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Rocket LawyerTotally unable to cancel online

I am old and knocking on deaths door. I don't have time for this! I spent hours trying to find out how to cancel my trial. It's now well past midnight and I've been billed and am PISSED!!! You overdrew a senior handicapped heart patient's account. I now have NO MONEY til I get my Social Security PLUS I have to pay a $35 fee and I am anally careful about NOT having anything bounce because I live to the penny... I had 12 to last me and you took it. What a scam. I'll pay the fee to have my bank stop this and slam you with AARP and every review I can find. WTH? I retired a paralegal I should have known you'd be criminals. In addition, my login and information shows I have not been billed but I have.

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    Rocket Lawyerunethical practices

    Signed up for Rocket Lawyer for their free trial and had to give them credit card details which is a scam to make sure they can charge you. I used 2 or 3 documents, then tried to cancel. Cancellation didn't work, so they continued to take the money, without reminding me that the free period was coming to an end.

    I have tried to contact them regarding the 3 unauthorised payments take (£25 a month) and just get the bog standard template email in return stating 'we made it clear'. I asked Dina to check my account to see if I had actually used any documents within that charged period and she refuses to answer any of my questions, still stating that customers know they will be charged.

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      Rocket Lawyer — unauthorized charges

      I cancelled my "free trial" with rocket lawyer in january 2016, I signed up with a prepaid card I rarely use...

      Rocket Lawyer — monthly membership fees

      I used this site today to get some legal advice they claim is a free trial. After typing my question I wa...

      Rocket Lawyerongoing fees being taken although I have cancelled what I didn't realise was an ongoing subscription.


      I have sent an email previously in january and july 2017 asking for you to stop taking money from my credit card. I have be3en in hospital for a long time so have not been able to deal with my affairs and had not realised that you were charging me for one document I used a year ago! I thought it was a one off fee. I called in august 2017 and spoke to someone who said that they would n't take any further payments.in both august and september payments were taken. I have asked my card company to refuse further payments and see if they can get a refund ofr august and september at least.

      I have had no notification from rocket lawyer at any time on any matter in especially advance notification of payments due and I had to look the company up online to work out who was taking the money.

      My name is margaret odling-smee

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        Rocket Lawyer — this site is a scam

        You know, if I rarely checked my bank account I would never notice they take my money every month. I tried to...

        Rocket Lawyerthis site is a scam

        They took my money unreasonably. They advertise a free trial, so I tried it. And after several days when I was checking my credit card account, I noticed I was charged. I got no notification from them, they didn't call me to say "hey, out free trial is actually not free, can we charge you for 2 months?"...
        Nothing like that. It's a pure scam and I want to be excluded from dealing with it.

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          Rocket Lawyer — lease agreement

          I printed a lease agreement for my husband who was renting his house out may 26, 2016. I surly didn't expect...

          Rocket Lawyeronline lawyer service

          My daughter is young and new to credit cards. She entered her information to obtain a lease agreement to lease her horse. She read that that the service is free for 7 days. She created one document. Rocket lawyer stated charging her and has charged her for 9 months. She asked for a refund and received what is called a "courtesy refund". What kinda of courtesy is that. She should receive everything they took monthly. Why is rocket lawyer taking advantage of a young person? What kinda of business are they running? Seems to me that this is a scam. There sales pitch "our laws were created to protect and empower us — as individuals, families and business owners — but many people don't get the help they need because of costly legal fees and complexity" - unbelievable.

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            Rocket Lawyercheater website

            One year ago I signed up to rocket lawyer for their free trial. I used it to download a document and after that I cancelled my subscription. Several days ago I received an email notification that i'll be charge a membership fee and the same day they took $40! I thought my account was cancelled and I actually was 100% sure about that!
            I contacted customer service and asked for help but i'm still waiting for reply and they don't seem to care.

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              Rocket Lawyerllc mishandled

              I paid the extra fees to have my new llc recorded with the state of tennessee which included some additional services for one year. While trying to register for a business license I was told that my llc had not been registered with the state even though I had received a letter for rocket lawyer stating that it had been registered and finished. I tried to look up my documents on the secure website and there are no documents. I've tried calling the lawyer who supposedly was working with our company and have not received a return call. I also tried the toll free number advertised on their website and was sent to voicemail. I'm more than a little concerned and would not recommend anyone do business with rocket lawyer. I can't seem to get any help at all!

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                www.rocketlawyer.com — I was scammed for $39,99

                I signed for the services, which provided the company www.rocketlawyer.com. it wasn’t mentioned on the...

                Rocket Lawyer — unauthorized charge to bank account

                I was reviewing my bank account and found a charge to my account for $39.95, for something I never signed up...

                Rocket Lawyer — fraud

                Rocket lawyer has set up an account with my credit card. I notified tatum craft and jay griffin that I have...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Rocket Lawyernot helpful difficult to cancel

                Rocket lawyer seemed to be a good option for a quick rental agreement. The document did not even have a place to sign. The document was useless and I did not use it, but that did not prevent them from charging me for two months. I had tried to cancel after the 7 day trial, but I forgot my log in information. I had tried calling after multiple failed attempts with the password reset, but they were closed. By the time I was able to reach them, they refused to refund my money for the useless service. If they truly believed in their product, they would offer a money back guarantee. This is not the type of service I would trust for legal documents.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Rocketlawyer.com — tried a trial membership and ended up paying for a year

                  I visited this website looking to download a legal renter/lease agreement and made the mistake of trying and...

                  Rocketlawyer.com — fraudulent misrepresentation of services and pricing

                  Thesis of complaint: rocketlawyer.com advertises on their website that they offer a 7 day trial to examine...

                  Rocket Lawyer — service and cancellation

                  These people have a wide array of legal documents available at a reasonable cost, however, they have no truth...

                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Rocket Lawyerhorrible service

                  I signed up for this service september 28, 2012 after speaking at length with a sales representative/"small business specialist" elliot peterson regarding the forming of a business, particularly an llc. Mr. Peterson convinced me to subscribe to rocket lawyers highest level package that includes free unlimited attorney consultations, a limited number (and limited number of pages) of contracts reviewed per month, access to contract templates and discounted service should a rocket lawyer associated attorney's services be retained. Two payments were deducted from my account, via a credit card purchase, by rocket lawyer on october 1, 2012 one transaction for $299 and one for $89.

                  I immediately began having problems when after two weeks I noticed my fein had never been filed, a part of the service I purchased and I had yet to hear from an attorney regarding a legal question I had submitted to rocket laywer and. I emailed and called mr. Peterson multiple times before I received a call back informing mr. Peterson that my fein had not been filed, he checked and stated that it had not, he stated he did not know how it was overlooked and promised a refund. A refund I have yet to receive. I filed for the fein and s-corp filing status myself, services I paid rocket lawyer to provide. During this time I need to take advantage of the attorney services I paid for. I have submitted five requests for assistant since the first week of october, I have received one call from an attorney who lives hours away and stated my question really wasn't his area of expertise.

                  Since november I have left multiple emails and voicemail messages for both mr. Peterson asking about my refund and to the customer service department asking for assistance from an attorney.

                  I have left six messages just this week, the week of december 2, 2012. I have received no replies via email or phone.

                  I have wasted months of my time relying on the services I have purchased, I have in no way, shape or form received any of the services I was sold. I felt I have been lied to, ignored and would go as far to as a victim of fraud as the website states generally an appointment with an attorney (in my area) would be set within 24 hours. It's been months!! And I still have the same questions, i'm still waiting on returned calls, returned emailed and a promised refund!

                  I have had to complete the business forming processes I paid rocket attorney to provide, I have been forced take my own time to find an attorney, something I was promised by purchasing this service I would not have to do. I have been beyond frustrated and concerned that this service is a scam as it seems to be based on my months of being lied to an ignored my the sales representative.

                  They have my money and now apparently feel as if they do not have to provide the services I paid them to provide, fact.

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                    • Be
                      Beverly Westfall Sep 16, 2013

                      I used Rocket Lawyer for a wrongful occupation form and selected to pay a one time fee May 2013, they are billing my credit card $39.95 every month(June-Sept) since then.

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Rocket Lawyerfraudulent charges due to unsecure payment site

                    Buyer beware: I signed up for the free trial and after it ended, I downgraded my account. Rocket lawyer charged my credit card as agreed. What I didn't count on was my card also be charged from tiger airways and jet star asia also charging my business debit card. Their secutiy for online purchases was breeched and has cost me access to my bank account and precious funds I have worked very hard for. I advised rocket lawyer of their breech in security since their site was the only online site I have used that card. I requested a refund and suggested they review their security for purchases. I submitted this reqest on saturday 9/29/12 and received emails on monday 10/1/12 advising they would refund my purchase. I really wish someone would acknowledge the breech in their security and give me some assurances that they are working to resolve this problems. But nothing.

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                      • Gu
                        guinessme Sep 10, 2013
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        I am having the same issue. Apparently the email address I used when I signed up is not in their system and I have had no help with my login. I have called the 800 number and used every selection to try to get someone one the phone with no luck at all. Very frustrated. Called credit card company and disputing charges and blocking this company.

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                      • Je
                        Jennifer Paulus Oct 01, 2012
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Dear Shaasbs,

                        I will be happy to review your account and forward the information to our Fraud Department for further investigation. I can assure you our site is secure and that we do not share our customers personal information with 3 party vendors. Once you enter your credit card information into our site the only thing we can see on our end is the last four digits of the card that was used which is for the consumers protection. Fraud does not only happen with on-line businesses so this could have come from anywhere. If you could please e-mail me your account information I will see if this has already been reported. My name is Jennifer Paulus I am the Customer Service Manager here at Rocket Lawyer. My e-mail address is [email protected] and my phone number is [protected] ext 9002 .


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