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I'm so sorry for all these people who were ripped off. I was also ripped off by another company fairly...

Terrible company

If you buy a CD or a book from SMARTSAVINGCENTER.COM, they operate through AMAZON.COM, the company will use your personal information and your bank account to sign you up against your will for a 29.99 dollars monthly membership fee. You will not realize it until you check your bank account and see the charges. When you contact the center to dispute the charge they will try to convince you that you did sign up for this membership although you didn't. It is a total scam. I called and called to dispute the charges and the best I could get from them to take off one of the three monthly payments they had already charged me. It is a very dishonest scam. Other consumers have contacted Amazon to complain and were told that it was not their problem. I still feel that they should check the integrity of the merchants they allow on their sites.

Unauthorized charges

I ordered a book from in november 2008, put the charge on my debit card. Didn't think anything more about it till i went to balance my checking account online as always. Discovered an unauthorized charge of $29. 95! I called the company and was told that i authorized this charge as a membership in smart savings. I told them i did no such thing and i wanted it removed and my money returned. They weren't thrilled about giving me my money back, until i got irate. Then i was told i would no longer receive savings and that my money for this membership would be refunded in 10 - 14 days. So once again today february 15, 2009 another unauthorized charge was done this time for $1. 00. I once again called them and was told this was my membership charge again! This time i was screaming mad, it takes a lot to rile me. In my personal opinion only a $1. 00 was charged to my account to see if i was paying attention and then who knows what would happen after that. What is up with these people. I will never ever go back to, haven't since november 2008. Please be extremely wary of and this company calling themselves smart savings. I demanded that they take my debit card out of there system and was told it was done but. . . I don't trust them at all.

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    Ann Heckenkamp Feb 05, 2009
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    I have these charges on my Discover Card and have no idea what they are for.

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    misti ray Mar 13, 2009

    I was so glad to have come across your comment, they did the same thing to me, after reading your comment I checked on my order, I ordered books paid for them and four days later was charged another 29.95 plus a dollar for what I don't know. I immeadiatley called them and told them to get my money refunded and I wanted no more to do with them.


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    Felito Mar 17, 2009

    Stay away from them, they claim to have great prices, great prices on crapy stuff made in china and when you recieve the item it does not even work. I ordered a portable am/fm cd player got the thing and the player did not work they nail you with shipping charges and then they srew you out if memebership fees, when you recieve the bank statement you will be shocked at the odasity of these "a holes".

    Your better off buying the suff at best buy or else where buy the time your done buying something from this company you could have bought three times over.

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    agate Mar 22, 2009

    I am having trouble with the company too. I put through an order and somehow got signed up for their membership. I have been charged twice, but I didn't catch it right away. They now say that I can only be reimbursed for one months worth. I agree be very wary of this site - buy from someone else!!!

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    Le Ann May 25, 2009

    I just dealt with this hot books person and was charged 29.29 2 months in a row and only ordered 1 book. She said I agreed to a membership when I ordered the book and you can't check out without agreeing to the membership. And that they have been sending me emails about this account. I haven't seen one email nor did I sign up for any member ship. I read fine print on every web site and sure missed this one if it was there. I don't even know how to get back to the web site. I didn't even get the book, she siad it was out of stock. They probably don't have books to begin with and just prey on people to get memberships and hope they don't catch the charges.
    Le Ann in Iowa

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    bbryant Aug 17, 2009

    WOW..we bought a book through DBS and apparently the was a small print somewhere that allowed SMART SAVING CENTER to automatically withdraw $29.95 every month for who knows what? We did not recieve any service for this!! When I called the 1800 number I did talk to a person and he said you bought books. OK, so I figured it would dissapear..but NO..every month (now that we go back and recheck our statements- of which we should have done a more thourough job each month) we see that they have bilked us out of this for the last 6 months..GADS..
    READ ALL THE FINE PRINT!! I did cancel it and the man was helpful but the slyness of how they got their money is CRAP..WHat is going on in America? Sorry you cant trust..

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    Gifted Sep 12, 2009

    I am a victim as well to this company. I ordered books total amount 20.95 and when I placed the order this thing popped up talking about membership. I did not check it and was trying to get back to a confirmation page for my order. I never saw it and didnt get one in my email as promised. I checked my account and they had added an additional 19.95 to my account. So thanks for having your complaints out here with the phone number to call them. I immediately called them and demanded a refund of everything. Told them I didnt want the books or the membership. Informed them if money was not credited into account by time specified that I would be coming after them. I will never use them again.

    Please be aware. I will continue to watch my account.

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    WindStar Oct 14, 2009

    I, too, am a victim of this company. I am really angry too. I cannot find a place to opt out of this so called membership. I will be calling them today. I did get the book I ordered but I sure don't want a membership with them. I wouldn't be saving any money after paying the membership fee so why would I want to do that. Perhaps I will talk to my bank and put a stop payment on them since everyone here has had a hard time with them.

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    Augustmoon35 Dec 04, 2009

    Couldn't agree more with all of the above compaints. I guess I was smart enough to read the "welcome" message that did in fact tell me I was a member (automatically) of some off the wall program and that if I didn't CALL and cancel within the next 3 days I would get charged $19.95 for the first month. Who knows what charge thereafter. Yes, I did call and "they" said my membership was cancelled and my $1.00 would be refunded? Oh, as for the book I ordered; well now they say I have an invalid address and the order will be cancelled. I am not surprised. I doubt I will ever see the $1.00 or my book. But I definately will keep a sharp eye on my credit card entries from this and other "affiliates". Buyer beware; if you think, like me, you are going to save a buck or two shopping at this site, think again...

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Charged for membership I didn't agree to

I have no idea what state they are in. I ordered a book for $18.00 and gave them my credit card number. When it appeared on my statement the total was $29.00. I am outraged to know that when you order something they automatically enroll you in their program, but to add insult to injury, they CHARGE you for it. Can I get my money back? Can I get my credit card information back from them? Do I need to put a hold on any payments that come in? By the way, I never even got the book I ordered in the first place. I think you should alert consumers about this company's deceptive practices. Thank you. Lori Garrigus [protected], l.[protected]