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LensCraftersfraud and cheating


LensCrafters sucks----that is the lesson to be learned here. My husband has been working for LensCrafters for a long time and keeps getting the shaft for various reasons.

Let's talk about paid-time off. It's September and I took a week off in the earlier part of the year. I wished to take a PTO day last week due to inclement weather that passed through town and closed the whole city down. In fact, everyone put in for a PTO day. When I got my check, it was short by a day. So was everyone else's. The company claims that nobody can take a PTO day until it is earned. This is interesting because this policy changed sometime over the last two years, but the company failed to send out a memo or anything. Evidently, everyone in the company was raising hell, and the company HR reps basically said, 'too bad.' So, at the end of the year, when the busiest season rolls around, guess what? All of the LensCrafters employees will be on vacation because they have EARNED IT BY THEN. Ha ha. This company sucks. I've never heard of such a thing. If you have 80 hours of PTO, you have 80 hours! No ifs ands or buts!
What a joke.

On top of that, the company keeps laying off people because it says they are in financial troubles, but the company execs are still flying high in their company jets and are partying like rock stars. Meanwhile, hard working employees like myself have fought tooth and nail to get a decent pay raise. In fact, last year they gave me less than a TEN CENT pay raise. What an insult. If I wasn't in school right now, I'd quit. Pathetic.


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    rebeca Jan 24, 2009

    i used to work for lenscrafters also, and have 2 lawsuits against them. as a manager they would have me not take a lunch or a 15 min lunch and i was hourly. thy alwaya tried to pull some sort of BS with PTO also. I now need my medical records, as i am having problems woth my eyes. my last exam was 3 yrs ago with them before i left... THey can't find my chart. it has been over a month and a half and the company the send them to can't find it. THey keep giving me the run around and i informed the new manager the law, they had 15 days to give it to me... as well as the were supposed to keep the records at the store for 3 yrs they sent them in yearly. I tell everyone i know how they charge so much and don't really give what they say they are. exployees work to sell you more so the can make more money. even if you don't need it.

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    Carlton Jan 31, 2009

    WOW, Where do I start!?!
    "If " you were a manager, you would have been a salaried position not hourly and IF you were the manager on duty...then take your lunch ###.

    Your GM could have entered your PTO in error or just forgottren to enter it and it would not have been in the system .

    If you worked for LensCrafeters then you know the importance of getting your eyes examined once a year to diagnose issues with vision as well as circulatory, diabetes, and stroke. LensCrafters does not "send your medical records to an outside organization". They stay at the doctors office, only your employment records stay at the store and that is if there were no disiplinary action against you. HR would then need all those documents at home office.

    Since you are so proficient in the law you should make a good living as a lawyer, but then you would have to learn how to spell and use grammer.

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    Stephen Mar 17, 2009

    Why in the hell did you allow them to manipulate you like that. I thought managers are paid salary although I guess nowadays you can choose whether to get paid hourly..but I haven`t heard of that before. I guess in US you earn your paid time off only when you show up for work. This is so with hospitals too. It accumulates until you need them. Now I am not sure if you also use your paid time off for sick days because if you do then it really sucks. Carlton you are racist!! Just because the person can`t spell right that gives you the right to mock the person. I think you yourself is a loser and pathetic.

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    Stephen Mar 17, 2009

    This is in response to Kevin..there is no such thing as real holidays. Your PTO is something you earn when you show up for work. You acrue those when you are actually working. When you are sick and when you are sent home because of the weather you lose one day of income. That`s why you wonder why you are missing one day of work. You won`t miss it if you tell them right away that you want to use one day of PTO. I am sure that`s how it works. There are so many duplications in the management. There is the regional manager, the general manager, the sales manager and the store manager. What the hell is that for. One store has atleast 3 managers. And guess what these managers are bullies. They are manipulative. They hire anyone and teach them to bully opticians. These managers don`t promote people inside but instead they hire from the outside. The Staffs are treated so badly. When they start talking they are threatened not to cross them. Is the whistle blower ever exist in this industry. It should. It is a law otherwise they will also promote harassment in any form. Why isn`t there any Staff reporting this to human rights commission. I guess my suggestion is: form a union. That is only your protection! Lenscrafters is a big company already...Why are people afraid to form a UNION...3b9fo

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    wizkidmom Apr 28, 2009

    Uh, Carlton, if you are going to attack someone for their spelling and grammar mistakes, perhaps you should learn to spell first [censored]

    G R A M M A R

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    ThatsRight May 10, 2009

    Hello fellow employees or by the time you read this my fellow ex employees. My GM told me today (in all confidence) that we will soon be told to look for a job. Not just me but all retail associates in the store. This is not her/his doing and to the best of my knowledge no one in my store received a low rating.

    We are a $2, 000, 000 plus store that grew at the rate of over 20% for at least 5 years. Well that growth came to an end. We employees are going to bear the brunt of the “fix” the “fix” is not here yet but it is on the way.

    We will be called in one by one and told to find a new job. To encourage us in that direction our hours will be cut from week to week. This will continue until we reach zero hours. Meanwhile new hires presumably young people with little to no optical experience will be brought in to replace us. I am not going to train them are you?

    This in my GM’s opinion will allow Lenscrafters to hire for very little $$ and not have to pay benefits.

    In addition in most states as you left the job instead of being laid off or terminated they will not even have to pay unemployment compensation.

    When this happens to you request everything in writing including all of your reviews. Ask them for a letter of recommendation. Got performance records? You in the top ten percent in the region for months at a time like most of the people in my store. Request those performance records too. **** Right after you hire an attorney. ***** I repeat **** Hire an attorney. ***** I was at one time listed as being in the top ten percent in two stores at the same time in the same month. Yet I am scheduled to feel the axe. Not bragging but if it happens at my store no one is safe.

    If you read this pass it on to everyone you work with.

    Frankly I would not be so pissed if Lenscrafters would as they say in Texas, “Cowboy Up” and let us go with a shred of dignity by allowing us unemployment benefits.

    It mystifies me how they want to do away with the people that make them the money. You hire someone off the street and how long will it take to get them up to speed? I know some people that have been with OTHER firms for years that cannot put a screw into a spring temple. There is a reason that it takes so long to become licensed. I am proud of the people I work with at Lenscrafters. They are as a whole much more intelligent than any other group I have been associated with. Wish I could say the same about upper management.

    To the major shareholders of Luxottica sorry $10, 000 does not buy as much fuel for your boats and jets as it did a few years ago. SUCK IT UP!

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    Joshua May 18, 2009

    As for pto and having to earn it - I hate to tell u - it was in memo form
    As well as ALL over lux link !! did u ever look ?
    Everything that is company wide will be there - now if u r one of those that needs a baby sitter and to be sat down and explained changes - that is another thing
    As for NOT having it to use - many moons ago it did change to the accrual system with a policy saying you can at any time be 80 hrs in the hole - also that u can roll over up to 40 hrs from the prior yr - so based on that - DAM - u must always be out or always on vacation . ESP if u have been there for a long time as u state.

    As for Lenscrafters execs - they do NOT fly on private jets !!
    If u knew anything - u would know this . Now lux execs may be differant however I am sure u r not talking about delceccio or his kids as well as lux higher ups - u said Lenscrafters folks and they do fly commerical

    I know it sounds better when folks say "oh on their own jets " but this is so far from the truth

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    sigmaguybass May 25, 2009

    ZOMG, you must be a noob. The Company has NOT laid anyone off of work. Now they just dont give you a raise for poor performance! <which is GREAT>, they take some away because you are NOT performing at a consistent level.
    PTO is EARNED. LRN2 Read the Handbook you sign at the begining of your employment. I have worked for Lenscrafters for 9.5 years and have seen the sucess you can get from what YOU put in.

    Don't blame the company for your short fallings or your not following up on YOUR PTO. Lrn2 Luxlink, all associates have the info to get onto it. Lrn2 read new policies and procedures. Any questions Talk with your GM or other Leadership team Members.

    We cant read minds, if you have a question Ask it! No such thing as a Stupid Question or Stupid Answer. You have to communicate with us as in turn, we have to communicate with you.

    ~sigmaguybass ~

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    parmac Jun 18, 2009

    If Luxotica would treat their employees right and not as a disposeable person, no one would ever leave. While they do have great benefits, being treated with respect also goes a long way. I have worked at lenscrafters for 5yrs. and still cannot belive how they treat their employees. If they want to get rid of you they either transfer you to another location or start finding fault with your performance. Stop hiring people off the street & getting rid of the people who know what they are doing just to pay a lower wage. Some of you will say if you don't like it find another job, unfortunately in this economy now is not the time to try to find another job. Lenscrafters could be a great place to work but the stress they put us under gets worse every day. They have raised the price of glasses so much that they have now driven away the loyal customers. All we hear is "you are to high & I'm going somewhere else". I am supposed to sell them 2 pr of glasses( which can at times total up to $1, 000 sometimes even after insurance ) with a smile on my face. People are losing their jobs & homes and don't have this kind of money. So how does LUX respond, they reduce our frame selection and leave us with crappy frames we can't sell or put a prog in( unless it's a short fit) yet they push the AVP. Bring back some decent frames and lower your prices & then maybe we could sell more glasses. Stop blaming our performance and do the right thing, TAKE RESPONSIBILTY FOR YOU ACTIONS!!

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    mindwise Jul 26, 2009

    I am currently working at a Lenscrafters and its true, it sucks more and more everyday...and fyi not all Mangers are saleried, I am hourly so check your facts.

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    pugy Nov 09, 2009

    iv worked for lc for 10 years my lab manager has had complaints on top of complaints about her being so LAZY nothing has ever been documented she goes out of her way to find something wrong with everything i touch she has managed to take 5% of my pay away when there is a problem with anything she does witch is a lot im to mind my on bisiness and NOTHING has ever been done im ready to file a law suit if im going to loose my job i want her to at least have some problem ANYTHING

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    EyeSeeClearly Apr 06, 2010

    Some of these comments are just a waste of space.. seriously. I think the answer is clear here, they are not managers in the system, they are disgruntled associates that should have never been hired. Thank god for a company that took away the 401K match, and left 5000 people employed in an economy where people are losing their jobs left and right!
    Lux still held its foundation One Sight ( the donation of 1M pairs of eye wear, and 40 people 6 times a year deployed to foreign countries to help the world see) Damn! The nerve right?

    Thank GOD you no longer work for us.. You'd never survive in the new culture anyway. You may have heard about it? Its a Culture of ACCOUNTABILITY.

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    Rozlyn Castallano Jul 24, 2011

    EyeSeeClearly, If you aren't the biggest suck up then you should be. Lux took away the 401 because they didn't wan't to pay it out in an effort to show a profit and this came right from the GM of Pearle Vision Seth Mcglocklin, maybe you heard of Pearle Vision the company that Lux bought out and is selling little by little, As for you telling someone Thank God you no longer work for us? what are you part of Management? Do you own a piece of the stock? Your the biggest loser i can't see what you post when they can your ### you idiot...

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    Law124 Apr 25, 2013

    I worked at LensCrafters and I was treat horribly. I was a supervisor they gave me a sucky schedule always called out. Then when I quit the gm did not even talk to me or respond to my letter of resignation

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    MzAzure Jun 26, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Here we go folks... For those of you who think it is so easy to have HR policy actually enforced in a franchise retail location, you are obviously, out of touch with the real boots on the ground. When did you last make less than $50k, if you get commission and overtime, with an understanding boss. If you were really lucky, while being paid that rate, you possibly worked in a state that protects employees. HR is never there to help the employee, it is a concept and practice to limit the financial and public relations liability that could be caused by a middle manager or above, who are usually out of touch. I would rather spend my money (which is considerable for my vision needs) at Costco because they actually have a great pay policy and benefits plan, employees can unionize if they choose, they are paid above the living wage rate, oh, and they will fix your glasses for life. If companies naturally behaved and responded in a reasonable manner (rather than always valuing the immediate profit incentives, ) HR and Unions would not be needed. People make the difference, even when the company is rightfully in need of protection. Point is, the majority of these poorly crafted, unprofessional, and rude/insulting/demeaning opinions on how managers get paid or not, and the conditions that the original poster expressed; show how white and entitled you are. I pray you never have to worry about your work situation, or being mistreated by a person with power over you. Karma, she is a pip, and you will probably be abandoned in an extremely economical nursing homes, taken care of by people who are paid a fraction of what you probably tip on a 30 dollar check. It will irk you to your end, hopefully, they have plenty of porridge and wire hangers, so they can remind you that having all the money in the world means nothing. Hopefully they have a hang up, like you, about people who don't know how the REAL real world works. All the 401k's and stocks in the world, will have no power, when your ungrateful children have power of attorney over you. You will also be considered a sidelined invalid, who was stupid enough to not plan for long term care, or was ever compassionate or considerate to another human being. I have been a unique and ground breaking case for my Doctor of Ophthalmology. While he is very wealthy from his excellent work on me as a child, for the following 19 years and my results, as well as the rest of his hard work for his patients, I would pay what ever it took to see him. I will never spend another dollar with LensCrafters, especially seeing the responses from these obviously cowardly managers.

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