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I went to the LCBO in Union station (Toronto) on a Friday after work, to pickup wine for an event. A stone faced male staff member stood on the ramp where the doors are, watching customers like a soldier itching for a gun fight. I wandered the isles looking for a particular wine and gave up when I didn't come across any staff to ask (and too hestitant to ask that stone faced one). Unfortunately, as I picked up my selection from a shelf, my large work bag accidentally knocked off an item from a display. The item didn't break but I was startled and had my hands full, so I looked at the stone-face (for some kind of assistance) but he gave me a dirty look; so then I looked at the cashier and she looked away with disgust. So I said "Forget it then!" and lined up to pay. Stone-face then shouted at me from his post: "AREN'T YOU GOING TO PICK IT UP?!!!"
I simply replied "No!" Then he shouted at me from across his post "UNBELIEVABLE!!!" . I decided to explain to him that he shouldn't give dirty looks and could have offered to assist. He told me to "SHUT UP AND GET OUT!!!" I then actually got scared - if someone is willing to get that angry in front of customers, who knows what else he might do?
Afraid for my safety (I'm a petite female), I kept quiet. The other customers also tensed up, and even the big and tall male customer looked worried.
But I then had to walk past this angry, hostile and aggressive staff person to leave the store; I was afraid he might hurl abuse at me on the way out, or worse.
Anyway, I'm going to write to the LCBO about this and will post their response.


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    cplcbo Oct 14, 2018

    Please contact us at 1-800-668-5226 for more help. Monday to Friday 830am -6pm.

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