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Good day

I bought merchandise to the value of South African Rand R9790.14. This is a lot of money in SA currency and I am a single mother.

My first purchase arrived without problems, but this one I had no communication, and it was sent to a postal service and not couriers. The postal services worker showed up at my work on the 26th of September, without communication to me and when I was not here, told my collegue that they don't care and they won't come again. I have been trying to sort this out but have not had any feedback and when you try and visit the building a security guard tells you, you are not allowed in. I have paid insurance and have asked for a refund, but SELENA told me that if the package is sent back, I'll have no refund - message below for ease of reference.

If you check the reviews of the postal service in SA (customs) you'll see that the above is a common problem - you just cannot get hold of them and the parcel has gone missing.

One of your values on your website is treating others and your heart honestly. I was "promised" a 15% refund that was "processed" but I have not yet received this, and now I have paid almost ten thousand rand for NOTHING and even though I paid insurance for an event like this, your customer services tells me that I am not allowed a refund? This is really poor customer service, I hope one of the managers I will take the company value of honesty earnestly and process a real refund to me.

Trust this will meet with a positive response.


Oct 10, 2019

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