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Good evening,

I am writing this email to express my serious dissatisfaction with your LG fridge and your authorised repairers.

I purchased my fridge less than two and a half years ago for $2,700.00 plus delivery.

I live alone and as a result the fridge gets minimal use and is in as brand new condition as it can get.

On Thursday last week the fridge stopped working.

My issues are as follows:

Your authorised service agent initially advised I should look to replace the fridge because it was outside the two year warranty.

When I refused on the basis of that I cant afford to replace a $3,000 fridge every two and a half years they then decided that, at that cost maybe its worth looking at repairing it.

I provided all the details they requested and then 24 hours later they requested a photograph of the model number. Simply because they couldn’t read an email properly.

Once they apologised they still could not assign a technician to just inspect it and get a diagnosis.

Fortnuately there is a second authorised repairer and they will be attending albeit at significant cost.

Notwithstanding this I consider that under the ACCC laws that your company is required to either repair the fridge for free or replace it at no cost because in this instance. Under those laws the product fails because it has not proved to be of acceptable quality and for a $3000 fridge freezer less than 2.5years this is not considered to be a reasonable life.

I am sure that you would agree with me and every other consumer that a 2.5 year lifespan for a fridge is not a reasonable life particularly given the immaculate way I have maintained and used the appliance.

This fact is supported by ABC News on where by they advise the lifespan of a fridge is generally between 6 and 13 years dependant upon price. I am sure, we agree that your product I purchased should be expected to be very much closer to 13 years than 6.

Further Choice magazine reported that 6 years should be the minimum amount of time you should expect trouble free operation of your fridge frezzer appliance regardless of the price or quality.

Samsung, your direct competitor have listed on their web site that consumers can expect between 10 to 15 years out of their fridges. This product I would consider to be directly comparable to yours.

As a final matter I have attached the ACL Guidance that clearly identifies you have a responsibility to repair my fridge at no cost to me or replace this item free. Notwithstanding the fact I have incurred significant personal cost already in terms food lost and the general cost and inconvenience of living without a fridge.

I have also attached a copy of proof of purchase to verify my statements as being true and correct.

I expect a reply to this email by 5:00 pm Wednesday 25/10/2023 so we can resolve this issue as soon as possible and I can have a fridge again.


Steve Dwyer

Note this format does not support the loading of ACL Guidance in PDF format but I am sure you are aware of it and give me an email address and I can provide a copy of it to you if you are not.

Desired outcome: Repair at no cost or replacemnt also at no cost.

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Mr. Helpful
Los Angeles, US
Nov 02, 2023 11:27 pm EDT

Hi Steve.

Without hearing back from you, we assume your issue has been resolved and you're enjoying your LG fridge.

Thank you so much!

Mr. Helpful
Los Angeles, US
Oct 29, 2023 2:01 am EDT

Hi Steve.

We're just following up with you.

Have you been taken care of to your satisfaction?

Many thanks.