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Clack, good afternoon:I come to you, I Know you can help me.this above lender, I have a mortgage with them, last year my wife did an operation, and things become hard for me, I have an adjustable loan, I request a modification loan, they refused to modify my loan, because of my language, my accent, and my race: I used several legal groups, like IMPACT, NACA, HOPE, they refused my demanded.DEC 5, 2009, MY HOME will go to foreclosure.please Clark help me.I have two kids, and one wife, if I lost the home I'm finish.I don't speak English very good, i have no one else, you are the only one who can help me not to lost my home, I LOVE.A lot of times they told me to make payments for the loan modificatoin, I made the payment to western union, they took the money, no loan modify, not only 1, 2, 3 times often.please, please, help me.May God bless you, your family, and your TEAM.EVEN MY PEOPLE IN HAITI LISTEN TO YOU EVERY DAY.YOU ARE A GOOD MAN.PLEASE PASS THIS MESSAGE TO CHANNEL 2 FOR ME.


They overcharged on my escrow account hundreds of dollars. When I called to claimed credit to my loan, they never did.

I request credit for the overcharged amount over the phone, via fax and by writing. Neither one work.

I kept calling for months and every time I had to start over again.

The customer service was unbelievable, even supervisors did'nt know how to manage the situation.

They promised me fixing my credit, waive charges, and at the end I had to called over and over again.

One day, they admitted their mistake, another day they did'nt care.

It is a lender who does'nt care about their customers.

I heard of more people had problems with this company.

It is not a reliable company.

  • So
    soon to be homeless Dec 02, 2009

    Litton Loan is owned by Goldman Sachs, one of the most powerful finacial institutions in the world. We made our
    pre-trail modification payments and they still auctioned our house with no prior warning. We need some large organization to file a class action suit! Also Litton Loan was given 1.1 billion in TARP funds.
    I now have to leave my home of 23 years in two weeks!

    [email protected]

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  • Ed
    Educated Realtor Dec 23, 2010

    I have been in a loan modification for 3 years! When Litton bought this loan they never put our CURRENT payments on the loan and on the sixth payment they sent us a forclosure letter. We have been fighting this for 3 years and not allowed to make any payments. They have told us to modify to make 3 ontime payments and then kicked us out of the program. WE ha ve told them we will file bankruptcy and a lawsuit if they do not modify it. Bankruptcy will allow us to pay a payment we can afford. I have been to the actual offices and talked with a number of people ALWAYS different answers. We are now $40, 000 in the rears with interests and they say they have sent us the documents to reinstate the 3 month modification pre-trail. We have received mail but no document package and now they are nasty saying they sent the package! Definitely a lawsuit!

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Modifications fraud

I have tried to no avail to get finalized paperwork for the loan modification they assured me I was eligible for and then they went on about what a great change it would be for me. I sent in everything, full of HOPE, of course, I have the same experience as countless others. They deny they have docs, request things not required in the original package, deny they got that, agree they have all they need, but will not give me the approval as it is supposedly "being reviewed" etc... they take up the entire 90 days this way and never give you an answer until of course, they get you so far down in the hole that if it is NOT approved they then just foreclose on your house. They are crooked. Or incompetent. OR BOTH.

One department circumvents the homeowner from talking to the loss mitigation folks, it is one big game to them. They make it up as they go and then flag your file for whatever nonsense they can invent is NOW missing. I am so sick of their runaround. And if they really are so overwhelmed with doing these modifications as they agreed to do, fine, then let's take a chapter out of microsoft and break it down into more manageable parts, they are too big to handle the homeowner account in a reasonable or timely way? They have too many homeowners in need of modifications? Well then lets just part it out to companies that ARE managing to modifying mortgages, if they can't. It is absurd that so many homeowners should be left holding the bag, when there are solutions and Litton just sits back and lets time pass and then denies the modification because they were too incompetent to actually process it.

  • Dm
    dmena Nov 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    yes they are crooked, they stoled my money i send to them for three consecutive months, for the work out plan. they said they received them via Western Union, and they send it back to me. BS! i called Western Union and they said that all the monies was paid to them. They also told me that i did not qualify for a loan modification because i failed to make timely payments on a letter i received, after speaking with some rude, un professional lady at littons they said the real reason was because they were missing some information. What a Layers uh!!

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  • Pi
    pissed the f*** off! Jul 27, 2010

    I HATE litton loan servicing. They are very unprofessional and incompetant! I applied earlier this year for a loan modification and even followed up to confirm that they recieved all the necessary docs. They confirmed everything was recieved and filled out properly. After months of followiing up to check the staus of my loan mod-only to be told "its still under review' they finally tell me today that I have been denied because they were missing some signature! what the f***! I called these f***ing idiots for months to confirm that everything was good. And for months they told me everything was good. Now they deny me! these idiots like to play games with peoples livelihoods. If my house goes into foreclosure=they will definately have a problem on their hands! I'm going to look into getting an attorney and sue these incompetant [censor]! I f***ing HATE them!!

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  • Dm
    dmena Jul 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    sorry my friend to heard about your problem with litton loan servicing, they are a predatory institution. if you hire a lawyer to suit them, please let me know i want to be part of it.

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Horrible customer service

A horrible loan company. I recently lost my job, was told to submit my termination letter, my husbands most...

Heartless mortgage company

This company has put my house in foreclosure and is threatening a short sale in five days because my mortgae was late for three days!

I was seriously ill an din the hospital for the past six weeks and only now got back to work. still, during that time, I went hungry, drove my car on empty, just to save every dime to make the last month's payment. They have resfused to accept the money and refused to speak with me further! I call and call and no-one will ansewr their exensions, neither will they return messages

How can this be! I don't know what else to do, I cry all night as I don't know where to turn. I have this money to save my house and the company refuses to take it. Meanwhile, attornies fees a remounting each day, unnnecessary money which I will have to pay which could have been used to pay the mortgage.

If any oen has any advise I am desperate!

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illegal foreclosure

Litton Loan Servicing, LP via ASC is trying to illegally foreclose on my property. My loan has been sold...

Predatory lending

Me and my wife got a mortgage from fremontinvestment & loan they screwed use over they have paying $1, 714 a month payments with %11.05 intrest rate and we only bring home $1, 800 a month they tryed to forclose on use but pulled out of court now litton loan wants to take the house from use we hav been fighting all this crap four three years with no help from no one now litton wants to give me my wife and three boy's $1, 500 to give up are house that be longs to use and are boys.

  • Ho
    homelost Aug 05, 2010

    We were in the same situation just recently. Litton actually took our home. I have read about the class action suit, but the settlement to each person is no more than $60. To me that is not enough. My credit is screwed, we hadn to file 13 and we lost our home. They should be held accountable for all of the things that have happened to all these families!!!

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  • Th
    the good american Oct 26, 2010

    No one forced you to take the loan. Suck it up and start living responsibly and taking responsibility for your actions loser!

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Deceptive and Trecherous Practices

The customer service in this company could be more adequately described as DISSERVICE. Very rude, very...

Fraudulent fees

Our loan was sold without us knowing back in June, 2008. We found out our loan had been sold when we got a foreclosure letter on our door from a company (Litton Loan Servicing) we didn't even know we were affiliated with. I called Litton Loan to let them know that there was a mistake, and that our lender was Aveleo. They told us that Aveleo sold our loan June of 2008, and we own them the money. I let them know that neither Aveleo nor Litton contacted us to let us know that our loan had been sold, and that we have on-line banking and Aveleo has been cashing the checks we have been sending, so they needed to contact them and get their money... They got their money from Aveleo, and we started a repayment plan for one payment we did miss, due to my husband losing hours around the time of the writers strike. We signed the agreement, we paid, they cashed our check, and two weeks later I got a call saying that we were in default. I told the representative that we had just signed a repayment plan and I have the receipt form their company that indicates they cashed our check in my hand. She then told me that they voided the repayment plan... I said, "Why? You got the money on time, you cashed my check! The representative acted taken back by it all and said she didn't know why... She then offered another repayment plan. I said, "Well who is to say this wont happen again? Especially since you have no idea why it was voided to begin with? Am I to cross my fingers in the hopes it wont happen again?" She said Yes! I almost died... I said well what choice do I have. I signed it, I paid, they cashed our check, and two weeks later I got another call from them informing me that it had been voided AGAIN!!! I was so so upset! I told her that she needed to find out why this kept happening. She put me on hold for 20 minutes and comes back to tell me that it was voided because we over paid... I informed her that I specifically asked if it would be a problem id I made higher payment, the representative at the time said it would be fine. The women said she was sorry that I was misinformed, and asked if I would you like another repayment plan? I said send it out! She did, and as I looked over the new agreement I noticed that even though they voided our previous two plans, due to them misinforming us, they took all the money we over paid and put it towards FEES they charged us! I told the women that I would pay them $1000.00 seeing how I over paid them by $600.00 over the last two repayment plans. They said they wouldn't accept that. I then said I wanted to apply for a Loan Modification. She said we have to show financial hardship. Shortly after my husband left his second job, at which point we applied for the loan modification. We ended up applying 10 times due to them saying they didn't get our papers, or their system changed, or they made changes within their modification plan, etc... We even hired a company to help us, and still had no success. It has been seven months since we originally applied for the Loan Modification, and we just got a "Trial Modification offer" on Monday, August 10, 2009. In that offer I found that they had been charging us for Homeowners Insurance. We have always paid our own! It's never been part of our mortgage payment! We told them this and they hung up or got disconnected once, he called back and they said that this is the only offer we are getting, and wouldn't even acknowledge the fact they had been charging us for a service we already had! Also the new Modification payment was now going to be a $150 more a month than our original payment! They also informed us that even if we paid them on time for the three-month trial, they aren't promising a loan modification to us.

I said well, considering you wont deduct the Homeowners Insurance, and have raised our payment we aren't going to accept this offer. I then asked her for other options we had... She said a short sale. But now since they waited so long too

give us the offer, we only have until Sept 14th to try and find a buyer that will offer an amount Litton will accept. So we all know thats not going to happen. We can't afford to fight them. So we are walking away. We have been here six years and never had a problem until Litton bought our loan...

We have also requested information regarding charges, they either say they can't send

it, or they say they will and we never get it... It truly has been a nightmare. We have done everything they have asked, and they have not helped us, they wont give us a breakdown of or loan and charges that they have been tacking on, and now that we see they have been charging us for Homeowners Insurance when we pay ourselves, we know that they are adding fraudulent fees to our account.

  • Bu
    BUNI RODI Aug 23, 2009

    what can we do to stop this company? why do "reputable" companies and lenders sell to Litton? I don't get it. I am reading complaint after complaint - all involving big monies and people leaving their homes because of the terms set forth by this company, their falure to deal with people, ... this has to end. i would not be sending this response if i were not involved with this organization. this has just got to end.

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  • So
    soon to be homeless Dec 02, 2009

    Litton Loan is owned by Goldman Sachs, one of the most powerful finacial institutions in the world. We made our
    pre-trail modification payments and they still auctioned our house with no prior warning. We need some large organization to file a class action suit! Also Litton Loan was given 1.1 billion in TARP funds.
    I now have to leave my home of 23 years in two weeks!

    [email protected]

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Loan Mod

I tried to get a loan mod thru litton Loan Servicing after my rate adjusted on the loan. I did all their required paper work and also used a HUD approved Service for loan mods, Accorn Housing. After months of waiting I get a form letter saying that after the rat hike I still make enough to cover the new payment amount and all my other expenses each when the paper work I sent from Accorn Housing and what I sent showed I was upside down Over &900.00 a month because of the new payment amount. Litton is part of Goldman Sachs and they got a $10 billon bailout loan for the goverment but they won't use the Making Home Affordable plan that the goverment offers that would help us keep our home. These people care about bonuses and not about home owners. Maye Litton should use some of that $10 billon their parent company got from the goverment and buy some adding machines. They could use them.

  • Xo
    XOXO Jul 15, 2009

    Litton gave me the 3 month trial period loan remodification (which as long as I paid on time, I was to be granted permanent remodification) and then at the end of three months, they denied me because they said they re-evaluated my salary and decided I made too much money. I sell jewelry and make 1/3 of my commision for the entire year in December which is paid in January. Instead of going off my previous year's W2 and averaging that with Jan-April 09. They only avgeraged the 4 months of 2009 to come up with an avgerage income. I worked in the mortgage business for 4 years. That is a recipie for default. Everyone knows to qualify a commisioned person for a loan, you must take 2 years avg. income. It put me at $2000 higher a month. They turned me down for making too much money. Then I lost my job. I re-applied with my disability income and they turned me down and said I made too little. I re-applied and added in my un-employment pay and they said they needed to do a new appraisal, even though the last decision took only 8 days, now it might take 60 days. They will not return my calls, everytime I call, I get a new person who I have to explain the situation too and everyone has a different timetable and a different answer. I have even had them hang up on me. Supervisors do not call you back. I started this last November 08. I have completely emptied my 401K to stay current on the loan.

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  • Co
    congressional help Sep 05, 2009

    Litton is the worst servicer. I have been fighting them for over 4 years. I can only get an answer to anything when I involve a congressional inquiry. I am in delaware county pa. I do not ever believe i will own my house free and clear., litton levies fees and attorney charges which were never incurred.

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  • Au
    Audrey Corley Feb 24, 2010

    Why has nothing been about this company and thier continued operations? I also submitted a cliam against this company and to this very date I have not herd anything one way or another. Please tell me why this is so

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Subprime Lending and undisclosed investor

After almost a year of trying to get my Loan modified I just found out today that we make enough money to cover all our monthly expenses; so Litton Loan tells us. Well I was laid off from work last August 08 and my husband is not working full time due to work slowing down. I have submitted to Litton loan our information numerous times starting in August 2008. Finally in March I was told that we were being considered for a loan modification because we still had income. I don't know who does their calculations (it must be a monkey) because from what I come up with for our income and debt to ratio does not even meet our expenses for the month. Their Forclosure department kept reassuring us that we would not be kicked out of our home and that they would have a modification proposal for us in July 2009. Yeah, well we got our modification all right, we have til August 3 to find another place to live because the house is being up for sale. I cannot believe these people and how they had us believing everything was going to be ok. Oh! and not to mention an idiot at litton loan by the name of kevin; after telling me the modification was denied, wanted to know if we could give them any money towards the balance owed. I told him; your telling me we need to move out and you want me to give you whatever money we have? Are we supposed to give whatever money we have and live under a tree? Any money we have we need it to find someplace to live we have not one to turn to. I hope they have fun with this house sitting on the market for the next year along with the other 46 houses in this neighborhood that are just sitting there not being sold. I didn't know anything about home buying when we purchased this home through CENTEX HOMES and they took advantage of us and alot of other people like us that were not savy in knowing what they were signing. But never the less SHAME ON CENTEX for being so unscrupulous. I refuse to give Litton loan any money because we are upside down about $280, 000 and we have a 7.125% adjustable in 2010 and 12% fixed on the second and not to mention the BALLOON PAYMENTS at the end of the 30 years on both loans that equal to the amount we purchased the home for! $505, 000 (WOW! what a deal) according to CENTEX convincing us at the time, that We would be able to refinance, yeah right... and get rid of the mess they created with a new loan.

  • Kaminipaul Jul 15, 2009

    I am So sorry to hear what happened thats why I entrusted in a law firm to get my Modification done.Luckily i got in contact with a private Lender based in London and after i applied, They walked me through every step of the process from start to finish, I was very fortunate to find such a wonderful person to work with.
    When they first told me that i have to send in 10% of the loan amount as security, i was sceptical and so decreased my loan to 5k and sent them 500 you can imagine how i felt when i checked my account on Thursday and the money was there!
    If I may recommend, I would give them a call, i got my loan in 3 days and anytime I had a question they were very responsive in getting right back to me. Its unfortunate there are so many bad company's out there, If anyone comes across any other bad companies please post because no one deserves to get their money nor house taken from them.
    You can contact the lender [email protected]

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  • Bu
    BUNI RODI Aug 23, 2009

    Oh My God. I am researcing Litton and am trying to come up with an appropriate phrase to refer to them. I will keep it clean for the readers and will post when I have it figured out. My husband and I have had the same experience with this so called company. Love the reference to kevin the monkey! We too were told that we would be able to get a satisfactory result - but it did not happen. Stuck with higher payments, demands for huge sums of money - 10, 000 in three hours! and no guarantee - oh yes and we too are upside down in our home - it was worth 300, 000 5 years ago and it might be worth 175, 000 - maybe. they want 3100.00 a month - after a 10k pmt and in 12 mos. want a balloon of 24, 500K. someone is on something great case for an attorney who wants exposure and does not mind getting his hands dirty and a great opportunity to help out thousands of people who are good people with unforturnate circumstances. this is unjust and illegal. it has to stop.

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lost home to there lies

I had a loan with them and lost our business in fire and tired to get hold of them to work something out but nobody would call us back finally I hired a attorney and they told the attorney to send the paper work and they would work something out with us but they lied and also they said that they would stop the auction such they didnot do so now I am out of my house .

Litton Loan

Litton Loan in 2004 went to servicing my mothers mortgage.In two years the mortgage had almost doubled on her.My mother would send her mortgage payment by Western Union quick collect on the 3rd of every month to Litton Loan.Her mortgage was due on the 10th of every month.

Litton Loan would not post the payments until after the 20th of every month so my mothers account at Litton Loan would look as if she were late.Litton Loan then would send my mother letters of threat of forecloser demanding sometimes $1300.00-$1500.00-$1700.00 at a whack.My mother borried over a $1000.0 from my ex- brother-in-law twice and payed the crooked criminals.

Then in 2006 Litton Loan out of no-where sent another letter to my mother demanding another &1700.00.My mother was furious and contacted them.She was put through to atleast 6 different Litton Loan employees to whom she explained that she was not late.The final Litton Loan employee supposedly worked out a payment plan for extra to pay the so-called bogus late fees down to over a year.

My mothers mortgage payment went to an extra $175.00 a month for a year.My mother had a spell with her health and died three days later.Litton Loan and their crooked system killed my mother.

Me and my wife filed a chapter 13 to keep Litton Loan away for 4 years.Litton Loan even breaks the laws in bankruptcy.Our Trustee sends Litton Loan a fixed rate every month and Litton has not been applying the whole sum to the claim they made when our bankruptcy began.

Litton Loan has been putting money out of our Trustee`s payment in an Escrow account for forced insurance.Me and my wife has had and kept insurance on the home and Litton has been faxed ever copy of every policy since our bankruptcy began in 2006.

Litton Loan started sending us monthly statements with a principle balance of their crooked figures.Our periodical report shows Litton Loan to be off about $12000.00 that Litton Loan has not applied to the claim they made against us.

Litton Loan screwed themselves by sending us statements to begin with.They think once me and my wife is discharged they can come on us with all of their un-reported figures and then take our home.WRONG.

Litton Loans claim when me and my wife filed was for their late fees Litton claimed we owed plus the money owed on the property.Litton Loan is being payed 100% through our 48 month plan for both claims.

Litton Loan will have their two claims payed 100% and my lawyer is aware of their un-reported fee`s etc.Since Litton Loan did not protest the claims they had against us at the hearing they were saying we agree with the claims against us that will be payed through our plan 100%.

My lawyer will file a motion with the court for Litton Loan to bring our case current and payed 100% and then the Judge will set me and my wife free from the criminal bondage of Litton Loan.I do hope they show to protest because my lawyer assured me you will see the Litton Loan demon run out ofcourt on your behalf when Your Honor sees that me and my wife has a perfect payment history in our plan that has payed Litton Loan 100% of their claims against us and my mothers property.

Dont let Litton catch you unaware when you are discharged with their bogus fee`s and all to keep you in their grip financially speaking.I told my attorney that I dont see how our Government lets Litton Loan get away with these crimes.He smiled and said maybe Litton is the government under-cover robbing people.As long as you have the knowledge before they catch you then you can be prepared for war.

Litton Loan is crooked and a criminal organization that can be beat with the right knowledge and lawyer.Dont be ashamed to file a chapter 13 against them to save your home.

Here is a plan to beat them in chapter 13.

#1.Make sure their claims against you will be payed back 100%

#2.Pay your plan on-time like clock work never missing a tick.

#3Keep your own personal home-owners insurance and make sure your insurance company faxes them a copy of the policy.

#4.Make sure your Bankruptcy attorney has a copy of your current insurance in your file for the complete length of your plan.

#5.Keep your eye on the numbers of your yearly periodicals and on any and all statements sent to you by Litton Loan.

#6.Make an appointment with your attorney at the time of your last payment.Get your attorney to file a motion with the Court to order Litton Loan to bring 100% percent of their claim against you to be current upon your discharge.

#7.If you have to re-file another chapter 13 to pay Litton Loan off in the second round repeat all of steps 1-6 and then you are free indeedand nothing Litton Loan or their crooked employees can take your home.

Note if you are in a chapter 13 with Litton Loan do not think you are free of their criminal activities of robbing you because they will rob you blind even in a chapter 13 until yu give them your home so they can do it again to someone else and ruin your credit so they can get a judgment against you.Steps1-6 above is your insurance to win against them.

For you Litton Employees sent to read articles against you.You will burn in hell you crooked clones of Larry Litton`s trained to rob.

Good luck and God bless you.

Wrongful Person Foreclosure

Litton Loan Servicing Company has filed a wrongful foreclosure action against me for foreclosure on a Condo that I have never owned, never purchased and never had any involvement in purchasing period. I have tried contacting them and get the run around, get some idiot named Ricky Jones voicemail which go ignored, and now not only have the stepped on it by doing this, they have a Law Firm involved named Shapiro, Fishman, who all since the inception of this idiotic wrongful foreclosure action refuse to listen or talk to me. They have even gone to the extend of in the last 2 weeks placing a foreclosure action on my credit reports which I pulled.

Well since they have played this illegal games, I am now in the process of filing a class action lawsuit against not only Litton Loan Servicing but also Shapiro, Fishman law firm for wrongful person foreclosure action, deflamation of character and destroying my credit rating as due to this being placed on my credit report it lowered my credit rating from a 720 to in the 400's. Well now they do not know what they are facing and I am going to ensure that I put an end to this companies illegal games they play with people. Wait till they get asked in the court room to produce a Promissory Note and/or a Mortgage Note with my signature on it, and I guarantee the world they will never be able to produce it. The condo that they have filed a foreclosure action on against me is in Jacksonville, Florida and according to public records was purchased in Sept 2003. Well I have news for the Litton Loan Servicing Company and their Shapiro, Fishman law firm, they will never prove that on that date that I was residing anywhere near Florida, much less Jacksonville and to go further they will never be able to prove I was even in the US at that time, when I was sitting in Baghdad, Iraq. I hope they have lots of money now to be paying me for what my class action lawsuit is going to be going after.

  • Jo
    JorgeElliottIII Jul 07, 2009

    How I can now more about your lawsuit against Litton?

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  • He
    help? Aug 11, 2009

    Which firm did you hire to pursue class action, and how can I contact them? I am interested in joining your suit as well, the only ones I'm aware of are primarily for California and Tennessee residents, and I am in Florida. Please follow up Army Man, lots of people want to join you!

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  • F1
    f1pilote Aug 14, 2009

    I want to join the lawsuit!!! My name is Dwain H. and Litton is servicing my loan and they are terrible liars. Please call me 203-843-0630

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  • Pl
    pluto dog Aug 19, 2009

    I have been a victim of Litton as well . The foreclosure my home was not done with due process .Litton at the time was working on a loan modification . The punch line is Quality had already sold my home and litton was not even aware of the sale. I called Litton and was told that the loan mod. was being worked on, little be known the home was already sold. I received no notice of sale no publication in local paper nothing . No one at litton or quality would help fix there mistake that cost me my home . I am no trying to get an attorney to help me fight this paper shuffling mess.I also believe I am not he only one going through this I am sure Litton and Quality have done this to other homeowners.

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  • St
    Stuzzy Jan 05, 2010

    I want to join also. Damn this company has really pissed me the F**K off!!!

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  • Cr
    cry 4 help Sep 13, 2010

    to whom it may concearn i was also put in the same boat with out a paddle with litton loan. they r now trying to force me out of my home with two kids without a notice and no place to go. i to would like to get in on this class act law suit.sign single mom 09-13-10 i need some help asap e-mail address [email protected]

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  • St
    SteveI Mar 25, 2011

    I would like to join to I already got a settlement for my original mortgage holder Fremont Bank & Trust ( No trust) who sold it to the pond [censor] Litton. I found out some great inside on how they operate they pray on middle to low income people who have less then perfect credit. They search for people like that and buy the note and start the stealing your property process. They started with me with a Hazard Insurance Scam.
    They would bill me for insurance that I did not need. I would pay my mortgage payment then they would apply it to the insurance payment with out any notice to me, making my house payment late. I would get it all worked out and a few month later the process repeats til they get you to default and raise your interest payment from 6.2 to the default rate of 18.0 witch they never made anyone aware of they made changes to our loan docs with out us signing.

    We filed bankruptcy and walked away from the house i did not want Litton to get anymore money from me its been 3 yrs and I am ready to buy a new home and Litton shows its ugly head they did not file the sale of the house til a yr after it was sold. So now i have to wait a yr more before i am clear email me if you have any info [email protected]

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unlawful mortgage loans

(1) Litton added additional charges on to our account - a forced escrow account in which they never paid the taxes but charged us for it

(2) Even though we paid for our own insurance Litton added insurance to our account costing three times the normal premium charged by our insurance company... we would like to become part of a class action suit against them for their predatory lending practices.

(3) they forced insurance on us and when we had a tornado at the house and it took out several trees, did damage to the roof, the siding and the yard we spent over $6k out of pocket to clean the mess and 'their insurance' has not paid a dime.

(4) When they call, many of their agents tend to be very unprofessional and abusive.

(5) we bought extra mortgage insurance to cover major repairs (we replaced the roof, furnace, hot water heater and then found out that Littons mortgage insurance covered nothing.)

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    straightforward Jan 05, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been a victom of ther scams as well i live in georgia . i have read most of the complaints about litton . What i would like to know is there anyone out there to help us with our problems with this company . I am contacting the atorney general in texas as well in geirgia to see if they can help . we need to start a class action suite . If we stand together maybe we can get something going .Standing as one will be useless...Richard in ga. [email protected]

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    fighting mad in nh May 30, 2011
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    Verified customer

    My husband and I applied for a loan modification; we never signed the paperwork, but they went ahead and set up an escrow account anyway. We paid our mortgage on time, yet they reported us as being late due to the escrow. They also tried to force their insurance on us; we never went along with it and thankfully nothing ever came out if it. We've heard several different versions of "their insurance, " the last one being, "we don't give you new insurance, we just take over your payments (on your existing insurance)" The conversation ended when I informed the rep that my homeowner's insurance premium is $88.00 a month.

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I feel bad for all of you going through this. We tried making several loan mods, and thought we had made one...

Unethical Business Practices

ABC News wants to hear your story!

ABC News just posted a story online June 4th titled: "Desperately Seeking Mortgage Help", written by: SCOTT MAYEROWITZ, ABC NEWS Business Unit . If you can't find the story then contact Scott through the ABC website.

Try this link and post your story. If ABC News recieves enough complaints, I am sure they will produce a story about Litton. This maybe the opportunity you are looking for. TAKE ACTION NOW! This has to stop and it starts with you!

After you read the story, go to the bottom of the artical, there is a link where you can submit your story.
The link is titled: Are You Looking to Buy a Home or Worried About Losing Your Home? Share Your Story With ABC News

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    GeneralStark Jun 04, 2009


    I might have posted to one of your earlier Litton Loan Service complaints. At any rate Litton is the subject of an ongoing class action lawsuit. Your story may be important to the attorneys bringing this matter. Not sure though. It is in my database at Click on the defendant box and scroll down to Litton Loan. You can also email me using the "Contact Us".

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    Almetta B. Perry Mar 11, 2010

    Litton Loan Services are a bunch of crooks. I am going to stand up and fight them. The illegal practices that goes on in that place is unreal.

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    Falko O Jopke Mar 26, 2010

    I am seeking legal help with my account at Litton Loan, my credit score is down due to the fact that Litton claimed one payment was 30 days past due. However my payment was never late at all as a matter of fact it was early. Accordingly I have called, faxed and emailed Litton to straighten this mess out. Litton Loan service whomever that may be just gives me the run around. Please help
    Falko Ose Jopke

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predatory loans

Litton Loan Servicing is bar none the worst mortgage lender out there.

I URGE everyone to send an email to Lisa Vercher at Texas Mortgage Bankers Asso. [protected] and Shannon McKinley [protected]

Larry B. Litton Jr. is a board of director. TMBA needs to know that a member of their board is fraudulent. Then call the Texas Attorney General's office. Then call the FBI in Houston. I am serious - this is the only way we can stop the predatory loan practices of Litton Loans.

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    GeneralStark Jun 03, 2009

    Check out Click on Litton Loan Servicing and see pending class action investigations and lawsuits regarding their service and computers.

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foreclosed my home

From beginning to end of loan Litton home loans handled my loan horribly, from reporting incorrect late...

Litton Loan Servicing ignoring us completely

Litton is an OUTLANDISHLY poor place for homeowners to have to deal with.
They are obnoxious calling themselves DEBT COLLECTORS, even when people are 100% ON TIME, 100% of the time.
They are notorious for making all sorts of account ERRORS and refusing to address or correct them, to the point of being sued by various Attorney General Offices.
You MUST get advocacy, and FAST. I hope you did so, guess from date of your post it may be too late. Hope not.

  • Ma
    maryo31 Jan 25, 2010

    Litton is affiliated with C-Bass, if I recall correctly they are out of Maryland. I suggest a phone call or email to them as well so they will know how Littons poor excuse of a company in general is a reflection on them.

    What losers! I hope they get what they deserve and that is a Hefty fine, made to pay tons of money back to everyone they have taken advantage of, and put under the microscope of the Federal Government to put a stop to predatory lending. It is against the law to harrass people to collect from them, to use tactics of foreclosure etc. Not to mention that any company that has a Customer Service department, and does not provide actual customer service is NOT providing customer service.

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