Letgoillegal items continuing to be sold on site

L Sep 02, 2018

For the last few months I've repeatedly tried to get someone to delete illegal baby cribs being sold, and I've been responded with a range from a half-hearted comment that they've deleted them to outright rudeness and lies on there not being any. This issue is an issue that is very close to heart to me for the exact reason one would think, and Im now at my angry point on it on my way to contact authorities. Im doing a last ditch effort to hopefully reach maybe one more person in the company and pray they have a heart or at least like to obey the law. Otherwise the authorities and my ability to write journalistically will have to do. Please look over the laws on drop side cribs and take care of the matter. They are illegal to sell, trade, donate, and give away in either part or whole as a crib, table, hat, or anything else for that matter. My info is not what I have interpreted the law to mean, but what the actual law says and means by the actual safety commission themselves. Good luck on the matter, and good luck on the pitiful employees I've encountered so far. I wouldn't trust them to take care of a goldfish, so hopefully they won't be the reason a baby has been harmed or worse by now.

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