Letgofake gold bracelet

C Aug 15, 2018

I contacted Beefy Forlife about a 24kt. Bracelet. I asked is it real solid gold. He assured me it was. I told him it was last $100 until next week. He told me he works with the FBI to protect military seniors from taking advantage of. He assured me again before the bracelet was real. I am a senior, lost my husband 6 yrs. ago. He was military. He was dishonest. I contacted him to return my money, the same day. He blocked me. He is a fraud, scammer and takes advantage of people. He needs to be stopped before he scam someone else. I need your help to have him return my money. It was on a Friday morning August 10th, at 12:10pm. I contacted him the same day after I discovered it was fake. I am on a fixed income and I need my money back.

Thank you


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