LICdelay and inefficiency in handling policies

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I am a lic policy holder (policy no: 39197ssss) registered at the vaikom branch, kottayam (dist), kerala. I have paid the premium for the period of nov 2005 to jan 2006.

I am currently working in bangalore and I have informed lic office (branch office-1, bangalore) to have my premium deductions through my monthly salary (I have given this request at the time of obtaining this policy), but no steps have been taken in this regard till now.

I have send a mail regarding this to mm. [protected], but didn? t get any replies since 2 months.

I feel very bad about the way in which such organizations are handling the customers.

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    Dear sir my LIC housing finance loan disbursed in October 2017 act no is
    621300002910 and 621300002911 but till date I have not received PMAY subsidy I have enquiry in bank but they doesn't tell me status about subsidy, then what I do to receive my subsidy, my mobile no is 9689367187 mail id [email protected]


  • Jo
    joy09 Oct 29, 2007

    I am policyholder of LIC, my policy no is 416994017, and my agent code no is 10685426. I sent a cheque of rupees 1402.00 (cheque no 296546) against of my premium dated on 28.09.07. They give a money receipt. After a few days I went to my bank for updating my passbook. I saw 100 rupees they cut from my account dated on 01.10.07. Bank explained my cheque was send back, but I was sufficient money in my account. After 28 days I have not get any information or letter form LIC and they not sent my returned cheque. My agent told me your policy it‘ll be forfeited, if I want to continue this policy I have to pay penalty with this premium. Why LIC not informed me? Why I ‘ll pay extra money for their negligence? Pls clarify me. If I not told my agent my policy would be forfeited. Please be aware and always keep in touch with your valuable customer. Don’t misguide them.

    Thanking You.
    Dibyendu Mazumder.

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  • Dh
    Dhiraj Chauhan Nov 08, 2007

    I had taken a policy from LIC and I am struggling to get my money back for past one year. I was given a name of the person to contact but it seems they pretend to be too busy doing nothing.
    No response to e mail, phone calls and what so ever.

    Well I am now planning to put a Legal Persuit again LIC India in the consumer Courtand let us see how things turn down.

    Hoping for the best. One thing to tell Consumer Courts are really doing a good Job. I hope they will keep there spirits up and help others like me.

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  • Ra
    Raja Dec 13, 2007

    Yes, the customer service of LIC is very poor, Last week I Paid my premium through online by using LIC web site. but I could not get the duplicate receipt by clicking the receipt option. It shoing the receipt number but not showing the receipt. Regarding that I called the chennai call center numbers 28602626 and 28602629 both are not in use. Still in the LIC web site they are given the same above numbers as contact numbers.

    See How they are responding to customers???

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  • Go
    goutam aikat Feb 03, 2008

    deposited matured sss policy number 04663476 on 14/11/2007 at your career agent branch office,Ranchi near Srivishnu talkies mainroad Ranchi 834001 and sent reminder on 18/01/2008 for credit of maturity proceed to bank of baroda ranchi branch acc. number 00170100009789 in my favour and cheque for the same be sent C/o Mr Gokul Mitra, M/S Rupa agencies Ranchi 834002 but till date i have neither recieved the same nor any communication from career agent branch.

    Reference : Career agent branch acknowledgement number mty/dr/3510 dated 14/11/07

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  • Ve
    venkatesha prasad Apr 29, 2008

    I am a policy holder in lic and i hold four policies. last year i was working in shivamogga and gave a policy to money plus (n0.625545078), aggreeing to half yearly premium of 5000 rs. Now i am transfered to bangalore, and on 28/4/08 i went to St.Marks road branch to pay the premium in one of the counters on the first floor. But, the lady on the counter, rejected to accept the premium, saying that should be paid only in the concerned branch. when i asked for the reason, she refused to talk anything else, and repeating her advice to contact the concerned branch. In front of other policy holders she created a nasty 'scence' through her beauracratic way of dealing with the issue. This hurted me a lot and i have lost the regards i had for lic.

    In the earlier complaint sent i had just sent, there was a spelling mistake for 'transfered' (transformed). So i am sending a corrected mail.

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  • Ma
    mangilal gore May 11, 2008

    last two statement not received(01.09.2007 to 31032008) pl.send me.thank you

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  • Si
    sivanantham May 27, 2008

    Dear Sir,

    sub:Policy no:115382717 of k.sivanantham
    Ref: First Premium receipt no:0147822 dt.07/03/08
    Branch Office Code:310, Janpath, New Delhi.

    With refernce to the above, I wish to inform you the following:
    1. My name is mentioned in the receipt K.Sivantham instead of K.Sivanantham.
    2.I yet to receive my Policy.

    Sir, already I sent one letter to the above office in respect of the above discrepancies but they not responded to my letter.

    Once again I request you to take up the matter with concerned officials and arrange to send my policy in the name K.Sivanantham.If not possible kindly cancel the above Policy and refund my premium amount immediately.

    I am very much regeret for your inefficency service.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,


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  • Ro
    Roshan Mendonca Jun 30, 2008

    To: LIC/Branch Manager,

    This is with reference to you email; I was ironically confused reading the reply sent by your branch manager. I would like to inform you that I had received an intimation for other six policies 902599989/99993/99995/99996/9999/902600001 and intimation for 902599991 was not been sent. Can I know the reason why I was not sent intimation for that as I received for the rest? Moreover as a branch manager it should be your duty and responsibility to look into the matter rather than giving an stupid answer act of courtesy and non-receipt of the same cannot be cited as a reason for non-payment of premium in time. It’s a busy world and each and every individual as a busy schedule so it’s not possible for everyone to keep a track of a particular thing. As a branch manager it should be your responsibility to care for your customers and can you please express how as a branch manager you show your responsibility of caring in this matter. With more Insurance companies entering India every day I am sure this attitude of yours will make a bad impression of LIC in the minds of the people.

    LIC: Can you please waive off the late fee and interest and send me the needed amount I need to pay, I will make the payment with immediate effect as incase you see my previous records with policy numbers 902599989/99993/99995/99996/9999/902600001 payments are made on time.

    Branch Manager: I would request you to be more appropriate to your job and learn some customer satisfaction skills and learn to deal to deal with your customers for which you are being appointed rather than giving such foolish replies.


    Roshan Mendonca

    This message (including any attachments) is confidential and intended only for the addressee named above. If you are not the addressee you may not copy, forward, disclose or use any part of it. If you have received this message by mistake please notify the sender by return e-mail and delete this message from your system. Any unauthorized use or dissemination of this message in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. Internet communications cannot be guaranteed to be timely, secure, error or virus-free. The sender does not accept liability for any errors or omissions.

    --- On Mon, 6/30/08, BO_921 <[email protected]> wrote:

    From: BO_921 <[email protected]>
    Subject: Your Pol. No.902599991
    To: [email protected]
    Date: Monday, June 30, 2008, 9:34 AM

    With reference to your mail, we have to state that the premium intimationis sent as an act of courtesy and non-receipt of the same cannot be citedas a reason for non-payment of premium in time. We are arranging to send you the revival quotation by post. Kindly arrange to comply with the requirements as per the quotation to enable us to revive your policy. BRANCH MANAGERBR.921"The information contained in this electronic message and any attachments to this message are intended for exclusive use of the addressee(s) and may contain confidential or privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender at LIC OF INDIA or [email protected] immediately and destroy all copies of this message and any attachments. The views expressed in this E-mail message / Attachments, are those of the individual sender."

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  • La
    Laxman Aug 22, 2008

    Dear Sir,

    Plz. send the statement.

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  • Kv
    K V RAVINDRA CHOUDARI Sep 30, 2008

    I am an agent in Hosur(tamilnadu) branch. I made two policies of New bima gold & Market plus-1 in the begining of the august. But the policy holders still didn't recieve the BOND for these policies. I have enquired in the branch office, where I didn't get any response.They are saying that bonds will come in next week . This is the answer i am getting every time.For earlier policies also i have quaralled with the office assistant.This problem is keep on repeating.I am not able to answer the policy holders. PLZ TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION ON THIS OTHER WISE I WILL SEND SAME COMPLAINT TO IRDA FOR FURTHER ACTION.

    K.V.Ravindra choudari

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  • An
    Anil K. Deshpande Oct 07, 2008

    One of my my friend based at Pune- Maharashtra, was working as LIC agent since last 6 months. Looking into speed of the progress registered by Private Life Insu. Companies, my friend resigned from LIC Agentship [ Resignation submitted to LIC Office Pune, stting the reason that she want to prosper with other Private Life Insu. Company. This new company suggested to bring NOC [ No Objection Certificate ] from LIC, Pune. When my friend approached LIC, Pune office and applied for NOC, she was orally replied that such an NOC can not be given and given one reply in writing that her resignation has been forwarded to Head Office of LIC of India, asked her in the same letter, why she want to resign form LIC Agent responsibility? To this, she once again replied the same answer. But till today she could not get NOC from LIC Office, Pune. This has stopped her from depositing new business for the New Private Life Insu. Company for which she is interested to build her career. Pl. suggest the proper guidelines and channels and procedure to obtain such NOC from LIC of India, Pune office. This is I think attack on our Fundamental Right offered to us. Can't somebody change the organisation for his convenience? I look forward for your help in this regard.

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  • Ka
    Kaushal Kishor Jan 17, 2009

    I want to pay premium online but my policy 464418097 is not displaying in pay premium online hyperlink 10 days back i had given complain but still it is not showing

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  • Ra
    Ranjit Kumar Padhi May 26, 2009

    I am working as a LIC agent code No.0215458c, under DO code 1280057 and branch code: 58C. I want a No Objection certificate from LIC for which I have applied through the DO to the Branch office but the DO and branch manager both unnecessarily making me to run here and there.
    I want this Urgent for my livelihood. I have no other source for earning so I need No objection for working under some other finance company.
    Any how we are working in India LIC is a very big company and if I will resign LIC is not going to loose any thing.So please advise the Branch Manager, Branch Code: 58C for Issuing Immediately my No Objection Certificate. Expecting an early positive result. My Phone No: 09437647478.

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  • Sh
    shelaj shrma Jul 31, 2009

    my pan card has not resiva my pan card namber cfmp32586g my nam is shelaj sharma

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  • Sh
    SHELAJ SHARMA Aug 01, 2009

    my pan card not recive my pan card no.CFMPS2586G my name is SHELAJ SHARMA

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  • Ch
    CHARANJEET KAUR Sep 13, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    I am a insurance advisor with TATA AIG LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY LTD. at Ludhiana branch pakhowal road. I am willing to switch to other compny but concern authority is not sending N.O.C letter. I have already submitted resignation letter to the company. and have been waiting for my N.O.C. kindly suggest me how to get N.O.C as soon as possible.

    Charanjeet Kaur
    Advisor Code 4152470
    Licence No 1534115

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  • Pr
    PRAWIN Sep 20, 2009

    I am a client of LIC market plus.It was said in premium receipt that units alloted would be intimated saperately, but I have not got any information regarding allotment of units since opening of policy.I
    submitted applications in written to send my account status on my e mail id, but no action was taken
    yet.I also requested to send me customer id to see my account status, but no action was taken
    yet.Details of my policies are given below:-
    1.MARKET PLUS-POLICY NO.537329017, Premium Rs.20000, AGENT-05657531, DO-000086
    2.MARKET PLUS-POLICY NO.537016982, Premium Rs.10000, AGENT-00856515, DO-0000962
    3.LIFE INSURANCE-POLICY NO.535351819, Premium Rs.1128/half yearly, AGENT-00856515, DO-0000962
    4.LIFE INSURANCE-POLICY NO.535932868, Premium Rs.5147, AGENT-00856515, DO-0000962
    E-Mail [email protected]

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  • Ra
    Ram Babu Sah Sep 29, 2009

    It is very regret to say that your LIC Branch, Chakradharpur, West Singhbhum is no smooth functioning & giving the service to your insured customers, so called bad name of LIC branch, Chakradharpur.
    I the undersigned has gone to said branch for releasing of Policy Bond, but it is my unfortunate that the dealer Mr. JUNAS abscond himself since 12.30 hrs to 15.30 hrs. I asked some lady staff who is available there, she told that now lunch time he will come back 14.00 hrs. but 2 hrs. has gone Mr. JUNAS didn't come on his seat at 15.30 hrs., Then I approached to your Branch Manager & Asstt. Branch Manager they said he will come after lunch. I astonished that what is lunch time 2 or 3 hrs. ABM & BM's behaviour is also not good. 1.00 hrs. to 3.00 hrs some 6 staff are playing Carom, but they did not work on his seat.
    Tow deposit counter is available but no cash checking & counting machine available, so lot of time taken by cashier. One agent taken lot of renewal premium in one slip and stand on queue so needy policy holder get too much inconvenient in queue for depositing renewal premium. I also suggest you kindly open one extra counter for insured policy holder customer.
    Therefore, I approached to your kind honour kindly surprised check and visit the Chakradharpur, Branch whose time-table of office hour is not maintained by your staff and take Disciplinary action against him. Otherwise called bad name of LIC, Chakradharpur Branch due to miscreant/misbehave by LIC staff.
    Your remedial action is highly solicited.
    Thanking you in anticipation,
    Yours faithfully,
    (R.B. Sah)
    Qr. No. H-20/5
    Chakradhapur In front of Rly. Hospital
    Dt: 27/09/2009 Chakradhapur
    West Singhbhum
    Mob: 9430391873

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  • Ad
    Address Change Dec 18, 2009

    I am a LIC Policy holder (Policy no: 776371191, 775564165) registered at the Ottaplam Branch-775) i would like to inform you add my full address in your system.

    Presently System Address:-

    1. Policy No: 775564165
    Branch-Ottapalam Branch-775
    Name of the Nominee/Assignee

    Presently System Address:-

    2. Policy No: 776371191
    Branch-Ottapalam Branch-775
    Name of the Nominee/Assignee

    please correction both policy number's address & nominee name:-
    1. 775564165 - Nominee: PRABHAKARAN NAIR
    2. 776371191- Nominee: PARUKUTTY AMMA


    Kindly look into the matter please correction my address & nominee name and after reply to me this mail id:[email protected], [email protected]

    Best Regards,
    Balasubrahmanian v.k

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  • Gk
    gKUMAR9999 Mar 08, 2010

    lic agents are simply cheating common people by offering big benefits and returns.
    i have two ulip policies, now i am a big looser, i beleive the agent and never told me about charges of ulip, as i understand ulip is a big cheating, other policies are far better than ulips. agent told me only to pay three years, now saying i have to pay five years to get anything, this is also cheating, after five years no guarantee, if market come down i have to suicide no other way. LIC IS MOTHER ###ER

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  • Ja
    Jaimin.Patel Mar 22, 2010

    Dear Sir,
    I was taken 03 nos. Policy of LIC in last week of Aug-09, I received bond
    of one policy in after three months, balance i received after 6 months ( I
    think this much times not required for bond print out because I also have
    other company polices. and they give to me within Max. in 2 months),
    Notable thing is They print Jivan sathi bond on Printed on jivan mitra
    paper, I felt very surprised when i received paper.
    I give bond back to agent but after that i not receive till date. (what is
    going on?)
    I called to customer care also but they always busy, I putted Two times
    complain also but no one reply me or not send me bond. i have no any
    options without send mail to you.

    My Policy no. are :-

    A - 124411066
    B - 124411067
    C - 124411068

    I send you that complain also, Please find enclosed,

    (See attached file: Downloaded file for check-23709611032010.pdf_.pdf)(See
    attached file: complaint for bonds-11-03-2010.doc)

    Please Please sir, do need help for me to get bond.

    I have one other policy also which was taken on 31 Dec 2009, i also not get
    this policy bond.

    Policy no is

    D - 125333149

    I m regular customer of LIC, so please sir ...

    I waiting your reply,

    With regards,

    Your Sincerely,
    Mr. Jaimin Patel

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  • Ra
    Ranaj hajarika Mar 29, 2010

    my name is ranaj hazarika .my LICpolicy of commencement 27.3.2006 i should get my money back in month

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  • Ma
    Maac Mar 29, 2010

    LIC employees or Manager who should work towards customer service to general public, have transfomred as a medium of gundas no sense of ethics...they promise you a housing loan then rejects it with improper reasons. Do not provide controll number if asked to produce credit check above all takes full processing fee even without sanctioning. Above all threatans customers saying that are government...they should realise they are providing service to govt rather govt themself. Totally not acceptable i will never in my life has any transaction with LIC in any way.

    Somebody has to take srtict actions on these employees...maily ib branches in Veleachery and utmost in Annanagar housing finance LTD.


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  • Ch
    chauhan.ajay34 Apr 04, 2010

    dear sir,
    i had alredy a complaint to you about my father pension chaque has not received in last three moth of 2010. at least month of jan. or feb. we always recied thease pension cheque.
    i have alredy before two days have sent all details but i have not any answer to me.
    please sent me all details why are you hold thease chaque?
    details are :
    name: heera lal chauhan
    policy no: 1043
    annuity no.: M0102283
    adress: heera lal chauhan
    house no. 67/7, station road,
    sive nagar, Lakheri,
    distt. Bundi rajasthan
    pin code:323603
    mail id: [email protected]
    [email protected]

    please confirm.

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  • Um
    Uma Shanker Verma May 17, 2010

    Dear Sir,
    I "(policy No. 212355880 Plan 75-the money back policy-20years)" have paid premium regularly time to time as per policy Instruction. But My April, 2010 dues 2nd bonus to be not receive. til date.(17.05.2010).
    So, kindly arrange the Bonus with interest as per Law.
    Thanking You.

    Uma Shanker Verma
    Policy No.212355880.
    Lucknow. (UP)

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  • Ra
    Raghavendra Shayana.H Aug 22, 2010

    Dear Sir,

    This is to bring to your kind notice that, i have not received the cheque which is towards the Money Back policy-(693440632) after Completion of 5 years, kindly look into the same and do the needful.

    Kindly arrange to dispatch the cheque to the below address.

    Srinath H.Ramurs
    #9 Vatsala 4th Main Nataraja Layout
    Brigade Millennium
    JP Nagar 7th Phase

    Please find enclosed the Bank Account Number(02401560635160) for your reference.

    I have sent a email to Visakhapatnam Branch ([email protected])on 12/8/2010, but no response, Kindly look into the same and do the needful.

    Raghavendra Shayana.H

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  • Sh
    shubhendu kumar Sep 13, 2010

    sir, i used to work with tata aig life insurance pvt. limited as adviser at begusarai in bihar branch.i had given policies nd renewls but i didn't mostly commission by company.i want to take my all rest agency code is 1050021 nd branch code is BI-01. Shubhendu kumar

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  • Ta
    tarun1979 Oct 06, 2010

    This is not LIC of India's issue. Pan Card issues must be referred to IT department.

    LIC agent
    [email protected]

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  • Ab
    ABHI KAYARAT Oct 13, 2010

    I am Abhilash.K, Policy holder 775072727 of Ottapalam.My plan is 20year money back policy with profit.My 1st instalment is due in June 10. I was asked to come personally to their office, give them my account number which also i did, taking leave from my Btech studies. Also, I had given my granpa, who is at my home has been given a general authorisation letter to collect in the local post office. I was told that if I provide my bank account number, they will directly credit in my account, WHICH TILL DATE 13TH OCT 2010 has not been done . When my grandpa aged 83years, who has undergone recently a surgery had enquired yesterday over the phone, they are telling they will issue the cheque now.AGAIN SOME OTHER LAME EXCUSES ASLO THEY TOLD HIM. First these people should keep their words. They are supposed to do teh work porperly . Why so much delay are these people are taking ??


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  • Di
    DINESH sachdeva1 Dec 09, 2010


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  • La
    Lakshminarayanan.P Jan 21, 2011

    Sir-Policy No-712861370
    The above policy has fallen due for settlement of Surrender value and hence I went personally and handed over the forms along with the original and the respective forms to the concerned department.
    Subsequently I have received a letter from the concerned Branch(Koyambedu) asking me to submit the original again.
    Initially when I contacted them, they want me to come there personally with an acknowledgement.Since I showed my reservations in coming personally, they contacted me and informed the cheque is ready.
    here again I have clearly instructed them to credit my account giving full details of my bank account along with the cancelled cheque.
    Please note I had experiences of loss in transit and hence I avails this facility.
    May I kindly request you to kindly look the matter in details and ensure to credit my account on its due date with a copy of acknowledgement to this e-mail id.

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  • Vi
    vinay kumar nigam Jun 07, 2011

    I am a LIC Policy holder (Policy no: S380783896) registered at the LIC Branch KORBA OFFICE-1, KORBA(Dist), Chhattisgarh. I have paid the premium for the period of Aug 1987 to sep 2010.

    I am currently working in Korba and I have informed LIC office (Branch Office-1, korba) to have my premium deductions through my monthly salary (I have given this request at the time of obtaining this policy), but in these premium extra deductions of Rs. 57 are done in Aug 2007 to Sep 2010. Regarding these problem i have complaint in the branch office korba to administrative officer but he told me that no responsibility of the company for such type of problems and no steps have been taken in this regard till now.

    I feel very bad about the way in which such organizations are handling the customers.

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  • Ps
    p.salarpuria Jun 18, 2011

    policyt no 521710786

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  • Ra
    Ravi Shankar K Aug 09, 2011

    Dear Sir,
    I have surrendered my policy(No: 718229597) on 07/6/2011. I am yet to get a cheque on the same till date.

    I m regular customer of LIC, so please sir ...

    I waiting your reply,

    With regards,

    Your Sincerely,
    Ravi Shankar K

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  • St
    S TENDULKAR Apr 16, 2012

    I have 5 No. of policies . I apply for the lone 12 days are over still there is no loan cheques are given me. They wants more 4 days. Why?

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  • St
    S TENDULKAR Apr 16, 2012

    I have 5 No. of LIC policies. & apply for the loane still 12 days are over no loan is getting they wants 4 days more. ROHA Division Why?

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  • Mo
    MOHINDER KAUR Jul 26, 2016

    My husbands policy lic having no.S 471142109 and 471142338 my husbands name lt.Col. Mohan singh khaira lic branch unit iii ranjit avenue, my husbands death occured on 11.05.2007 all the documents were submitted but lic people want to know why i am appling late for the policy as i am not educated my son came from abroad and told me to get the money back we applied on 24.06.2011 but still the people are delaying the matter .Please help us out to get our money 100000 & 160000 for the above said policies.

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  • An
    Ankita Dubey Joshi Aug 16, 2018

    I had taken loan last year and LIC assured me to get the SUBSIDY of Pradhan mantri yojna scheme but after 1 year also there is no progress my other friends who had taken loan from other banks got their subsidy in 2 -3 months only And whenever I call the bank they don't give proper response also

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  • Sa
    sandip mitra Aug 29, 2018

    my home loan was took over by State Bank of India, alipurduar and total outstanding was paid on 17.11.2017.but till date the sale deed not returned.

    Area office- siliguri, west bengal.

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  • Ar
    Arorasaab Sep 18, 2018

    Inspite of reduced home loan interest rates, lic hfl is not ready to reduce it according to market & charging unnecessary.

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