Leroy Merlinbedroom wardrobe

C Oct 02, 2019

I sent this to you months ago and had no response!

I order a made to measure wardrobe from the shop in the Center Commercial in Roquetas de Mar, Near Almaria, Spain. I gave accurate dimensions on a notated drawing. From this the staff member made a technical drawing from which to manufacture. They asked me to pay up front and said it would be ready in 10 days. That meant I would not be in Spain at that time so they said it would be no problem to store it until I returned. After a month I began to get emails asking me to collect it. Two things here. One, they did not take any notice of the fact that they were to store it until my return and kept sending me emails to collect it. Two, they were asking for money to deliver it which was not mentioned at the time of purchase. I had bought from Leroy Merlin before and there had been no charge for delivery. When I got back to Spain I went strait to the shop and complained about this but got nowhere and paid the 40 € charge. The wardrobe arrived sometime later very late in the day so the fitter I had could not help me fit it. I had little help getting it into my apartment. I struggled by myself but finally got it together. The dressing table top was short in length by the 100 mm that was the dimension of the column nib in the corner of the bedroom which I had marked on the drawing. Worst of all, I had two full size sheets of chip board left over which appeared to be for nowhere. I had paid for these. I when back to the shop and asked why I had got these. I was told that they were make up pieces to cover a small 50 mm gap around the top of the wardrobe. Apart from being totally necessary in the first place, these pieces where about a meter wide. And, if I had cut them down, which would have been ridiculous, one had two edges and could have been used twice. I asked the shop to collect them and reimburse me. They refused and asked me for 8 € to collect them and gave me 90 days to do this. I was leaving Spain the following day so this was impossible. I don't see why I should have to pay to get my money back for something that was sold unnecessarily in the first instance for which I had not knowingly asked for. As a side I wondered why they could collect for 8 € when they had took 40 € to deliver. It was the same journey.

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