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badly run club

I am a previous employee of Lifetime Fitness who recently quit after 2 years of working there. Although I wa...

lifetime bait & switch

Lifetime Fitness offers a "Couples" membership that's an upgrade from a "Single" membership, but is not...

customer service

Jamie Blair "" Life time Fintess in warrenville has a very horrible customer service commitment. Peter...

bad cancellation policy

Lifetime Fitness required me to come into their facility to cancel my membership. I went in on 7-22-10 informed them that I needed to cancel because of loss of income. They indicated that they would charge me an additional month on 8-1-2010 which is apparently standard practice. I called their corporate office and the local club to see if this additional payment would be waived but they would not waive this additional payment. The local club said they would check to see if they could waive this final fee but never called me back. Repeatedly when I called to speak with a manager I was forwarded to a voice message box that had not been set up yet and could not take messages. I had to call back only to be forward to this mailbox again and again. I had no trouble with the club as a member and were I financially able I would have continued to remain a member.

cheating customers

The life fitness center is cheating with regards to the bill even thought I have cancelled my club membership they have charged my credit card for upcoming month as well and they say it is a policy They totally mislead the customers by not giving them the policy sheet or rule and regulation about the usage of the Gym as well termination policy the make you sign

you have to sign on a electronic machine telling you that it is for picture but it is for policy and they take the advantage of it .I wish to sue the fitness.

denied 24 hour access

I joined the Atascocita, TX Lifetime club about 2 months ago. While signing up, I specifically asked the...

contract policy is ethically wrong

My husband developed a really bad skin infection in March. It was so bad that he had to go to a doctor...

uncooperative people

Beware: if you go to lifetime fitness center secure your belongings they dont care if your stuff was stolen...

no download no refund no reply to my request

I went to the site paid for the download $48.38.order number 4EFQGCW6.
i never got the download, i have treid to contact them, but nothing,

the eamail i sent them, no reply

Please refund all my money, as this site does nothing in a search, as I paid only 15 mins ago, I want a full refund, thank you

Your recent purchase of the membership will show
A charge by "" on your bank statement.
Clickbank order number is ..4EFQGCW6

Vender software doctor
As soon as possible I want a refund of the full amount

$48.38 address also

my Email, [protected]

no download no refund no reply to my request

  • Wi
    Wisselmann Apr 11, 2011

    J'ai eu même problème je n'ai jamais eu de téléchargement, on m'a débité de 52, 80 euros le 5 avril 2011, veuillez je vous faire le nécessaire afin de me rembourser.
    Mme Wisselmann Marie-Rose, émail : [email protected]
    D'avance merci.

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I had a life threatening motorcycle accident and tried to put my membership on hold. When I went back to the...

cannot use many ammenities

Don't expect to use the indoor field that they try and sell you on. The field is rented out...

poor management

The Lifetime in Orland Park, IL canceled my membership of nearly 9 years. My almost nine years of pure...

security issues

The Collierville Tn Lifetime Fitness center lies! While being built in 2008, the pre-opening sales force told...

publish schedule of classes and then not holding the classes

My local club in Flower Mound, Texas was purchased by Life Time Fitness. Since then, my costs have gone up...

ripoff on their cancelation policy

Once you are a member of Lifetime Fitness, they make it almost impossible for their customers to leave. They intentionally make it difficult to cancel to the point of absurdity. They incorporate trickery and unfair methods to confuse and guilt their customers and try to squeeze every last dollar out of them. They need to be stopped.

Attempt 1 to Cancel: I made the mistake of thinking I could call and cancel. The membership specialist told me that he could not accept my cancelation over the phone even though he had my membership pulled up on his computer. He gave me his fax number and told be to fax the request and he would take care of it.

Attempt 2. I wrote a letter and faxed the request to him as he requested. The transmission report showed they received it. I specifically asked for a confirmation that they received my fax - I received no such confirmation.

Attempt 3. Went to their website thinking I could get another fax number for their corporate office, but no such luck. They have an e-mail for customer service but specifically state that you can't cancel using e-mail. I used their form to try and cancel by e-mail anyhow.

Attempt 4. I called the corporate office and spoke to someone who told me the only way to cancel my membership was to walk into their office and sign a cancellation agreement or to send them a certified letter. She also advised me of the 30 cancellation policy... and that I will still be responsible for an additional month...

Ok, I think this company needs to get sued. The 30 day penalty provision is nothing but an unearned fee. They are not inconvenienced in any way for which they need to bill for another 30 days and penalty provisions are often illegal. We need to band together and play them at their own game and sue them as a class for every single extra fee they stole from consumers.

These guys are crooks and they know it.

doug from Minnesota

  • Gy
    gyrfalcon Sep 13, 2009

    I got a new credit card and sent them a letter letting them know my account was closed. The jerks continue to try an collect for services not rendered... It'll be a cold day in hell before they get any more money from me.

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  • Ob
    Obiex Nov 21, 2009

    Im going through something with them now. My membership was suspended after two months non payment. im ok with paying that back even though i used it only 2 times that period. when i cancelled the next month they charged me for that month and tried to charge me for the following month. i called up the head office to tell them im willing to pay off the whole balance of the 2 months but i need 3 months to do it since im in college and times are hard now. they said no and that the whole balance has to be paid off by the end of next month. this after they made me an offer to wave 90% of the whole balance if i signed back up. Thats wrong to do this to former customer even when im agreeing to pay off the 2 months i used it. i could of just said F U and catch me if u can but i am trying to do the right thing. they can at least work with me. just because im not going to be at the gym anymore doent mean customer service goes out the window. i just paid $50 this week on it. Hopefully they dont use the card i gave them to take out more money later without permission.

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  • No
    notbruce Mar 19, 2010

    Based on my recent (and unfortunately still ongoing!) exchanges, I can only surmise that Lifetime Fitness has really gone down hill and are in deep need of funds. Jackie and Becky (Bloomington, MN main office) as well as others have continually harrassed me via telephone calls and voice mails not for my account (which thank God I don't have with them) but for my exhusband's account.
    They sent me an email addressed to my husband to which I, out of courtesy, called to inform them that this was no longer my exhusband's email address, nor was this my bill, nor was I responsible for his debts. Being courteous was a huge mistake since they have been harrassing me ever since. After a multitude of harrassing calls and voice mails, my attorney informed me to demand a copy of the bill for which they were harrassing me. Jackie informed me that since I was not on the the account, they could not provide me with that information. Guess next I'll next be getting a bill of Jackie's since that makes as much sense as me getting my exhusband's bill.
    They apparently are a cheap collection style operation and they don't care if its your debt or not - they WILL continually and repeatedly harrass you, no matter what - and offer reductions on the debt that is NOT your debt to begin with! lol
    Buyers be aware.
    Boards like this are great for communicating tactics of unprofessional businesses!

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LifeTime Fitness showed me their wonderful child care facility, and I thought that my child will be having wonderful time while I am working out. The first time we came with my 5year-old after signing the contract, I left her in the child care room. after the class I picked her up but she had tears in her eyes. I discovered that the climber and the computer room was closed, and she wanted to use those. Next day - same situation. Now, she refuses to go with me to the fitness center, because they limit what she can do.

I went to speak with the manager, and she told me that they keep the facilities closed when the number of children is less than 25. No one told me about this when we signed the contract.

I canceled my membership shortly, and don't advice any one to join this fitness.

  • Ri
    Rich Menona Jul 31, 2009

    One of the worst things about this club is the present themselves as a club that has rules and ethics. They don't - only those that care have rules and ethics - the others don't care and they know that the employees and management will do nothing to enforce. Instead you have people that don't put weights up -leaving others to put up their weights for them. Those that don't wipe their sweat off - we are even given free towels. Using several pieces of equipment at one time. Cursing and intimidation in the basketball gym. Under aged children left in pool area while parents workout. Underaged children in the Dry Sauna and Hot Tubs, the list goes on. The sales people and others walk by and ignore it. If you complain or bring to attention you feel like you did something wrong as they do nothing. If they do the are happy to point you out as the complainer (we were told this would not happen). If you approach these people they curse you or intimidate you into thinking they are above that and you better leave them alone as they are above it all. Then on top of that they complain against you and you are the one approached by the staff. Its disgusting the by the lack of enforcement and the lack of care that is given. Due to the lack of actions, the club has leant itself to be unhealthy and unsafe.

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  • Jb
    jblair Aug 01, 2010

    I agree.

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awful company

This 30 day policy is a complete fraud! God forbid something should happen in your life that you need to open up some free cash and cancel a luxury such as a fitness center, Life Time does not care AT ALL!! I am currently going through the ridiculous procedures required to cancel a gym membership at Lifetime fitness. In today’s day and age with gas prices on the rise and people running into unexpected financial situations month to month, Lifetime Fitness shows no remorse or understanding to its customers and members.

It is currently June 13th 2008, and they have just openly admitted on the phone at their executive offices that it does not take 30 days to cancel a membership only that they use it as a way to charge you for and extra month fees! So regardless of my wishes to stop using their product they are going to take my money anyway. I will be calling my Credit Card Company and possibly cancelling my credit card or not allowing them to charge it.

When I signed up for Lifetime 8 years ago, they stood on a policy that they would not be another Ballys Fitness who locks you into contracts and makes you pay extra money after your wishes to cancel your membership...but it appears that they have in fact BECOME Ballys part 2 in the Chicago land area.

This is how Lifetime treats members who signed up and paid them before they put up the first brick for the building, they are UN sympathetic to their member’s life situations and all they care about is YOUR MONEY!


  • Bu
    bucknuts2001 Dec 06, 2009

    This is a business, not your buddy you owe money to. A company can not help you out just because you're going through a rough time, they operate on a business level, not a personal level. You pay money to have a service provided to you. Your contract you signed CLEARLY STATES that you must cancel by the 5th of the month in order to not be billed for next month. That's the reality of a professional business. Do you expect the same leniency from your utility company? Do you call them and complain about how loyal you've been, and expect a delay or for them to stop your billing cycle early just because you're going through rough financial times?

    In regards to your claim that the executive office just wants to charge you an extra month to get more money:
    Of course it doesn't take 30 days to cancel a membership. Once again this is a business relationship, things must operate on a business cycle. That date is the 5th. By your own comments you clearly understand the policy, but just expect some special provisions be made for you. Or, what about someone who is not going through rough times but just simply wants to cancel their membership, should you be given special privileges not given to them just because of your hardship? Once again, do you feel that you should recieve a special discount on your morgage just because of rough times.

    As far as you cancelling your credit card: Let me save you the trouble, instead of cancelling just declare bankruptcy, because that's the only way to opt out of a payment you are legally obligated to make. What Life Time will do if you refuse to let your card be charged is simply have one of their lawyers pull up the contract YOU SIGNED saying you must cancel by the 5th or be charged an additional month and send it to your credit card company. If you still refuse your legal obligation they will send you to collections.

    The contract you signed clearly stated the cancellation policy. Sorry you're going through a rough time, but that doesn't magically alter your financial obligation.

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  • Tamars Dec 20, 2009

    If you swear at them they will cancel your membership immediately and refund any prepaid activity!

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  • Ta
    Tamss13 Dec 27, 2009

    This is why I will never join Lifetime fitness. They just lie.

    I run a select basketball club with 5 teams of 10 to 12 per team. Without memberships we signed a contract for $65 an hour for practice time. So I went to the gym managers and asked if they could make me a deal if I get all the girls to become members of lifetime.

    They told me we would get two hours free each month if we rent two or more hours a week. That was a very good deal from my point of view. That was per team. So each of my teams would practic fours hours a piece and only have to pay for two hours a piece.

    Well when it was time to sign the contract. They stated the two free hours were out and all we would get was $65 an hour for gym rental. Well I already get the $65 so no deal.

    Since I pulled out because they changed the plan they attempted to pull the $65 deal I already had. Lucky I had a copy of the agreement and had to get my lawyer to make them honor the last 6 months.

    They are just liers and awlful.

    Use only month to month gyms ones were if you do not pay you can not use rather than automatic pay. Express Fitness is just the greatest. I only pay for what I use and no need for extra payment.

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  • Mi
    MICHAEL STADNICK Jan 29, 2010

    It will all catch up with LIFETIME FITNESS. I think it is already, I have had two mailers "$0 to join". They don't care how it is ran! It is the numbers!

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  • Ei
    Eileenbc Feb 12, 2015

    Lifetime Fitness is an awful company. I'm currently dealing with a similar situation in trying to cancel and being strong-armed into paying for another month...seriously, it takes 7 weeks for my cancellation to go into effect? They just want to squeeze every last dime out of you and bank on 99% of their members forgetting the cancellation policy. I've been a member for 5 years and this is how they treat me. Not good business. Do a quick search of "Lifetime Fitness cancellation policy" and you'll see thousands of complaints. I understand there are contracts in place for a reason, but the world isn't black and white and they should have the flexibility to help a customer out when the situation calls for it. There are too many gyms out there to waste you time with one that cares so little about their customers.

    Such shameful business practices.


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sexual harassment

Lifetime fitness in Cary NC has brought a known sexual predator from their own TX location to their Cary NC location please be aware parents that this man is the head of the fitness dept & has ready access to you & your underage children due to Lifetime's liberal underage (children ages12 & up may be on the floor without parental supervision) workout floor policy. This man has already had several incidences during his one year tenure at Lifetime Cary NC all of which were ignored by the Lifetime Cary NC management. Please don't let your daughters/wives/girlfriends out of your sight on this workout floor this man is dangerous and Lifetime brought him to this area with full knowledge of his "problems".

  • Tr
    trainergurl May 08, 2009

    I have also witnessed this "man's " attitude toward his female staff & clients & find him repulsive

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  • Ra
    ratted Mar 04, 2014

    Cyber Bully Warwick Jones preaches stress relief on one hand and cyber bullyies people that have had to file for bankcruptcy in google searches on the other hand. He doesnt have many 'likes' in facebook. Watch out Jones I might book a session and you will get one H of a shock

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  • Jo
    joe20 Nov 15, 2014

    LifeTime Berkley Heights, NJ caters to many haters and racists bigots that hate Arabs alike and gays. Their staff geared and programmed to fuel hate and bigotry and if you complain they will gang up on you and harass you, follow your every move in the GYM. it reminds me as a sectarian/Nazi camp. Many ( including certain staff members) feel invincible privileged and its okay to harass and intimidate minorities as if the Club was simply built for privilege the few and their stature in the community, in fact it is but forgot that America for many years struggled to pass stringent Federal and state laws to weed off such bigots and America we will continue the struggle and will succeed.

    For many years since the club was opened I was harassed time and time again insulted and called names by either " the Elite local desired rich Princess's" or Staff. Lifetime did nothing to help me. Even their manager Paul Russo attempted to beat me up when I complained, He was lucky I did not bring charges against him. Often when I complained they gang up on me generating fictitious Local arrogant Elites as witnesses to contradict my side of the story, this proves to you how much corrupt lifetime is. Recently they hired and corrupt ex-cop as from Texas as general manager to cover their hate trails this guy prove nothing to me but fabricate fictitious evidence to lynch you as if we still live in deep south during lynching era, It's true the club is built like a country club but it is a country club that caters to certain groups far away from your normal poor hard working Americans. Lifetime only targets those that can consume and bring money to their facilities

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use sex to influence patrons

Their female employees use sex to hook male patrons. My husband and his friends came clean to us, their...

failure to refund money in timely manner

After joining Lifetime, I was offered a free training session with a Personal Trainer. After completion of this session, I decided to undergo their CardioPoint Test which costs over $300.00 to include the Polar watch. At the encouragement of LifeTime I consulted my physician prior to undergoing this test. My Doctor did not want me to undergo the testing due to medical problems I was having.

I immediately notified Lifetime, only to be told they had a "no refund" policy on Personal where is this in written nor was I ever told this. I then was told to talk to the person in charge, he guaranteed me a refund in 3 weeks. 3 weeks passed and I again went in and complained. Only to be told that they wanted a Dr note, which I had with me 3 weeks prior. Then I was told it would be another 3 weeks, after threatening to cancel my membership I was told it would be 7 days.

7 days have now passed and now I am being told the paperwork was "just submitted" to Corporate so it would be 5 more days...I now have been told that if I cancel my membership that even though it is the 1st of the month, they will not refund this month's dues which were just taken from my acount to the sum of $230.00 more dollars.

I have belonged to several fitness centers in the past, though Lifetime looks nice from the outside. Once you join they do not hold up to what they promise, from use of the facilities to their constant failure to follow through on their promises. They have alot of hidden rules they do not tell you about (hours for the use of the pools for families, day care hours, refund rules) and the list goes on.

  • Tamars Dec 20, 2009

    If you swear at them they will cancel your membership immediately and refund any prepaid activity!

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  • Ex
    extremal Mar 30, 2010

    Life Time Fitness sucks (referring to Warrenville location).

    I used to be a member for 2+ years, then moved to another place and returned for a week, so decided to use an offer from their web site for a free week membership. My fault I was honest with them that I am not based there, and my fault I just told them that if I not gonna get the free week, I can just become a member and then cancel the membership. Was suggested to buy 2 weeks for 80$, and then a higher level manager increased it to 100$.

    In the end they kicked me out - I pissed off a manager and his boss (I was polite, but demanding).
    The service is extremely rude - they do not want customers who might end up not joining the gym.

    The fitness center is nice, lots of equipment etc, but they almost killed their reputation for me...

    So... DO NOT JOIN!! They want your money and they don't care about you as a customer...

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  • Co
    cook1e1997 Sep 27, 2010

    Did you finally get your money back?

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