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Legalzoom / registered agent fee

Shanna Diep on Nov 10, 2017

LegalZoom has fraudulently charged my closed about a $160 Registered Agent fee that I have never agreed to. When I called them to remove the services I was told I was added by default because I didn't sign up for a registered agent. Becuasr they were trying to charge a closed account, they...

Legalzoom / registered agent scam; registered agent fees - unauthorized charges

Juan78 on Oct 21, 2017

I incorporated my company on 2012, legalzoom without my authorization charged me $159 for registered agent fees on 2012, after this charged I let my cc know that I do not authorize any other charges from legalzoom. I never heard from them since, now, we are in 2017 and they want me to pay...

Legalzoom / registered agent

Tanya Jayakom on Apr 14, 2017

LegalZoom just charged me $249 on 4/8/17!!! And before that $159 in 2016 and 2015!! I called them today and they said "I CAN'T CANCEL THIS SERVICE" I told them I filed final tax return already and no longer in business. They said they still see ACTIVE status on their end so I can't cancel...

Legalzoom / Registered Agent Services

ctopherc on Feb 7, 2016

I formed an LLC in Arkansas five years ago, and used LegalZoom. Like others, I was caught unaware by the $159/yr registered agent fee, but that's on me for not reading the fine print. Business practices like subtle costs and mandatory auto-deduct do take away from the credibility of the...

Legalzoom / Unauthorized recurrent CC charges

VolodimirCB on Nov 30, 2015

Well, 4 years ago I helped a friend of mine to open an Non-profit organization with LegalZoom. Since she didn't have a credit card, I provided it for her for one-time payment only. Now to my amusement, LegalZoom illegally stored my credit card info and charged me every year $159 for...

Legal Zoom / Rude and gave no advice

MrsHellbilly on Mar 4, 2015

I fills out the online form to have an attorney contact me in my area. I set up an appointment time in the morning to have an attorney call me and they called me an hour later than my scheduled time. I was told that an attorney couldn't call me until later that afternoon, when the...

Legalzoom / Failure to comply with there own return policy and lying.

Douglas Ecklund on Nov 22, 2014

LegalZoom associates did not follow my instructions when filing for a LLC. I call and asked several times that I wanted the LLC to start on January 1st. and how I should set it up. They said fill out online application and someone will contact us. I filled out online application and...

Legalzoom / Unauthorized Charges

unhappyzoomer on Jun 23, 2014

Same here! They ran this garbage on me too! I guess this is regular practice. I would recommend anyone to do it themselves. It cot $25 in my state of NJ and not the $300 they charge per year to just forward you emails about when your taxes are due or that it is time to renew with them and...

Legalzoom / Scam

adamelio on Apr 30, 2014

LegalZoom was the opposite of helpful. I signed up with them to start a sole proprietorship - even had multiple conversations with customer service agents who set my account up with what I was told would be necessary for my business to be up and running. Two months and $165 later, they...

LegalZoom / Registered Agent / Unauthorized Charges to My CC

Shortyinc on Mar 28, 2014

Registered Agent "service" is a scam from Legal Zoom. they made has made an unauthorized charge to my bank account for $159. They sold me a service for which I agreed to pay a stated price. You authorize Legal Zoom to debit your bank account for installments to cover the service you are...

Legal Zoom/Business Advantage / Recurring membership that I did not sign up for other than the trial period

dubon on Feb 20, 2014

I CANNOT BELEIVE THE LENGTH OF TIME LEGAL ZOOM HAS BEEN ROBBING ME OF $7.99 PER MONTH SINCE JULY 2011 TILL NOW FEB 2013. I incorporated my business in July of 2011 and purchased their corporation package which apparently at the same time, I signed up for a "Business Advantage" 30 day...

Legal Zoom / Didnt do the work and Over billing

JAMIEA7G on Jan 23, 2014

We attempted to use Legal Zoom to get the DBA and other minor business issues dealt with in a timely manner. It has now been over a year, and they have not completed anything at all. Furthermore, I paid them up front a one time fee of $99.95 to do all of the work that I requested, they...

Legalzoom / Compliment of Professional Services

NavVet3 on Oct 11, 2013

I would like to compliment Legalzoom for providing efficient, accurate and professional services in a timely manner. I applied to form an LLC, submitted all of my information, paid the reasonable fee for this service. Within approximately 4 weeks (that was because they handled all of the...

Legalzoom LLC Package / Nonexistent service

Otto B. on Aug 25, 2013

5 days ago, I used legalzoom to set up my LLC. After I placed my order, I got to a confirmation page which I saved. I guess this was a good move, because I never received the confirmation email from them, promised to be sent "shortly". Since I never got the email, I tried checking my order...

Legal Zoom / Complete misrepresentation of charges to my account

Eryan on Apr 15, 2013

Hello, I have logged onto my Legal zoom account and see that I somehow owe money? I paid a fee (rather large one at that) in full to your company for a service. Then I was charged an additional $159.00 that I was not made aware would be charged to my account. I let it go thinking perhaps it...

Legalzoom / Recurring Fees

afontana00 on Feb 20, 2013

Legalzoom has been charging me for 5 months in the recurring amount of $7.99. I paid over $400 dollars for an LLC to be started, I never knew that they were going to continue to charge month to month. This is very sneaky business and I'm highly disappointed and will not recommend...

Legal Zoom / Services Charge

M. Adrian on Jul 23, 2012

Since registering a Trademark with Legalzoom, I have been getting hit with a $29.99 charge every month on the 13th since 2011. The description for the transactions are "services." I am a fairly cautious buyer and I KNOW I would not have signed up for something that is indefinitely...

LegalZoom/Registered Agent / Unauthorized Charges to My Account

Kim at Going Places on Jul 19, 2012

Registered Agent "service" scam. Legal Zoom has made an unauthorized charge to my bank account for $159. This is how the scam works: they sell you a service for which you agree to pay a stated price. You authorize Legal Zoom to debit your bank account for installments to cover the service...

Legalzoom / Worse company I've ever dealt with

S1B on Mar 5, 2012

Like others I was persuaded by the advertising of Legal-zoom that they're on our side, and make things easy. How gullible was I to take that route. I've already cancelled two further orders that I had started with them when I saw how badly they were doing with my first order. The...

Legalzoom / Mispelled my company's name TWICE

Belinda A on Feb 29, 2012

Legalzoom couldn’t even spell my company’s name right. I didn’t want to spend the time to file my LLC and EIN myself so I thought that Legalzoom would be quick, easy, and I wouldn’t have to worry about any mistakes, how wrong I was. When I received my EIN and LLC...