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lifetime keft charging me after my account expired, and they charged my mom's bank account without authorization!

My mom got a rude awakening when she balanced he check book the other day. She discovered a few months worth...

lifetime fitness money back guarantee is a fault

I was offered a money back guarantee trial membership. I tried a couple of times, with no swimming pool and...

trail membership

My wife went into the Lifetime Fitness in Houston to inquire about club dues. She stated that she did not...

love working there, but upset too

Mens and womans whirlpool/hottub water temperature complaint: I've been working at lifetime fitness - moore...

bully employer

My daughter is a single mom, raising three children on her own. She worked crazy hours to help Lifetime fitness because of management quitting. So much for taking care of her, she did nothing but dedicates herself to that establishment and was proud of being a worker there. Now because they hired a manager he has been trying to do nothing but fire my daughter, both customers and workers are supportive to my daughter, and feels she is being discriminated against, they said lifetime has a history of writing workers up so they can fight unemployment…It would not be bad but it’s all lies, no truth, what can my daughter do to protect herself ?

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reneging on invitation received in mail

Approximately two months have passed since I received an invitation in the mail from the corporate office of Life Time Fitness, inviting me to rejoin their Garland, Texas facility. It was headlined, "Rejoin Life Time now for just a $25 (processing fee). I had quit this facility many months previous to that time, chiefly for the reason that I was unable to gain a sensible answer from a representative of the Garland, Texas operation. I was totally concerned as to why that a member could reserve a racquetball court each day (during primetime) for the sole purpose of banging tennis balls (with a tennis racket). The main "sticker" of this entire scenario is the very fact that any employee (regardless of ranking) has total access to all members' files, including complaints made to the front desk, management, the corporate office, etc. In essence, anybody who folds towels at these facilities, has total access to your address, telephone #, health information, etc. Management officials at Life Time are very religious when it comes to maintaining an accurate account of complaints that you make to front desk personnel, management, corporate office personnel, etc. In essence, if you approach the front desk representative and let her know that this is the second time in which toilet paper was missing from the restroom, it's highly likely that the complaint will be logged onto your personal computerized file before the sun goes down!! The situation that "struck a raw nerve" with this former member was the day in which an employee (who once folded towels for a paycheck at this facility) approached me in the middle of the hallway and proceeded to outright inform me that she was aware of a medical condition that I had reported (in confidentiality) to the manager at the time of my enrollment. Aside from the fact that this young Life Time representative mentioned that she was aware of my medical condition, she later informed me (after my resignation from the club) that entries into my computerized record, indicated that I would never be allowed as a member of any Life Time facility. I never gave that situation another thought until the date in which I received the letter of invitation to return as a member. I thought to myself, "either this young lady doesn't know what she's reading on my personal file or that business has fallen off to such a degree that they're willing to take me back". That's when I decided to visit the Garland location, presenting the letter of invitation to the manager (Ken) of the club. He immediately informed me that a mistake had been made at the corporate level, adding that, "you shouldn't have received this invitation in the first place". When I inquired if he was informing me that I was no longer welcome at his Garland location (and that the letter of invitation from the corporate office was meaningless), he stated (in so many words) that he would rather not see me back there as a paying member. That's when I took it upon myself to inform this managerial representative that I'm totally aware of the fact that "gripe files" are maintained on all members who pass through his doors each day and added that several of his former employees (and myself) would sit in an office during many nights, viewing members' files. He seemed rather startled to hear that bit of information; however, I sensed that the man was attempting to downplay the situation as best he could. However, he did add that none of those individuals ever had access to credit card numbers, banking account numbers, etc. I informed this gentleman that it very well might be the case; however, I further informed him that laws exist which prevents any type of personal medical information from being made readily accessible to just anybody who happens to wear the Lifetime Fitness uniform. If you're a member of Lifetime and it's your desire to keep your personal medical history private, I would strongly suggest that you not inform any representative of your club. Needless to say, it will be in bold print for every employee (and some members) to view for themselves!!

  • Go
    Gookers12 Dec 07, 2009

    So my question is to you, why did you engage in the behavior you so readily condemned? Ie:viewing members personal files? In addition, if you found Life Time to be so horrific why did you go back? Files are kept for security and liability reasons. If you have a medical condition that may immediately affect you while working out, and you ELECTED to inform a representative of it, is a precautionary measure to add this information to your file. That way if something happens to you employees are able to take the necessary steps. If you bothered to read your contract there is an entire clause pertaining to this, so no, there are not laws against this data system.

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  • Th
    Thetennisplayer May 10, 2010

    I think that it is fine to hit a tennis ball in the racket area. They could be practicing when they cant practice outside. This tennis player can do whatever they want. Why don't you just reserve it before him? Rejoin. The place is awesome and reserve the other court.

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  • Th
    Thetennisplayer May 10, 2010

    Hi.. I am the tennis player you are complaining about, All I do is play tennis. Its my life. Grow up. I like Call of Duty 6. Milk tastes good. Turtles are slow. I satisfied your mother. Sandwich, is spelled weird. Ludacris is cool. Imma tell you one time. Grow up.

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  • Th
    Theguywhohatescrying! May 10, 2010

    Hello i think the guy complaining should go somewhere else if he is gonna cry like this. So, i guess you could say this grown man is acting like a 5 year old.

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  • Co
    Complainant28123 Sep 20, 2014

    Life Time Fitness in Las Vegas (based in MN) has a NO CELL PHONE policy for the locker room, which they never enforced. I complained July 2014 cell phones pointed at me and others of different ages, and September 2014, Life Time Fitness removed their cell phone policy. Now allowing cell phones to be used at lockers, sinks, and showers area. A BIG THANK YOU TO LIFE TIME FITNESS !

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  • Co
    Complainant28123 Sep 20, 2014

    Now you can freely take your cell phone and use in around the lockers, at the sinks, and showers, sit at the towel dry off area while others of different ages walk around naked.
    You can point your phone but just not allowed to take video or pictures.
    If someone snaps a picture, you're just to tell someone at Life Time, I guess they'll get the court order to seize the phone.

    Thank you for taking minimal steps to protect privacy rights violations and removing the No Cell Phone policy Sept 2014 after complaints made July 2014 of cell phone pointed at me and others.

    Thank you, Really BIG THANKS for protecting my privacy.

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lack of concern for safety

This health facility takes very little initiative, especially where it concerns the safety and welfare of unsupervised youngsters whose parents are working out upstairs, performing other exercises, etc. It was several months ago when I took it upon myself to inform the Head Sales Represenative at the Garland, Texas location that 3-4 youngsters were inside one of the racquetball courts, "flailing racquetball rackets (and racquetballs) in every which direction. It was rather obvious that they weren't old enough to even be inside one of those courts, much less the fact that none of them knew the rules of the game. That's when I felt it was necessary to bring this issue to the immediate attention of the Head of Sales at the facility. I felt for certain that the old boy would follow through with thanking me for bringing this to his attention, and take immediate action to make certain that nobody's eyesight was lost in there or that one of them didn't obtain a severe gash in his forehead, concussion, etc. That wasn't the case with this manager, in that he proceeded to remind me, "that's why everybody who joins this club signs a waiver", (thus relinquishing Lifetime Fitness) from any legal responsibilities in cases such as this. While reminding me that I had signed one of them when I joined the facility, he was proceeding through with the process of opening up his desk drawer and showing me a copy of those releases. The conversation in which I had with this managerial representative, set me to seriously considering the fact that they don't give a damn about the safety and welfare of their members. It's another prime example of how that this particular chain of fitness centers tend to operate, especially where it relates to the lack of concern for the safety and welfare of their paying members!!

  • Ra
    ravi gupta Aug 30, 2008

    Not only they imposed this 2 months rule, they lost my cancellation form and kept charging my card. I called them about it and they told me we don't have any paper on you, if you have any bring it and we will refund the money. Off course loosing the paper works in their side.

    Bunch of useless guys..

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  • Bunch of useless parents if you are asking me for letting their children run around the gym.

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Hundreds of LifeTime Fitness (LTF) members have been shafted! When LTF first started they offered a Founders Membership (FM) with a permanent fixed monthly membership fee. A FM was expensive, but it promised a great long term ROI plus a great resale value if LTF succeeded. As I understand it, about 1, 000 such memberships were sold by LTF. An LTF membership can be privately bought/sold with a transfer fee paid to LTF, and all benefits of the membership go to the new owner. In the mid-1990s, I bought one from a member who was moving out of Eagan. I long ago recouped my investment through paying a much lower monthly membership fee. The resale value of a FM has also been increasing, because normal monthly membership fees have been increasing while the FM monthly membership fee never increases. As I understand it, a FM is/was worth as much as $4, 000. Well, not any more.

Supposedly, two LTF members filed a class-action lawsuit against LTF, claiming that a FM entitled them to use LTFs newer premium club facilities under the same fixed fee. LTF says all FM owners were given a chance to opt out of the class-action lawsuit. I'm not an attorney. I have always thought the only reason to opt out of a class-action lawsuit is to reserve the right to bring your own lawsuit over the same dispute. I have always thought the worst outcome for the plaintiff would be nothing and the best outcome for the defendant would be nothing. Wrong! I'm told there was a negotiated settlement in this case. The plaintiffs were damaged and the defendant (LTF) benefited. Some, or most, or all, current FM owners (including me) were much better off before the settlement. I'm told I have to accept the outcome, even though I never agreed to anything.

The settlement apparently states that current FM owners can use any LTF club facility under the same fixed fee. However, if a FM is sold, the new owner is subject to different terms. The new owner can use *some* LTF club facilities at no additional cost, but *most* LTF club facilities would not be available without additional fees. I believe LTF started here in Eagan, and I would guess that the largest number of FM owners use the Eagan facility, but the Eagan facility is *not* among those that a new owner could use. Further, the list of LTF club facilities that a new owner could use is subject to change at any time. A potential FM buyer could not use the Eagan facility and could not be sure that any other currently available facility would remain available to him/her. The appeal of a FM to potential buyers has been destroyed. The resale value of a FM has been trashed!

LTF says the settlement forces them to hose current FM owners like myself. A customer service representative admitted to me that we got screwed. Do you really think they have sympathy for us? The settlement means LTF will gradually eliminate Founders Memberships from their member base, which increases their revenue. They have effectively stolen the money from us! Two different LTF representatives told me LTF did not sue itself (implicitly admitting it might appear that way), but I have to wonder about the motives of those who initiated the class-action lawsuit. I wonder if they are LTF stockholders. I wonder if they have some connection to the ownership. The whole situation really stinks, and I'm deeply suspicious. Some, or most, or all, current FM owners (including me) took it in the backside while LTF came out smelling like a rose.

  • Ki
    KingAmall Oct 14, 2010

    Well, here is something to think about for those who contemplate membership in Life Time Fitness - CANCELATION or MEMEBRSHIP suspension notice must be give 30 days ahead otherwise they will charge you a full month of service. Now, let's think about in the context of real life and economy. How many of you plan 30 days ahead to get in any kind of trouble - such as loosing job, or accident, or for that matter a business trip that requires you to leave on a short notice for a relatively extensive period of time...??? Apparently, according to the idiots atLife Time Fitness that's how life works... We have the luxury of clearly seeing the future 30 days ahead of time... I tried to notify Life Time Fitness approx 17 days ahead of time - which was still good 10 days before the current month membership was to expire that I need to put the membership on hold for one month ( October) because of my trip oversees... Apparently it can't be done - period... And the best reason they can give me is: BECAUSE THAT'S OUR POLICY... I tried to reason with them, pointing to the fact that it is better for them to accommodate my needs then loss me as a customer - especially since I will have to pay the $10.00 fee anyway for the month suspension... Apparently two independent idiots in charge, in two clubs do not see it this way... They prefer that I quit than to work with me. Not even the argument that I have been with Life Fitness since 1998 would help. Oh, they also don't get it that today people have choice -as a matter of fact many of them... Few years agoLife Time Fitness in our area was only one of few places... Today, there is LA Fitness, little clubs on almost every corner, multiple Belli's Location and so on... Each one of them offersmembership significantly cheaper than Life Time Fitness... And judging by the sign outside, offering no fee enrollment, and multiple open house time - Life Fitness is hurting for clients - perhaps more in this Metro Detroit Area than anywhere else in the country... But again - that does not matter... They would rather let you go and compromise some idiotic rule - which by the way needs to be legally review - because the last time I checked the law - it is illegal to charge someone for the services not provided... How then is it legal to charge a additional month ofmembership if the person can't be there...????

    Anyhow - people be warn of this little hidden hooks in the contract and check different clubs before you sign anything with Life Time Fitness... Remember, you have choices - lots of them, and in today's hurting economy those places are hurting financially just like you and me... The least they can do is to revise they idiotic rules to make life easier for the customers... But since the customer only matters when they want you money - this is what we all get... And it make absolutely no difference that " other clubs do the same" - as it was explained to me... If 100 people do something wrong that does not make it right - period...

    I know there are many more frustrated people up there because of the same issue... I encourage you to post your frustration and perhaps consider a group law suite... Maybe that's the only way to get through those ***'s heads...

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Oct 14, 2010

    Thirty days is really not that unreasonable. Some gym memberships require sixty days.

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  • Te
    teddykgb001 Mar 15, 2011

    I am in a similar situation and would like to know if there are others who would like to try to find a different resolution to this. I purchased my founders membership while the class action was going on, (apparently) unannounced to me. I was never told of this or given the option to get out. If you are interested, contact me at teddykgb001 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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  • Je
    jenajoy22 Jun 08, 2016

    I am looking at purchasing a founders membership and am trying to find something to help me gauge what the price should be for this membership. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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lack of attention to detail at this facility

I've recently ceased my membership at the Garland, Texas location of Lifetime Fitness, due to several different reasons. This huge facility has thousands of paying members; however, they have a total of two racquetball courts. When I joined this facility in 2004, my first question to the sales rep was: "Do you have racquetball facilities?" When he assured me that they did, I let him know that I was prepared to do business with him. In the initial months of our membership, my wife and I spent slightly more than $4000.00 for personal training. That's aside from the $108.00 per month for membership dues. No problem with that; however, one would seem to think that the management of this facility would seem to have some sense of compassion for members who spend that type of money. Wrong, brother!! It was late this past year when a new member felt that he had the right to reserve a racquetball court and proceed with the daily ritual of practicing his tennis game. An employee informed me later that this individual was rehabbing his recent open heart surgery, thus they didn't seem to have any problem in him reserving the court in what is considered by many as "prime time". That would be 4 p.m. each weekday. Several incidences of meeting with officials at the club didn't seem to get me anywhere with these stubborn individuals, and there was even a time when they suggested if I had ever given any thought of rearranging my schedule in order to not be there at the 4 o'clock hour! Is that discrimination, or what?! Furthermore, I was informed by this same employee that (the adjoining squash courts) are available to members for birthday parties, karate lessons, etc. After several months of ### at these individuals, I learned rather quickly that they don't have the least bit of use for the members who've already placed their names on the dotted line. Once they have you under contract, it's to hell with you, brother!! That wasn't the situation in my case, in that I've been informed that I won't be required to provide them with a 30-day notice and that I'll be receiving the balance of the current month's dues. Obviously, I'll be dedicating myself to informing everybody within earshot that Lifetime Fitness is "poison" and to stay away from the skull and crossbones!!

misleading & unprofessional sales force

All the sales people at Lifetime Fitness blow crap out of their mouth to make people buy into their story. Unfortunately, when you realized the stuff isn't true you get mad and realize Lifetime Fitness does not value the customer nor the prospect. It is a churn and burn operation and consumers should avoid this organization.

Before I signed the paperwork in Minnesota location the salesman kept mistalking himself so I asked for a manager. The manager came in and apologized and said that most of what the sales rep was saying was not the current "special and mispoke". So I walked away and as I was leaving I heard him say thanks for wasting my time.

When I complained all I received was a half ### apology from the sales manager. Again, no customer attention here...all staff and company profits first.

I came back with a buddy two weeks later as a guest and I saw the same guy lying to another prospect about all the benefits and low fees. Amazing how Lifetime Fitness did not take any actions for this guys behavior.

Save your time and find some other facility to work out at.

  • No
    NotAFanInMinnesota Aug 06, 2009

    When I joined they asked for my banking information, and I said I would be paying monthly with a check. They said they needed it on file so that they can accept my checks. They reassured me that there would be no automatic withdrawals from my acccount unless it was past the 10th of the month. I did not sign paperwork authorizing automatic withdrawals either. Yet they deducted my dues via automatic electronic withdrawal on the 4th of the month already! Lying rip off jerks. I called the bank to report it as fraud. I called the club manager who is 'gone for the day'. I am ready to cancel and get my money refunded or I will go to the attorney general.

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  • Me
    mer23 Dec 15, 2009

    As a former employee with LTF, I can tell you that literally all employees, even the 16 year old that swipes your card, has access to your credit card. If you have a card on file, we can charge you at any time for anything. I have personally known trainers who at the end of the month have not hit their sales goal, will "accidentally" run someone's credit card for training, only to refund them in a few months.
    This is what happens when a company does not pay their employees. Employees will do whatever it takes, regardless of legality, to pay their rent.

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scammed me!

Lifetime fitness scammed me. I prepaid minneapolis lifetime fitness $720 for a package of 12 personal...

these people that complain

All of you idiots that complain about lifetime fitness should read your contract before you sign!!! You all deserve what you get for being ignorant and stupid...

  • Jo
    John Brown May 10, 2008

    All the sales people at Lifetime Fitness blow crap out of their mouth to make people buy into their story. Unfortunately, when you realized the stuff isn't true you get mad and realize Lifetime Fitness does not value the customer nor the prospect. It is a churn and burn operation and consumers should avoid this organization.

    Before I signed the paperwork in Michigan location the salesman kept mistalking himself so I asked for a manager. The manager came in and apologized and said that most of what the sales rep was saying was not the current "special and mispoke". So I walked away and as I was leaving I heard him say thanks for wasting my time.

    When I complained all I received was a half ### apology from the sales manager. Again, no customer attention here...all staff and company profits first.

    I came back with a buddy two weeks later as a guest and I saw the same guy lying to another prospect about all the benefits and low fees. Amazing how Lifetime Fitness did not take any actions for this guys behavior.

    Save your time and find some other facility to work out at.

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  • Ch
    chicago May 14, 2008

    Whoever wrote that we are idiots for not reading our contracts must work for Lifetime.
    My husband went to Lifetime to purchase a membership for the family but told the sales representative that he was going to pay up for three months. Once the three months was over it would be up to me to continue. The rep told him that was fine. Never said anything about the cancellation policy. Never said anything about charging his credit card once the three month period was up. When my husband saw the charges that were not approved by him he called and said he no longer wants this. He again said please cancel. The customer service rep never said anything to him again about the cancellatoin policy. He was then charged again the next month. Finally after calling every name he was given a rep told him about the policy. Now, I understand that he should have read the contract better but isn't there such a thing as ethical business practice. Lifetime has obviously proven over and over that they are not interested in good business. STAY AWAY FROM LIFETIME FITNESS!!! The only thing they are working out is your wallett.

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  • Re
    Regina Oct 14, 2008

    These people are not idiots! They are consumers who were scammed through loop holes! The people at Lifetime really need a business ethics class. Nobody deserves to be deceived out of their money.

    2 Votes
  • Bm
    Bmom Feb 03, 2009

    The people running this place have a long way to go. Sadly, like all corporate run companies, they only care about the money to keep running. All the employees are disposable, if the bottom dollar isn't met or exceeded.

    They claim member loyalty is most important but it's the dollar that fuels the beast.

    Money makes the world go round.

    Idiots are the ones NOT speaking out against this company. As an employee, I'm doing everything I can to break free from this horribly misrepresented company. Better way of life my ###!

    2 Votes
  • Mi
    MICHAEL STADNICK Jan 29, 2010

    It will all catch up with LIFETIME FITNESS. I think it is already, I have had two mailers "$0 to join". They don't care how it is ran! It is the numbers!

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thanks russ for the big blow!

I applied for a job on-line as a towel desk attendant at the Woodbury center. Russ, the manager of Operations, called me and asked for a short phone interview. After talking to him a few minutes, he asked me to come in and have an in person interview. About three weeks later, he called and left a message on voice mail, saying to give him a call back. I called three times, he never did return my call. I ran into him at the club about four weeks after the interview. I said Hi, and asked him if he got my messages. He said "Yes I did, but I'm sorry,... but I just don't feel that you have the WOW factor" He really emphasized the wow. Why did he even bother to call me and ask me to call him back? It has been hard for me to bring myself back there, due the fear of running into him again. He really knows how to bring down a person's self esteem. Since when does a person have to be beautiful to fold towels and clean the locker room anyway!!! This guy the biggest jerk of all jerks! Thanks RUSS for the big blow!!!

  • Ea
    earthspirit Jun 14, 2009

    Most fitness club (especcially Lifetime) hiring managers are very discriminating, if they don't think of you as someone they would have sex with or that would boost their sales they usually will not even think of hiring you, yes they are jerks especcially this guy that interviewed you, they think they are better than everyone else and try to cut people down, don't let it get to you.

    I have been a fitness trainer in Dallas, TX since the late 80's, it used to be that fitness clubs were not so discriminating, now they discriminate against, gender, race, length of hair/ hair style and especcially against age, sex and disabilities, they violate the whole discrimination laws of the EEOC,
    I am degreed, have several certifications, positive attitude, very well built and still get discriminated against at Lifetime and other facilities because I am over 45.
    I suggest that you get on Lifetime's job email list and apply again, record all they say, if you cannot do this over the phone ask for personal interview, find an employment attorney, file a complaint with EEOC and file a law suit against life time (for at least a years pay). they will be forced to hire you plus you will be awarded a years pay, the hiring manager will be fired and it will go on his record, he will never work in fitness clubs again. I suggest talking to an employment attorney first to find your best plan of action.
    I plan on doing this also.

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  • Wi
    Wiser than the average Bear Mar 01, 2011

    LifeTime Fitness is owned by the biggest piece of [censor] known as Brahm Akradi. One might think he would be a tad bit humbled coming from where he up [censor] and washing your towels at a previous workout facility; it's true...he makes sure you know his story (part of the hiring requirment). Anyway, do not feel bad that you were not hired; the new policy is to only hire idiots so they can get the most out of you, take everything from you, while giving nothing in return. One thing to know is that they will fire you on the spot wthout warning only to fill positions with their friends. The men in power at that facility hate the female species especially if you hold any power. Everyone is disposable at that club. I know any employee that gave his/her all for well over a decade and that job was lifted rigth from under his/her feet...YOU are DISPOSABLE at LTF. You neither want to work there nor be a member because that whole Organization sucks and they do NOT stand behind what that teach/preach. Also, BA has a penis implant...

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  • Da
    DagnyTaggert Dec 16, 2011

    I worked for FCA construction, a subsidiary of LTF in charge of architecture and construction. I interacted with Braham on a weekly basis - he was often loud and somewhat aggressive, but at the end of the day this is his life's passion and he takes it very seriously.

    In response to the way LTF treats workers - I think the "Wiser than the average Bear" is a disgruntled ex-employee that is not in any way representing the experience most people had at LifeTime. I can say that everyone in our department was paid above industry standard wages and we were given numerous perks like flexible PTO, Free Family Gym Membership, Stock Purchase, 401K, insurance... I don't think that I was taken advantage of, and I don't think anyone in my department (50+ people) would argue that sentiment.

    Additionally, they will not fire you on the spot. I am well aware of the hiring/firing process as I was partly responsible for both in my department - you are written up formally several times before the firing process even begins. Furthermore, in MN you can't be fired without cause, we are not an at-will state...

    Regardless, I haven't worked there in over 2 years. I left willingly to pursue a different career path, but LTF was an amazing place to work. The motto "Healthy way of Life" was something that I do believe that they took seriously and I do believe that they treated their employees with a great amount of respect. I would also like to add that I am a female - and while you will always encounter misogyny in construction - I believe I was treated with ample respect in the clubs and at the corporate office.

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  • Fu
    Furstentum Mar 23, 2012

    Don't let it get you down - most of these people that work at clubs are of very limited intelligence. Believe me, I've worked for Northwest and Lifetime and they are not the sharpest blades in the drawer.

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  • Fu
    Furstentum Mar 23, 2012

    Dagny Taggert - you show your ignorance of MN law. MN IS a state where an employer can discharge an employee at will - just as an employee can leave at will. Go look up the law.

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  • Li
    lifecrimefitness Oct 06, 2012

    Lifetime Fitness loves to workout your wallet.
    The customer comes last.
    Every contract is designed to milk every ounce of money out of the customer.
    Contracts are designed to make quitting the club nearly impossible (you must send a certified letter or show up in the club). Red tape = more lifetime money
    @ lifetime fitness we make you pay for a lifetime!
    aka lifecrime fitness

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lack of supervision!

I am looking for parents who have had problems with a lack of supervision at the daycare center at Lifetime...

30 day bogus cancellation policy

I have been a member of Lifetime Fitness for over a year and I went to cancel my membership because I am...

child care center does not care

My family and I joined Lifetime about six months ago and we have decided that enough was enough and we cancelled our membership.

We mainly joined so my wife and I could workout together and our children could have fun in the child care center that boasts a computer room, jungle gym, basketball court and play area with tv. We were told when we signed up that they would have access to all the child care amenities and we thought it would be great.

Well, after many visits we have come to the conclusion that the child care center only opens the computer room or jungle gym when they decide to properly staff the center.

Which was NEVER. It came apparent after several visits in a row, when my children were told they cannot use jungle gym. They would be upset and I always got a run around as to why it was closed. If the jungle gym was open they would close down the computer room. Why do I pay for something they never can use!

They never mentioned this when I signed up. It is a scam, they make you believe you are getting this great child care center but in reality you are only able to use a portion of it.

  • Ad
    Adrenalyn Jan 09, 2008

    That sucks. There Customer Service and sales guys could care less about you too!!!! Lifetime Fitness is a joke! Well whatever you do, make sure you cancel by the 5th, or the charge you for 2 whole months if you don't! I've got my own issues with them, which you can read about in comments section of the 30 day cancellation policy thread. To anyone thinking about Lifetime Fitness, do yourselves a favor and run. Run as far as you can!!!! If you don't, be prepared to be screwed over by them. Lifetime Fitness is a rip off.

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  • Tamars Dec 20, 2009

    Andrenalyn, If you swear at them they will cancel your membership immediately and refund any prepaid activity!

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child care and pool facilities are fake!

Lifetime advertises this wonderful childcare facilities and fell for it! What they do not tell you is when...

stay away from lifetime fitness!

I'm assuming this is the normal way of submitting a complaint about a "Scam", and apologize if I'm...

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