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Litton LoanScam and cheating

My problems and issues with Litton Loan servicing are more than than the space provided could ever allow. Litton Loan Servicing has shown to be the premier predatory lender in the country and I only wish I had an option to whom my original mortgage was sold to. Litton owns 80% of a loan my wife and I share. Our payment is now over 1200.00 monthly on an original amount of 687.09. 1200.00 for a 104000 loan is nothing short of predatory. I began speaking with Litton about a possible modification of our loan because we had never been late on the initial amount and were horribly misinformed about the details of our loan agreement, lesson learned. We found out that we had an adjustable rate mortgage of this fashion the month it was set to increase. Once we saw the increasing amount, we contacted Litton to inquire about options to ensure that the loan remained in good standing. In December of 2007 we faxed in all of the required documents to Litton Loan Service's 'Loss Mitigation Department' for review.

As of today, June 10th, 2008 we have not heard a resolution. In February we signed on to a repayment program and I believe because we have paid them 1200 a month, it's their plan to never consider the initial adjustment we were told about. When we faxed the information in, we were told that there is no one we could speak with, no one who could contact us, and not even someone who could verify receipt of the fax. Call after call to check has gone unconfirmed and the only information that we are given is that the modification is 'pending'. 7 months to review a document is extreme but what is more bizzare is that there isn't a way to speak with someone regarding your loan, your financial future or a way to possible resolve the matter. This experience has simply been a nightmare, we are paying to have someone rent our home right now to the tune of almost 300.00 a month. All of this has been explained to Litton Loan Servicing and those who are apparently sitting on the solution appear to be unreachable, ghosts or non existent.

I hope and pray that I someday receive a class action lawsuit regarding the likes of this predatory lending. I pray that someway the actions of this company are brought to the attention of those who see the negative impact Litton Loan Servicing is continually having on the economy as a whole.

To have predatory lending is one thing, to force someone to remain in a position that is predatory is worse in my opinion. When someone can't receive correspondence about something this vital to the lives of their families, well that's just downright criminal and unlawful.


  • Le
    lepre Jul 21, 2009

    Litton Loan has been my worst nightmare. This company is incompetent and unethical. They should not be in business. My situation has been going on since Jan. 09 and is very similar to many of those that I have read. They sent us a loan modification package then informed us that we did'nt get it to them in time. Not correct, we can prove we did. Everytime we would call we were directed to the voice mail of a gentleman who we are unsure if he really exist since he never returned our calls. When we finally did get a customer representive we were told it was in review and it would take up to 60 days before we would know anything. When I asked about the foreclosure date on my house I was told it would be pushed off along as our loan was in review and by the way you wouldn't be in this situation if you had paid your mortgage. Numerous calls were made to this company by myself and my husband and each time we were told something different. We were told to apply for the Government Home Affordable Modification by one Litton Rep. and we would know if we qualified ing 48 hrs., well this was a joke because then we were told they were waiting on the governments criteria, never happened. Then we receive a letter from their attorneys stating our house is going up for public sale. We speak to yet another Litton Rep. and we are told they are in the process of sending us a loan modification package. We think finally this will be over. Wrong, we receive a Loan Workout Plan instead to see if they want to give us a modification. We decide to accept, fill out all necessary documents send these in along with the first payment. We call the following week to verify they have received everything and are told yes it is in review. Another 60 days, ok I'm feeling pretty good I know I've done everthing. Wrong, we receive a letter stating they need all these documents before they can consider us for the Loan Workout Plan. All these documents have already been sent and we have been told by a Litton Rep. that they received everything. Now we have received our money order back with a letter stating that they cannot process our request due to incomplete documents. I believe the goal of this company is to string you along until it is to late. The whole time you think they are going to help is only a ruse. They are not interested in helping you keep your house, their goal is only the almighty dollar.

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  • Ki
    Kim Mar 06, 2009

    I am I guess one of the latest Litton victim. I too am ready to lose my home. I was also contacted by Titanium Solutions. They claimed they could bring my interest rate down to just over 4%, it sounds to good to be true and with all that is going on in this great country of ours I just don't trust anyone offering help. So I too tried to go through Litton them selves. The fax number given, it never picks up, no answer is all I ever get! And trying to get a hold of a person, forget it! I just get transferred to some ladies voice mail that doesn't even speak good english, I can't understand 1/3 of what she is instructing me to do. The voice instructs me to press zero for someone else. No one has yet to pick up. I sat on speaker phone for an hour and a half before I finally gave up once again. I believe as well it the "twilight zone" of companies.
    How can I save my house if I can't get through to anyone or even send a fax. I don't even know who to trust!! I wish the attorney general would place a list for us on who we can contact, who isn't just out to rape us some more!
    At this point I have paid over $65, 000 in interest the last 4 1/2 years with nothing to show for it except perhaps a house worth half of what I paid it for and a foreclosure sign I see in the distance! If anyone out there knows who I can contact before it's to late for me please let me know!!!

    K.Salen ([email protected])
    Also if I find anyone who can in fact help us all, I'll post it as well! Good Luck everyone!!!

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  • Bo
    bob Mar 03, 2009

    Consumers be aware of Littion! Everyone who reads this should go to Consumer Affairs and website and pull up all the complaints on Littion and send a copies to Obama administration. Also, flood there emails letting them know how unfairly people have been treated under this company. They are bad...bad news and need to be exposed!

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  • Ji
    Jimmy Feb 28, 2009

    I was going through a divorce and as a single mother of three, I was having a hard time paying my mortgage. A rep called me and asked me my situation.

    I told him what was happening. He said they could lower my interest rate and add my payments to the end of my loan. Therefore I would not be so far behind.

    Today almost two years later I received a bill from the IRS stating that I did not include all my income. I am being billed for a cancellation of debt. I have had no debt canceled.

    Nor was I behind 5000 plus dollars on my loan. If they offer to help beware. You may just get a 2000 dollar bill from the IRS in the future.

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  • Ed
    edgar s heitman Nov 14, 2008
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  • Ed
    edgar s heitman Nov 14, 2008
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  • Ci
    Cindy and Chad Oct 30, 2008
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    Litton is a very very helpful company. You just have to know who to talk to. Dont talk to the customer service people who are rude and have no clue. You have to go above them. I have had a great experience with Litton. I have had my rate lowered 2% and have been given a 30 year fixed rate after doing a 2 year loan modification just a couple of months ago. They have been very very helpful in allowing us to keep our home. If you would like to know more and how we were able to get to a "higher power" feel free to ask. I will be more than happy to help you. No, I do not work for Litton, No, I do not work for a company who stops foreclosure. I am just an average person who lucked up in finding the right people to talk to. Americas Servicing those are the ones you should be reading about.

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  • Ca
    California Oct 26, 2008
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    I agree that this company is absolutely useless! I called the customer service office on Friday and was told that they have 60 offices and 10 floors and NOBODY has a fax number! Ridiculous!!! I sent an email and the automatic reply said "It takes 60 days to adress the email". I've spent my last penny with this company! Let's just see who calls who when we don't pay next month! We are finished with them!!!

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  • Br
    Brian Sjoden Sep 23, 2008
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    First off, Litton is not a lending institution, they are a servicer for many subprime and investors. Secondly, your payment date is set by your mortgage holder - whom if you are serviced by Litton, who knows who holds your note. You are probably speaking to the wrong to their loss mitigation department. Go to a site called and read about Litton. There is a lot of help there. Trying to get a modification of any sort, is like having a second job. A LOT of time.

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  • Ca
    Carl Warren, Sr. Sep 16, 2008
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    I am concerned that Litton representatives will not discuss an optional opportunity for me to change my payment date when I am now on totally disability and the Federal Government "Social Security Disability" officials has made my monthly payment for the third Wednesday of each month. Eventhough my agreed payment is to be before th 16th of the month without any late fees, Litton people should be more flexible in its customer service decision making in insuring homeowners will make very efort to honor their mortgage obligations. It appears that Litton people mdoes not care especially when I am sent a "CAN" letter without a person signature from the "Customer Assistance Response Team" denying my request for reasonable consideration. I very strongly believe, given the problems facing the economy of America I find it to be down right irresponsibility, if not utterly insane for Litton people to deny a faithful property owner an opportubity to honor a loan and have the conditions of the time of payment change whereas it cna be paid in a timely manner. It appears that someone is asleep at the helms at Litton when such travesty of injustice is allowed to go on during one of the worse economy slumps in the 21st Century, due to unconsciousable and illegal Predatory lending schemes that has not seen proper legal sanctioning by violators at Litton and other Prime Lending institutions.

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  • Li
    Litton Loan Client Aug 28, 2008
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    Forwarded Message ----

    To: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
    Cc: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
    Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 10:53:54 AM
    Subject: Complaint RE: Loan Modification- 2nd Certified Complaint

    To: Larry Litton aka Larry Blake
    c/o Litton Loan Servicing aka C-BASS
    5373 West Alabama, Suite 600
    Houston, Texas, 77056

    335 Madison Ave., 19th Fl.
    New York, NY 10017
    United States

    Harris County Appraisal District
    13013 Northwest Freeway
    Houston, Texas [protected]

    Office of the Attorney General
    300 W. 15th Street
    Austin, TX 78701

    Attorney General Terry Goddard
    Office of the Attorney General
    1275 West Washington Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85007

    You are either part of the problem or part of the solution, and you sound like part of the problem.
    The following letter are statements in order to increase awareness amongst Litton Loan, C-Bass and the average homeowner.

    To: Larry James F. Schneider, Managing Director: C-Bass, Larry B. Litton Sr.President Litton,

    [email protected] (CEO)
    [email protected] (CFO)
    [email protected] (Senior VP)
    [email protected] (mort retention mgr)
    [email protected] (loan retention mgr)

    I am writing for help in my current situation. My original loan was transferred over to Litton loan servicing, after signing with Home123 about 3 years ago. Litton is also known as C-BASS, or Credit-Based Asset Servicing and Securitization. C-BASS, purchased and securitized credit-sensitive and nonperforming single-family residential mortgages, investing in whole loans, subordinated securities, and properties that were are on the verge of being foreclosed upon. I have kept close records and documented my experiences with names, dates and also comments. I also have actual voice recordings of the people I have spoke with in the retention department. For months I tried to make a payment arrangement with the man in charge of "my case" and I was denied every option. My mortgage has been raised from $1210.00 to almost $1600.00, I then called and wrote letters and found someone to actually help me. His name was Benny Hibler. I have to say he was very helpful and nurturing to my concerns. So, I go on thinking everything is fine, I continue with a loan modification program. The terms were that my loan payment is now at a fixed rate of 7.5%, up one full percent than I originally signed for years ago. And I was instructed to pay two payments to get the new loan started. Benny Hibler was assigned to my case and this letter is in no way directed at his mistake, but Litton never made me aware of the upcoming charges that would be tacked on to my loan balance. I have been paying good for 3 years, I also put down $25, 000.00 in order to avoid a second I find that my loan has had a $10, 000 charge on the end of it, with also a $3.000.00 charge for the paperwork to have my loan modified. So basically although I have been thinking I have been paying the loan down, but my payment as well as my balance of the loan have both gone up tremendously. Even after while originally signing I was promised by my loan officer that I could refinance in two years and cut my payment in half and not to worry that my payment was already so high. It was all a lie, I am unable to refinance the loan due to the depreciating market and other circumstances. After the loan modification went through, here I am thinking I am in a better position with my loan, while the entire time, I was basically paying $13, 000.00 to buy myself a few months. Only as the result of being paranoid that they would harass me into paying anyway. The letters, the phone calls, the automated messages every ten minutes, even numerous times when a rep of Litton hangs up on you after hours of being on hold, not to mention when certain charges have been placed on your account and reps cannot give you a straight answer of what the charges exactly are, but you just have to pay them to avoid the trauma and hell they will put you through if you don't.

    As the economy keeps shooting down in order to accommodate the banks ever growing success, my condo has depreciated from $210, 000 to $68, 000 in a matter of a year. Which reflects a negative balance originally going from a positive equity position and excellent financial standpoint. I continue to make monthly payments to the escrow account, unexplainable charges, late charges every month, and statements that seems to tack on just a little more to my final balance instead of lowering the actual cost. What did C-BASS make down on paper last year...over five hundred million dollars...sounds to me like the recession isn't affecting everyone, yet helping banks to grow even further until the final takeover of the world...I guess it helps when you have outside associates and developers, whom after the foreclosure sale, contact Litton/C-Bass to buy the house for less than the foreclosure sale price and inflate the resale price to once again another victim. Litton was instrumental in setting up REO's, and also Litton Jr. sits on the board. I recently became aware by Gary Wait, that According to the "Master Policy" 30 days prior to the foreclosure, CBASS becomes an additional named insured on the policy. Thus assuring what ever the sale price is the insurance will make up the difference. But why is this? Are Litton Loan and CBASS "Double Dipping" here, selling the house at loss below the amount of the loan? Then recouping the difference on the insurance claim? Thus claiming a loss on the sale of the home, but having a complete "Made Whole" insurance policy that is paid to Litton Loan and CBASS? Why is Litton Loan and CBASS the only "NAMED INSUREDS" on the policy? Why not add the home owner? ITS CALLED INSURANCE FRAUD!

    They claim the loss on the books from the sale of SOME homes, while pocketing TAX FREE money from the insurance claim! Just one of many observations of how Litton Loan and Larry Litton are committing fraud, and terrorism here in America every day!

    It is rare for me these days to have a conversation with someone making them understand my sensitive situation and to look out for any type of "sub-prime" lenders, no matter HOW desperate they think they are. It is MORE LIKELY to find that you have re-financed yourself into a LESS attractive arrangement and will remain at the mercy of the mortgage investor aka "The Mob".

    To sum it all up:

    They have raised my payments after re modification on a fixed rate mortgage and have added almost $13, 000 in costs for this after 3 years of ownership and payments and also a down payment of $25, 000.00

    My property has depreciated from $210, 000 to $68, 000.00 in 3 years of ownership and good payments.

    I am now in a financial hardship with a payment that I could rent a house 3x the size of my own property for.

    I am stuck in a fixed loan for the life to live in a property that is 990 square feet, built in 1973 for basically the rest of my working life.

    Tell me Larry Litton aka "The Mob", what part of this situation is beneficial to me again? I am asking for another modification program that explains all costs incurred to my account PRIOR to the signing of your documents, and also a breakdown of all of the costs involved in my modification. As of right now, I am in the thought process of bankruptcy and feel that it may be a good time to rid myself of the mortgage fraud that was committed against me. I felt taken advantage of by your company prior to all of this, but now that I have sat down and documented the final stages of going through loan mod, I understand that once again I have been taken advantage of by your company.

    I expect a letter explaining to me how your are going to make this right. My next step is sending you yet another hardship letter, followed by contact of [redacted] & BBB update and a call to my attorney and also a certified package of all of my logs and records kept. I will be contacting every news station attaching my letters and concerns of fraud on my account due to lack of explanation on your part. I want my loan modified correctly, I want the charges that just don't seem to fit refunded, I want my rate as well as payment lowered, and most of all I want to be in a financial standpoint that makes sense to NOT only YOU but myself included. If not, I will have no other choice than to submit my story to the court of law and also relieve myself of the outrageous loan that was so SOLD to me in such a premeditated and scandalous form.

    On July 30, 2007, Judge Morrow issued a 56-page order granting Plaintiffs' Motion for Certification of a Nationwide RESPA Class. (Note: the Order is not a determination of the merits of case.) The Nationwide Class is defined as:

    All persons (i) who presently own, or during the Class Period owned, property (including mobile homes) in the United States, (ii) who entered into a mortgage loan transaction which was then transferred or sold to Litton or for which the servicing rights were acquired by Litton Loan Servicing, LP or its predecessors, directly or indirectly, at any time between October 26, 2002, and the present, and (iii) who made timely payments to the transferor servicer and were charged late fees related to that payment within the first sixty (60) days of the loan transfer to Litton.

    “No man who continues to add something to the material, intellectual and moral well-being of the place in which he lives is left long without proper reward. Honesty in business brings good karma."

    Frustrated Loan Client

    I can be contacted at [email protected]

    Previous Letter written to Litton in order to HELP my situation.

    My letter to Litton:

    To whom it may concern:

    After months of frustration with your company as well as Titanium Solutions. I have finally decided to write this letter and send it to all departments of
    your company. I am hoping that one person will take this matter seriously. I will also be sending this letter certified to you as well as faxing the information
    to the department supposedly handling my case. I have been ignored. Not listened to. I have been trying to make a payment to your company for almost two months now. (FULL PAYMENT) of the past few months I have been unable to pay due to the constant problems of Litton telling me I cant make payments certain ways. I am trying to give you my hard earned money and you wont accept it. I have put all of my Loss Mitigation paper work on file with Titanium and when it came down to me making the payment they told me I wasn't making it to them I was making it to Litton. When I spoke with Daryl of Litton Loan, I explained my story about what had happened and the time wasting of trying to go through Titanium and how frustrated I was and just wanted to make a payment. Well Daryl told me he would get back with me and I called for three days straight trying to get through to him. When I finally had to have someone at your service email him he called me back with a "payment plan"...Apparently my mortgage has gone from a 6.5 - 8.9 in a matter of months and also his payment plan was my payment going from $1210.10 to up over $1600.00? I hardly believe this is a payment plan that someone who is trying to come to agreements with your company is to help? So when I asked him how this would help me he said, well have you discussed your situation with Titanium. I just about flipped out on him because for a half an hour I explained to him how I couldn't get through and get anything done with Titanium and how I wanted to get this handled through Litton. It was as if he didn't listen to anything I said and came back with some payment plan, that a person in foreclosure can hardly afford- and just expected me to deal with it. I am able to pay what is over due and I have been for almost a month now and I keep getting harassed, my house is now up for trustee sale and I have people banging on my door to try to purchase it. I recently had an appraisal done on the property and due to market conditions the 990 square foot 1973 condo is going for a little over $114, 000.00 The 1214 square foot unit just short-saled at around $52, 000.00 I believe. My loan is for the amount of $210, 000.00 in which I have put $25, 000.00 down and also have been paying only on interest to your company. It is amazing to me that you are going to raise my rate now to an 8.9 and continue to change my payments every 6 months. I am willing to pay you the amount that is overdue if we can come to some sort of agreement, and also if someone in your company WILL LET ME MAKE A PAYMENT!! I am begging you to let me give you money and I am being tossed from one part of your department, to a loan solutions company (Titanium) that sounds like it is being ran from someones home!
    I want to give you money to pay my past payments. My notarized paperwork is on file with Titanium. I no longer want Daryl working on my account as he does not listen and is 100% unreasonable. I have asked to speak with corporate and they will never give me the number or transfer me to complain.

    They will not return my phone calls and they even have hung up on me. They have also been rude. I have sent them a payment and they even sent my money back and said that it was not enough and that they do not take personal checks. They will not even take a bank transfer from my checking account. Every time I call I pay a ONE time fee of around $14.00. How am I supposed to recover and get you the money on a depreciated property if you wont accept it?
    What was the point of sending all of this to Titanium when I finally got the payment it wasn't even a correct payment. She told me that the loan would be at 7.4% when I spoke to Litton it had went to 8.9%? I have a job and I can afford my payments if we can come to an agreement, but at this point with my property being worth around half of what I purchased it for and my payment on a 990 square foot OLD condo being $2000.00, tell me why I am not just going to walk away and go rent a larger condo down the street for $795.00? I'm trying here! I'm trying to pay you, I have the money I can make what I am past due on if you guys will work with me also. The amount of 3% which you will have to pay a realtor and also the money that will be lost on this condo in trustee sale or foreclosure will much exceed what you are trying to squeeze out of me. I am a hard working person, and this is why America is hurting so bad and banks are going under. Its people like me that if you would just try to hold up to your side and not try to scrape every last penny out of a poor single female who is trying
    her dam nest to give you all of her money, we could see a huge change in everything if your customer service would actually listen and resolve our problems.

    Its no mystery that all of our taxes go to pay the interest loaned from large banks. Give me a break here. Take my house out of trustee sale and let me at least try to hold up to my end of the bargain before you go and place this home for not even a third of whats its worth because your employees don't take the time and effort to help people PAY YOU. I will send ten copies of this letter to all of your departments until I get a response from someone who actually cares about the fact that I HAVE THE MONEY TO GIVE YOU and YOU WONT TAKE IT!

    I had come out of my deep depression from being an unemployed Realtor, I have managed to get everything back on track and get the money to tend to my obligation and Litton put me right back into depression again with their total lack of cooperation. I am not able to refinance nor take out a home equity loan which was promised me from the time I have taken out this loan my payments are now $500.00 more than when I started. I used my entire inheritance from my dead grandmother to make the down payment. My property is now worth HALF of what it was. Can you imagine my frustration? Please I am practically begging you for help in this matter.

    Litton constantly mails foreclosure notices and has sent my information to random people who wont stop contacting me. They have put my whole world on blast with the trustee sale. I have random men knocking on my door at all hours. I can be sure at any time Litton can claim we owe them extra money and if we cannot come up with the money while we dispute their claim we may lose our property. Its a threat that will only force YOU to lose money as none of this makes any sense on why its been so hard to resolve this with you!

    Please help!

    Worried and frustrated Litton Loan Client.

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  • Xm
    XMlabsisgoingdown Aug 26, 2008

    I live in Kentucky and have been waiting for my fax in regards to a loan mod. They claimed they sent it, but I had to call them again last night to make sure they were on top of things. Got the fax this morning ... for a couple in San Antonio Texas. Not only is this the wrong fax, but they sent me all of their loan information. Idiots.

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  • Da
    David Phillips Jul 19, 2008
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    I feel for these people in thier situation. My wife and I have been in the process of buying our first house when Litton bought out the bank we were dealing with. Now we are homless waiting for Litton to sign and send one document so we can close and move in. They are impossible to get ahold of and they dont seem to care about anyone.

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  • Re
    Realty Mediation Services Jul 08, 2008
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    I agree with everyone on this comment board and I am so sorry to hear about all the trouble that you are all having. This is the reason I started my company. I have helped several people that have mortgages with ASC, Countrywide, and other mortgage companies that don't seem to care if they harass people or suck them dry. The comments I have heard are along the lines of trying to get blood from a stone or turnip, or something like that.

    Contrary to what some people have said on here, I am not trying to be one of those people I mentioned above. My company is a nationwide company that provides services for people that are at the end of their rope. One of the helpful things that we provide is letting you know, before payment for service, if we can assist you and if we can not. If we can not, we tell you why not and what can be done to allow our company to assist you. Most companies won't do that, but we will also give you the reasons why exactly so that, if you should choose a different service, they will not be able to scam you. Now that's a way of saving money too.

    I have a service that actually will take you out of the loop of contact with ASC, or Countrywide or whomever you have servicing your loan. All you have to do is tell me how we can help you. By that I mean, tell us what you are looking for us to do for you and we will pursue the help that you want, no matter what. We have all aspects of the mortgage business covered from being a mortgage mediation company, a title company, a real estate company, all the way to having access to attorneys for litigation or help to avoid foreclosure. No aspect of help is turned away.

    Let me tell you, most of the customers that I deal with have told me about the fear and the frustration of working with mortgage companies that don't seem to care or give them the runaround. To be totally fair, mortgage companies have their ways of dealing with people. Some are good, some are horrible. But one thing all mortgage companies love is being vague. When they are vague, they don't have to give you information until you ASK for it. How does that help you? How can you try to save your home if you don't know how to ask the right questions?

    That’s another reason why I created this company. I take your number out of their "system". When they mail you something, it goes to me. I take the burden away from you so you can live your life without the phone calls and the letters. And the rudeness!!! Oh, man, if I told you some of the stories I have heard...let's just say, it’s not pretty.

    I know that some people are going to look at this comment and go, this guy is trying to drum up business. Well, you're right. But here's the kicker. I used to work in mortgage collections. I used to make the phone calls and send the letters. I used to work around the people that make your lives hell. And I kept asking myself, why? Why are these people not being told about the help that’s readily available? Why are these people not being helped to make payment arrangements that are realistic? Why does this company care more about the money than about customer service when that is supposed to be their primary objective?

    That's why I got out. I can not stand collections. Just because they are hiding behind a company name they think that they can say anything or act anyway they like with the customers, being friendly with one and the next 40-50 they can treat like crap. Where is the customer service?

    I take all that frustration away from you and create solutions that work. I know that it may be hard to swallow, but I do. I have done it for several people. And I can do it for you too. If you want more specifics or just want to talk to me, call my office at [protected] and check out the website, which is being updated with a few new options available. And this isn't just for people facing foreclosure, people that are current and want to pay off their home early, call me. I can and will help as many people as I am able to. What have you got to lose? Website address is if not for you, best of luck. In all your endeavors.

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  • Ad
    ADRIANE Apr 22, 2008
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    I am going through the same things, not posting payments etc . What recourse do I have, I shouldn't just have to but up with this???

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  • Pa
    Pamela Macalinao Oct 19, 2007
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    Litton Loan Servicing -

    I have dealt with this company since early o2. This is the most unprofessional company i have dealt with. They misapply payments or don't post at all. Charge for forced placement insurance every time you turn around. Then when you show you already have insurance they only refund half of what they charged you claiming there was a lapse in coverage. No matter how much money you give them they find a way to charge late fees or put money in escrow that messes with your monthly payment amount causing even more fees. I know i'm about sick of it and had about all I can take of there BS. I am in the process of trying to jump onboard the class action suit already pending against them. If i cannot do that i am retaining an attorney on my own. This company has tried to foreclose twice. I am at the point of just selling my home to get the hell away from them!!!

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