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Lack of Customer Service

I have been a customer of L L Bean for 30 years. Their products are usually a good value for the money and so...

poor service - idiotic fraud alerts

Since switching from BOA to Barclay's Bank LLBEAN VISA card we have had a stream of irritating and intrusive alerts coming in by phone and email. All related to local and routine, repetitive purchases such as gas and groceries. It would appear that their "Security" branch does have a clue. Since the pattern of our purchases is so predictable one has to wonder what sort of Keystone Cops are manning the fraud desk. And don't think we haven't told them each time we call to confirm the charges. Their response is inane... "it is all just a routine check."

We have never had a security issue. Never filed a complaint. Never pay late. We should be invisible to them. I mean nada but these folks can't control themselves. Whenever we travel we alert them to our itinerary which has helped but even that precaution hasn't been foolproof. I wonder if Barclay's has been hiring the same ex-fast food service workers who flocked to Homeland Security a few years back.

I've told my wife to dump LLBEANVISA but she loves the free shipping. LL BEAN... are you people asleep up there in Maine?
Wake up to the complaints and fire Barclay's. You are tarnishing your usually excellent customer service reputation!

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    James Keith Jun 06, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I totally agree. I'm going through the same aggravation right now. I'm ready to dump my card.

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I am very disappointed with L.L.Bean corporation

I am very disappointed with L.L.Bean corporation. I truly like their products - but am very upset at the way they handle their potential credit card customers. They don't have the incentives (free shipping, free monograming, etc) for customers who pay their bills and credit cards off monthly, owe no one, etc... I applied for the L.L.Bean Visa Card but was turned down (of course, no one contacted me to tell me this, I had to call and e-mail quite a few times before I got any answers - after over two months). I was turned down because I have no debt. I do charge quite a bit, but since I pay off those charges every month, I am not eligible for a new credit card which offers great benefits to those whom owe money and pay lots of interest on their charge cards. I think this is very unfair and totally unreasonable to punish those of us who pay our bills, like quality products, and can budget our salaries! Why can't L.L.Bean have some sort of account where people like me can order and get benefits like those who like to be in debt?

I have bought my last item from them

I tried to repaired a pair of gum shoes I have had repaird several times before, having the soles replaced and essentially had myself a new pair of gumshoes. This last repair was unsuccessful because Bean could not repair them because they were repaired too many times. I then went to a LL Bean store in Pittsburgh and wanted to buy a new pair of gum shoes to my dissatifaction they do not make my shoe size any more and the customer service would not take the tracing of my foot and make me a set of shoes. I have bought 3 pair of gum shoe styles from Bean and have sent them my size 6 tracing of my foot and they have sent me a pair of gumshoes and hunting boots since the 70's when I first started buying Bean products. I have bought hunting clothes, gear, flyfishing gear, bikes, etc from LLBEan and always looked to them as a speciallty shop for my outdoor needs. Apparently they now are like any other WALMART and I can go to WALMART and buy a size 6 gum shoe for 1/2 the price. I have always like the quality and realiabiltiy from all of bean's products but now see all the companies are changing and speciallty companies are getting to be a thing of the past. Too bad for Bean - I have bought my last item from them.

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    Bekarev Jul 02, 2010
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    I've loved your booties But they are now giving off a black greasy substance inside and out. its wrecked my linolium floor and a pair of socks i will love to send you ONE of them for analysis my feet are cold now and im pissed if you people have any class you will respond promptly burr!

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    Just at thought Jul 08, 2010

    Contact the toll free L.L.Bean phone number. I'm sure they can help you out more than the Pittsburgh store. My experience is that they will do everything possible to assist you. They are the #1 customer satisfaction retailer in the country.

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As a 30+ year customer, I will never deal with them again

Was thrilled to receive 3, $10 holiday coupons after purchasing Bean items last Christmas... Since Bean never has sales on current items, I felt it made up for their higher prices.

I redeemed them for a pair of shoes, that fit very poorly... So I sent back the shoes for a jacket and pants.

Guess what? Bean customer service said I couldn't redeem my $30 coupons "Sorry, you can't return for a different item!"

HuH??? Guess what Bean? As a 30+ year customer, I will NEVER deal with you again... Oh yeah, when I asked to be connected with your upper management's office, I was told he didn't know the phone number of the Pres of Bean's. name!

Bait & Switch... Good luck in the future & goodbye.

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Shame on this company

The recent news that Beans was going to stop buying the bulk of their evergreens from out of state has caused me to rethink how your company now works. How you could even consider doing that to a company that has served you well for years, and that donates thousands of wreaths to decorate the graves of Americas heros, is beyond me.for a company that built their wealth and reputation on being a proudMaine company, all I can say isL.L. would be ashamed of you.I know I am.


Watch Out! I have been a 15 year customer of the LL Bean Credit Card. I just got my statement an there is a $15.00 charge because apparently I did not pay off a balance that I never got a statement for. This card sucks and I have cut mine up and will never use LLBean/Barclays again. They are criminals looking to take money any way they can get it.

Interest rate

Wow. I have never felt so betrayed by a company as I do right now. Like many of you report, I inherited BARCLAYS BANK when L.L. Bean switched over its visa card to them a few years ago. I have never dealt with a more predatory lending institution in my life. After a few months with them, I got in trouble because of their constantly-shifting payment due date. I ended up having my interest rate increased to 27.34%. When I saw that my rate had sky-rocketed, I flipped out and immediately contacted Barclays' customer service. They were rude and completely unresponsive so, I contacted L.L. Bean's customer service and explained to them how betrayed I felt by a credit card with their name on it. They put me in touch with Barclay's "Executive Office." After much back and forth, Barclays led me to believe that my rate had been reset and that the problem was fixed. I have used the card ever since for all my personal AND business expenses.

After reviewing my "new and improved" credit card statement, thanks to the federal government, I discovered that BARCLAYS has been screwing me ever since my Spring 2009 problem. They have been charging me 27.34% interest on all my new purchases and applying all of my large monthly payments to reducing my "promotional rate" of 3.99%.

BARCLAYS BANK has no soul and it out to screw you the minute you make a mistake. STAY AWAY FROM BARCLAYS BANK!!!

Lack of customer care

Long time customer of LL Bean! Lack of recent customer service will deter me from continuing to buy their products. I bought an .entertainment center that turned out to be damaged because It was left out in the rain by UPS. LL Bean pleasantly informed me that they would ship out another unit to replace the first one. I was instructed to carefully unwrap the 2nd package so I could use it to rewrap the damaged one. Second one arrived, with the help of two friends we assembled it. This Entertainment unit was difficult to assemble, extra holes, quality control of product certainly not adhered to. Called customer service to ask them how to send the original entertainment center back, I am required to pack it up and UPS will pick up Far too much time has been alotted to this purchase! LL Bean customer service supervisor was condescending. According to customer service policy I am now required to use my valuable time, to repack this cumbersome damaged product.
In the past I considered myself a consumer that bought LL Bean products. Now I am expected to be a furniture packer! To compensate my time they will take shipping off my bill. the Big deal, I am sure they have been compensated by UPS for the original error. I will no longer do business with this company. Very dissatisfied with the quality of the product and most importantly, dismayed with the lack of customer service that LL Bean has always demonstrated!

  • De
    DesertBee Jun 03, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In the end, the rep agreed that LL Bean would cover my return shipping charges for the Snow Sneakers, since I was - in effect - sent the wrong product. While I do appreciate this concession, it would have been nice if the rep had suggested this.

    On 12/5/10, I placed an order for TC258269, Deep Coffee Snow Sneakers, Size 9 1/2.

    Immediately after I received the order confirmation for the Snow Sneakers, I forwarded the confirmation email to [email protected] with a request to cancel the order. (I have this Sent email in my records.)

    I did not hear anything back from this emailed cancellation request.

    On 12/10/10, I placed a different order, for TC25063, Wildcat II Boots.

    I then realized that I wasn't sure whether my first order (for Snow Sneakers) had actually been cancelled. I called customer service and asked for the Snow Sneaker order to be cancelled.

    Now, a few weeks later, I realize that the Snow Sneaker order went through,

    and the Wildcat II order got cancelled (the opposite of what I requested).

    Unfortunately for me, the Wildcat boots are now out of stock in size 9. I

    received shipment of the Snow Sneakers, but they do not fit me properly.

    I am throughly frustrated and disappointed about this situation. If my emailed cancellation request for the snow sneakers had been honored, this mix-up never would have happened. Further, if the order for the snow sneakers had been cancelled per my phone request (rather than having the Wildcat order erroneously cancelled), I would have received the Wildcat II boots before they went out of stock.

    On 12/20/10, I sent an email to [email protected] describing the situation and asking what they would do to remedy it. Several hours later, I had heard nothing in return, so I did an online chat with a customer service representative.

    The rep stated that they never received my cancellation email for the Snow Sneakers, and confirmed that the Wildcat boots are out of stock for the rest of the season.

    I suggested that LL Bean credit my account in order to compensate me for the inconvenience; this was met with a resounding No.

    >>> Me: Would LL Bean be willing to credit my account to compensate me

    for the inconvenience? The Snow Sneakers do not fit me well enough to be

    completely satisfactory, but I guess they might fit me well enough to be

    worth, say, $50, to get me through the rest of the winter.

    Me: I am quite certain that, in my phone call, I requested for the SNow Sneakers order to be cancelled. Now I am in a bit of a bind.

    Rep: No, if you are not satisfied with the item that you received, you should

    return them to us for a full refund. We do not negotiate with customers to

    keep a product that they do not want for a reduced price.

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Resolved Not any more

I am a former LL Bean addict. Over 20 years of orders with rare mistakes and immediate correction. NOT ANY MORE. My past 4 orders have had mistakes or were not as described. Moreover, one shipment went to a completely wrong place and LLBean did no follow up-I had to call Fedex! They did resend the items but the order was wrong so everything had to go back anyway.
Now I cannot load their website using 2 different browsers, and they have no interest in resolving the problems.

  • Re
    Rebeca Mar 24, 2009

    you know UPS delivers that could be your problem! but im really sorry about all the issues you were having, dont stay mad at LL Bean there a good company! Good luck in the near future, go to LL Bean and say sorry for all the problems that you might have caused them. Life is too short to stay mad at something so small. O yea and update you computer it sounds like your having internet problems i dont think its LL Bean or they might just have blocked you, but there working now!!! Good Luck!!!

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  • Ma
    Marucs May 09, 2009

    The company fails, in almost all circumstances, to list the country of origin. When asked why the response is that any consumer can call and obtain the information. This is an inadequate response because it puts the burden on the consumer. Many customers want to be informed about what they purchase and knowing the country of origin will help all to make intelligent decisions.

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  • Gs
    gsmithp Jul 10, 2009

    Are you kidding me? Of course they aren't going to admit using foreign slave labor to fill their catalogs. Their legal team works hard coming up with ways to get around exposing this fact. They use the word 'Imported' in their catalogs and put country of origin on the packaging, instead. You know, the part you rip open and throw away without paying much attention to it. Ever notice how items made in the USA are labeled proudly and prominently? LLBean is apparently ashamed of where their products are manufactured. Want to be a good citizen? Buy from someone who can make a quality product for an honest profit without capitalizing on the miserable working conditions in third world countries. LLBean isn't alone so you're hunt for a company with integrity might be long.

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  • Ll
    LLBean_bites Oct 18, 2010

    LL Bean is not a "good company", any longer...they are an arrogant expensive Wal-Mart, with poor customer service departments spending all their time covering their fannies, instead of providing service.

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Resolved Products made in China

I purchased a sleeping bag from this supposedly renowed Vermont company w/ a history for quality apparel, reliable outdoor equipment and expert advice for more than 95 years founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean, and now ALL their products including this sleeping bag are cheap made in china crap.

Why don't they just tell you at the onset on their website that EVERYTHING is made in China???

  • Ja
    JacD51 Sep 14, 2009

    This company so so awful. They have no sense of responsibility. They broken promises.We purchase through the web. Book Pack for the shool on August 25 2009 & promise send to us befor September 5. But, when I called customer servise on Sept. 10, they told me this book pack will be available on JANUARY 2010!!!My little girl was unhappy to learn the news. "THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRFECT SERVICES".

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Charged Before Shipped

Placed an "in stock" order for which my credit card was immediately charged. Five days later, my order still...

Resolved Gift wrapping is a rip off!

I ordered a pair of gloves online from L.L. Bean and paid an extra $5.00 for gift wrapping. When I received the package today I was a little irked to find that all they did was place the gloves in a L.L. Bean box and wrap a bow around it. I don't think that was worth $5.00.

  • De
    DeeDee987 Sep 10, 2014

    I just received a gift for my boyfriend that I had delivered to my house. I paid $6 to have LLBean gift wrap it. The gift wrapping was only one flimsy cheap brown box with a tiny sorry little plaid ribbon around it one time. No tie, no bow, not even wrapped around it in two directions. Just one itty bitty ribbon on a box big enough for a duffle bag. Very disappointed. Will NEVER have anything wrapped again by LLBean. What a ripoff!

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