Living Spacescheap furniture they don't stand behind


Bought a couch set there in Jan 2012 and had the delivery men sit them down in the middle of the living room and covered them with a sheet, told the men I was going to start husband was called out of town for a week and when he returned we painted that night, the next day when paint dried we moved the couch and found that the backs were falling OFF, I called LS and they said a guy would come repair them...I had them 12 days and their return policy is 7 days to discover a defect..I fought them tooth and nail reported to BBB and Credit company they took back the furniture and let me choose another set but charged a restocking fee...aaaaarrrrgggghhh, they tried to make me look stupid with BBB saying I was doing major renovation and caused the damage and I kept the first set...LIES! well I have had this NEW set for 3 Months and it is FALLING APART... I had my last set for 15 years with no problem I should have just had them recovered and kept them...I have another set in my upper Living room that I have had for 13 years with no problem...but this place is a ripoff they restock defective furniture and customer service is the ultimate worse service I have ever had, the supervisor yells says things like and my husband are in our late 40's and have 2 daughters living here...ABUSE???? DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR BUSINESS YOU WILL BE VERY SORRY...ALL FURNITURE IS SUB-STANDARD AND CHEAP...

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