Amerilife Complaints & Reviews

Amerilfe Financial Group / Loan scam


My story is exactly as the others...Pamela Steele contacted me about my loan approval. I, too, sent them the money to a Patrick Letraught in Canada. I did do some internet research and not 1 thing came up for this company... ironically, this was on July 24, 2008. The next day I wa...

Amerilife Financial Group / was told had to send $787.50 in order to secure $5000 loan


I was contacted on July 24, 2008 by a Greogory Walsh claiming to be with Amerilife Financial Group he told me I had been approved for a $5, 000 loan for 8.5% for 36 months and my payments would be $157.60 per month and did this sound good to me and could I afford this per month, I said...

Amerilife Financial Group / Advance Fee Loan Scam


My wife and I were desperate for cash (with poor credit) and applied for a few online "pay day" loans in July of 2008. Someone must have found my information on the internet, they contacted me and told me they could get me a loan for $5000 thru a 'private lender'. My wife and I...