Leon'sleon's furniture address: 1599 stone church road east, hamilton, on l8w 3p8

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I Farrukh Zaidi has bought household furniture from Leon's store (Hamilton-Ontario) in Late September 2016 on finance. In these item there there are 7 Rugs and other household items. When I bought Rugs, it was written that each Rug is 11feet by 8feet. I am a very busy man and couldn't get time to actually open and place the Rugs where they supposed to go But when I placed them then I noticed that they are short as they supposed to cover my area of room as I measured the room before I bought them. Then I measured each of them and what I noticed is that out of 7 rugs 6 rugs are short 5 to 6inch in length and also 5 to 6 inch short in width. They supposed to be 11feet by 8feet BUT they are 10.7feet by 7.7feet. Then I called Leon store and told them they said that they will send technician to confirm and when engineer came he also noticed the same and agreed with me and wrote his details in his papers. Then after two weeks I called Leon store that what happened to my complain as what I said is right and I have been told by the manager that they can't do anything because now its too late. Please how comes its possible that I am late even this is a manufacturing fault as the rugs are not of the size as described. Please do some thing as this is a manufacturing fault NOT what I did.

XAVIER is the manager who was dealing with my case.

Thank you

Farrukh Zaidi
914-Mohawk Road East
L8T 2R8


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      Nov 15, 2019

    Farrukh Zaidi
    Seems you are unhappy with every one you dealing with. I saw few other reviews you posted and all are negative. These people work hard to their job. All those reviews are matter for them. Parkway Nissan of Stoney Creek is a great company but had issue tooo. I saw you have issue with Leons too...

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