Levin Furniture Complaints & Reviews

Levin Furniture / chair

Oct 08, 2019

Levin FurnitureBought a chair with a 5 yr multi item fabric warranty. Three years later the chair fabric is peeling off of the chair. Levin says the warranty won't cover it. They only cover stains or rips. I paid $59.99 for the warranty and it basically covers nothing and the chair is peeling everywhere...

Levin Furniture / sectional couch

Feb 05, 2019

Ordered my couch on 11/21/18, delivered on 1/12/19. When inspecting the couch had a big snag in the back of the couch. Tyler the delivery man immediately called levin's to tell them of the problem. He spoke with autumn, she said they would order the material and call us to pick up and fix...

Levin Furniture / brizas queen mattress

Aug 09, 2018

Levin FurnitureI ordered a Brizas Queen Mattress and Box Spring online from Levin on July 16th and scheduled the pick up for July 31st. My order number is 0716888ZSQQ. On July 30th, I called the store on Curry Hollow Road to make sure that I would be able to pick up the order on the 31st because I had to...

Levin Furniture / sofa

Jun 05, 2018

Levin FurnitureFor an entire month I had been trying to get an answer on what to do about my sofa that had an obvious defect in the material. It blistered up and then eventually tore apart. After several phone calls and emails with photos I was finally told that it is not covered under warranty and I...

Levin Furniture / delivery of sectional couch

May 10, 2018

I bought a 5 piece sectional couch from Levin on Saturday. My delivery was yesterday. Out of 5 pieces I ended up with 1. The furniture had big cuts in them! Never received a telephone call from customer service after rejecting the pieces. My daughter called salesperson and was told he...

Levin Furniture / sealy gel foam mattress

Jan 15, 2018

I purchased a Sealy upbeat memory foam mattress 3 weeks ago..The mattress is nothing like the mattress the salesperson had me lay on in the store. When I went to pick it up there was only one salesman working had a sling on his arm, said he couldn't help with the mattress... I am a 78 year...

Levin Furniture / service

Nov 04, 2017

Do not buy anything from this place. I ordered thousands of dollars worth of furniture only to have it messed up during two delivery attempts. Customer service was completely useless. I even went back into the store for assistance and because my sales man was not there, no one wanted to...

Levin Furniture / sofa and loveseat

Aug 10, 2017

we always with young kids got cheap furniture, so since the kids are older we decide to spend a little more. when we got the items we loved them but with in a few months the cushions fabric ripped thank god we have a insurance i called them they replaced them. Then i got sick and spent...

Levin Furniture / icon sofa purchased faulty furniture

Mar 22, 2017

I purchased furniture for my son as a wedding gift. It is a little over a year and the stuffing on the arm collapsed and the arm has a deformed shape. I called Levin twice with no satisfaction. My third call the manager gave me a number that was disconnected and the email that I left my...

Levin Furniture / delivery

Mar 18, 2017

I really think if the item is damaged when its being delivered your delivery people should have to bring back a non- damaged item the exact same day. I promise you less items would be damaged. Very bad experience with Levin furniture. Also the Pleasant Hills location needs some training on...

Levin Furniture / king size pp generate cf pillowtop mattress

Feb 28, 2017

Purchased a pp generate cf pillowtop king size mattress and I noticed in a few days that I was sleeping in a valley. And when I get up it stays there and doesnt come back. Its so bad that my head, back and legs are misaligned when I am laying on it. Their return policy is 20% and you can...

Levin Furniture / sectional

Feb 14, 2017

In November of 2015, we purchased a very nice and comfortable sectional with ottoman. Within one week, the ottoman broke and there was a tear on the seam to the "piano" end section of the couch. I called the service number and they came to fix it. A few months later, I noticed major...

Levin Furniture and Jonathon Louis / damaged / defective loveseat

Jan 19, 2017

Levin Furniture and Jonathon LouisI recently ordered 2 Love seats from Levin Furniture that were manufactured by Jonathon Louis. When we received them from Levin we did not open the packing. The love seats went to our vacation home. Upon unpacking we noticed huge difference between the 2 love seats. They looked like they...

Levin Furniture / box spring

Sep 09, 2016

I purchased 2 mattress sets and they were going to be delivered on a Saturday afternoon as I was moving into another house that day. Delivery came right in the middle with bed frames not even set up. Did not appreciate that at all. Delivery guys did not say I needed to try out beds before...

[Resolved] Levin Furniture / sealy pp generate mattress

Aug 02, 2016

I purchased a Sealy PP, Generate Plush, Queen Mattress and Box from the Levin Furniture Mt. Lebanon Store one week ago. Upon delivery conclusion, a strong, strong odor filled the room when the mattress plastic was removed. We aired out the mattress for 10 hours as instructed. This morning, we...

Levin Furniture / lift chair/recliner

Dec 22, 2015

My grandma bought a lift chair from levin's, she hasn't had the chair for a month and has had nothing but problems she told them to come and get it and she'd take a refund not only would they not do that they were very nasty to her, I guess that's how they thank their customers, they won't...

Levin Furniture / furniture falling apart

May 31, 2015

My wife and I have made two separate purchases at Levin over the last year and a half. The selection was nice and the price seemed reasonable. Their sales service was friendly and didn't perch over us as we looked around, but was very helpful when it came time to selecting everything...

Levin's furniture / poor customer after sale service

Mar 15, 2015

do not order any special order furniture from them! We ordered a recliner in a fabric different from what was stocked by them.. When it was delivered it appeared to be exactly as ordered. However after a few hours of sitting in the chair back pain starts. Everyone that has tried the chair...

Levin Furniture / bed bugs!

Oct 24, 2013

We always have kept a clean home, that is until we received a sofa and love seat we bought from Levin furniture . We are now infested with bed bugs, we have to hire a professional to eradicate these things . It didn't take long for these bugs to become a nuisance . The sofa and love...

Levin Furniture / the sales practices were unfair and deceptive, the furniture is absolute junk, and lavin refuses to honor its warrantee.


Levin FurnitureThe love seat we purchased from Lavin Furniture is the absolute worst quality I have ever seen. We were told that the frame was solid oak and had a life time warrantee. However, the entire frame appears to be made from cheep press board and designed very flimsily. It fell apart within...

Levin Furniture / not sanitizing merchandise


I feel it is time for people to know how Levin Furniture operates. I worked the company for 18 years. For 18 years not ONE piece of used or returned mattresses or furniture ( upholstery) has been sprayed with MICROBAN or tagged sanitized. It is legal to sell used merchandise with a...

Levin Furniture / fraudulent


Bought furniture Dec.28, 2008 - no payment/ interest for 2 yrs. Furniture not delivered until Jan.17, 2009. Have money taken out of paycheck for 2 yrs so I'm able to pay bill. Have balance IN FULL ready to go early Jan. Each bill for 2 years shows due date 28th of each month. Get bill...

Levin Furniture / they do not make good on their warranties


I bought a Sealy mattress from Levin in 2002. I am not very happy with them right now. Including the mattress I bought in 2002 they are going to replace my mattress for the fourth time. The name of the mattress I originally bought they discontinued selling.I guess because there were so...

Levin Furniture / the loveseat is delivered a month later and it breaks within 1 month


Ordered a couch and loveseat from Levin Furniture in Montrose (West Akron). Couch and loveseat were supposed to be delivered in 2 weeks. Delivery people arrived with only the couch. Said that the loveseat would be another MONTH. Called Levin, since I assumed this was a mixup. No call...

Levin Furniture / this is so frustraing that my 1 yr old couch looks 25+ years old


I purchased a sectional from Levin about a year ago and have had NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS since i purchased the sectional sofa. One month into having the sectional the cushions on the sofa were worn and looked like a 25+yr old worn couch. I called customer service, they scheduled a contractor...

Levin Furniture / this was the worst furniture buying experience and I have levin's to thank


I would like to discus my most recent and last purchase from Levin's. My complaints start with the delivery of my furniture. My delivery was scheduled for Saturday, 1-9-09, between 2 and 5. They arrived at 5:25 and because of their lack of experience in assembly they did not finish...

Levin Furniture / this is my first and last purchase at levin


Purchased a leather reclining loveseat in April 2009, have had service twice to remove the large staples that have worked their way out. Also have ripped fabric between the 2 sections caused by the mechanisms that cause the seats to recline. 6 months old and "Chuck" refuses to have it...

Levin Furniture / like I said, their company is a nightmare


This company is a nightmare. We purchased a sectional a year ago. Since week one with the furniture the cushions were already broke down, you can actually feel the springs under the cushions. To date we have had 6 replacements of cushions, every tech that comes says there is a problem. The...

Levin Furniture / the manager rude and does not care about customer service


DO NOT SHOP AT LEVIN FURNATURE! We bought two couches and a chair. We had to replace the couch TWICE because all the stitching was coming out.This was not a cheap couch we paid 1079.00 for it! They did not help us at all, once they get your money...forget about any kind of customer...

Levin Furniture / very disappointed in the service and quality of the furniture


On March 8, 2008 we purchased a dining room set from the Levin Furniture store at the Pointe in Robinson Township. The set was delivered on March 18, 2008. On March 21 we called customer service and requested that they fix or replace 2 of the 6 chairs that had cushioned seats that were...

Levin Furniture / furniture/mattress/service


I have no complaint with Levin Furniture. I have been a customer for years and all I can say is they take care of their customers. Yes, you may have a problem with your furniture or mattress but remember they don't make the furniture and that could happen no matter where you purchase...

Levin Furniture / bed bugs in [protected]@box spring


Levin Furniturewe got a new [protected]@box spring from levin furniture on 10-14-09 . one weekl later i was getting hives every night for three weeks . i looked at are new mattress @box spring that we paid over $1000.00 for and found out it was infested with bed bugs. @ the bed bugs got into everything and...

Levin Furniture / delivery guys are rude and obnoxious


The store salesman treated us with total and complete disrespect. We actually had to get the store manager to handle our purchase. The delivery was a train wreck. First, the delivery department sets up a time convenient for them-not for you. Part of our order was broken so only the sofa...

Levin Furniture / scam artists


Delivered a bedroom set with a split / cracked bed rail. And am I having issues. The delivery guys were nice, and called it in. This happened in January 2008. A new bed rail (and slats there were never sent) were to be delivered. Since mid-January 2008, I've visited the store twice, and...

Levin Furniture / do not deal with them


This company is a nightmare. We purchased a sectional a year ago. Since week one with the furniture the cushions were already broke down, you can actually feel the springs under the cushions. To date we have had 6 replacements of cushions, every tech that comes says there is a problem. The...

Levin Furniture / disappointing service


My husband and I purchased two couches from Levin just before Christmas of 2008. When we received the couches, we noticed very quickly that we were sinking into them an unusual amount. They were not the same quality as the showroom couches. After about a dozen phone calls, beginning in...