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To whom it may concern,
I have been on a bi pac for 15 years, and have had three different ones during that time frame. When my last one started shutting off randomly during the night I tried to order another. The former company HomePatient I learned, had been bought out by Lincare and because it had been a long time since I had done a sleep study Lincare required me to do one, which I did.
My doctor provided the forms and paperwork for my bi pac and we waited. And waited.
4 months later we were informed that the sales rep had left the company and "probably took the order forms with her". So we tried again to have the local office supply one and after more waiting, I was notified my order had arrived and I needed to come to the office and get fitted.
I went to the office here in Bowling Green KY and they gave me a Cpac, not a bi pac as the doctor had ordered. I questioned this and the sales person said that the "policy was that new customers always started with a c pac". I explained I had been using the bipac for well over a decade and THAT is what the doctored had put in his orders. Furthermore, I requested a face mask that would not come off easily as I turn a lot during the night and when it comes off I wake and therefore get little sleep. I was assured one would be ordered and they would call me when it arrived, but to use the c pac until we could work things out.
A couple months later I was on that side of town and went by to see what happened with my mask. After looking at orders and searching on his computer he said it must have been misplaced but he would order another. I said also I wanted to know about my bi pac, and what was going on. He told me again that Lincares policy was to start people on a cpac. I told him BS! I didn't just start this, and that is NOT what my doctor ordered!
I packed the damn thing up and it has been sitting in my closet since.
I have no intention for paying for something that I need, nor my doctor ordered.
I have yet to get the promised mask.
I went and bought a bi pac from another I needed.
You have billed (milked) the insurance company for this charade and billed me for the "difference" or allowed me to "rent" the machine until God knows when.
I have complained to the agents calls for payment regarding this but have never been offered any solution except to send you money for something that does not work for me!
You can email me your preferred instructions pertaining to the cpac. It is in the case it came in. I can take it to the store over off Scottsville Rd if you want, or UPS it directly to you.

A very dissatisfied customer,
Harold Maxwell

Oct 03, 2019

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