LBC Expressunethical behavior | wrong transaction details

R Oct 10, 2019

To whom it may concern,

I am highly dismayed and upset to what I had experienced yesterday at the said LBC branch. Your girl associate (I do not know here name) who processed my LBC parcel, [protected], missed to put the right amount to collect from the recipient. She put 1080php instead of 920php. Now, the recipient no longer wants to receive the parcel nor make an arrangement with me in paying the excess amount. The recipient already requested to cancel the parcel. So, aside from losing a sale, I will lose 170php for the transaction fee.

Your associate should be taught good attitude and excellent customer service. Yesterday, you could feel that she was very dismayed with the queue of waiting customers. She barely speak and already dismissive.

I would love to hear ang progress on this complaint. This is the worst experience I ever had so far.

Attached is the transaction receipt.

You may contact me at [protected] or via email [protected]

unethical behavior | wrong transaction details

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