted the Financial Ombudsman and made a formal complaint about Yes loans. I am still waiting for a refund. This company should be shut down, as the very poor service does not comply with the FSA or the Banking Code. PLEASE DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH YES LOANS AT ALL AND WARN EVERYONE YOU KNOW.

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  • Re
    reeeta May 14, 2010

    I cannot believe I have just fallen for this scam!! I needed a loan fast so spoke to someone from yes loans yesterday as they seemed quite a reputable company, (they are about 4th on the list when you google loans) I was on the phone for an hour, spoke to 3 different people and then in the end I was offered debt consoldation rather than a loan! I don't even have any debt (1 credit card with a really low amount!) I have checked my bank as I gave my bank details (how stupid) as I was told they were needed for a credit check and they have taken £69.50 today from my account!! I have spoken to my bank who has advised there is nothing they can do, they will raise an investigation on my behalf but wont refund me as I willingly handed over my bank details. Now I feel like such an idiot!! I cannot believe I fell for this, looking at other websites this company has been doing this for over 2 years and majority of people have still not had their money refunded. I have been on hold now for 2 hours and 10 minutes to the 'customer service department' and still have not got through, i keep calling the main sales number and get through within seconds and now as soon as I mention I have been on hold to the customer services tem for so long they put the phone down! I am seriously considering cancelling my bank card so they cannot take any more money from my bank without permission. The only ting I am going to learn out of this is to make sure I check these kind of websites before I ever hand over money or bank details!! I can kiss my £70 goodbye don't think I will ever see that again!

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unfair trading/ fraud

I approached Yes Loans looking for a loan of £1500, ad was told that yes i was accepted for a loan and...

11 comments Cwmbran Loans


I was offered a loan from and i had to pay £69.50 with my debit card in March 2009 as i...

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