fraud credit card transactions

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My sister received a text message from her issuing bank that her supplementary credit card which is under my name was used in a transaction at amounting to Php21, 000.00 last April 8, 2017. But the problem is, neither of us made any transaction that day. So she called Lazada the same day and reported that her credit card was used in a fraud transaction so she asked for the details of the said transaction but the customer service asked her for the order details. But how could she give the order details if she didn't made that purchase online. Then, she was told that they cannot give any details to her and she needs to contact her issuing bank to file a dispute and if proven that this is a fraud transaction, Lazada will return the money to her. So it simply means that the reported fraud transaction will still be delivered to the "hacker" who made that purchase . This is a very clear proof that Lazada is tolerating fraud transactions . We were expecting that they should've atleast hold that transaction since there was a reported fraud claim but they didn't. Lazada should protect and help those victims of fraudulent transactions. I hope that they will resolve this issue and the amount debited from my sister's credit card will be refunded to her the soonest.

  • Updated by Mildred P. · Apr 18, 2017

    No. Lazada did not provide the hacker's information. As per the issuing bank policy, if the merchant did not claim the amount within 14 days from the date of transaction, then they will reverse the transaction. Currently the transaction amount is still on hold. My sister will check the status again with her bank by the end of this week.


  • Gi
    Gia Laudato Apr 18, 2017

    what did ur bank do then? have you tracked down the hacker's name and address?

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  • Jo
    Jo Bo May 17, 2017

    recently, my mom had to go the same ordeal. 3 different transactions were made against her credit card she had in her possession obviously. she has sent them an email and have received a response asking for a screenshot of the bank statement where it reflects purchases were made. she has also told the bank BDO about this and was told they will carry out an investigation that would normally take up two months for any refunds to be made which is disgusting. the purchase was done on the 9th of May, as per their website, if its non manila which is the case, they will deliver within 5 to 12 days. so having said this, they can track this fraudulent activity if they want and catch the culprit red handed instead of delaying it, for the person to get the items which the actual card owner suffers. but my name concern is the fact that as per their website, after an online purchase, they are meant to carry out a verification procedure which I would assume would be through a telephone call, how could this one get through except if the actual culprit knows personal details that only the card holder would know.

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  • Ro
    Roxanreyes Mar 05, 2018

    @Jo Bo Same issue as me and grabe 71, 999 ung naggamit sa card ko until now di nila

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  • St
    Steph - ANVO Jul 05, 2018

    @Jo Bo I think internal na. kasi sobrang layo para ma hack ka ng iba lalo sa card mo. kasi ako kaka-hack lang din sa card ko, hindi sila tumitigil umorder hanggat hindi nauubos yung laman ng account mo. tumawag na ako sa Lazada binigyan nila ako ng 1-2 days para balikan ako sa nirereklamo ko, hanggang ngayon walang feedback, then nung tumawag ako ulit hinold lang ako ng CSR nila at hindi niya ata namalayan na nawala yung "on-hold" niya sa akin, narinig ko nag kukuwentuhan lang sila!! grabe!!! tapos nawala na yung line. twice nila ako binabaan.

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  • Al
    AlenRamos Sep 09, 2017

    Nahanap nyo po ba ung hacker?

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  • Ka
    Kate midias Oct 03, 2017

    My case is somehow the same. The account of my Mom (BDO) was used to order a certain product, but the name appearing is my name, and as far as i know, i did not order anything, in the first place I don't know any of my mothers bank info. I am contacting lazada now, Please if you know any solutions. please help.

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  • Ar
    arabert Jul 01, 2018

    this is a same case with my father's credit card under metrobank, problem is ayaw nilang e-reverse na kasi merchandise were already receive by the consignee which is my father pero wala naman po syang inorder at ang laki ng amount P112, 595 for 5 units ng vivo phones grabe sila!

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  • Se
    Sence Garcia Aug 20, 2018

    @arabert i think wala na sa Lazada tu.. the question should be what did your banks do? what were the processed you've gone thru? was it returned by the bank?

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  • An
    anndie Jan 10, 2019

    @arabert Hi, pwde kong malaman kung nireverse ba nila ung amount? Same thing happen to my credit card. Lazada ph din ang merchant pero hindi ako ang nagpurchase :(((

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  • Gg
    GG2895 Sep 10, 2018

    Same thing happened to me, the hackers did 2 transactions on my account(BDO). I've called LAZADA and they said they'll send me an email but haven't received any. Been to the bank filed a dispute complaint and then they told me cynically to wait for 30 banking days! My god!

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  • Do
    DongP Oct 11, 2018

    i have this problem now. ngayon ang problema ko is ang sabi ng bank ko w/c is BPI dumaan daw sa tamang online authentication ang order so hindi daw nila marereverse. yung lazada daw habulin ko.

    anyone here na nakahabol sa lazada with the same problem? paano po ang gagawin?

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  • Jo
    Jodevilla Dec 02, 2018

    @DongP Hi same tayo ng issue kay BPI at LAZADA, sa nagyun ng hahanap pa rin ako ng pwede makatulong. It’s unfair tayo ang mag sa suffer sa problema ng security ni BPI.

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  • Jo
    Josh1479 Jul 31, 2019

    @DongP Sir, I have the same prob as yours. Di naq mahelp ni BPI kc properly authenticated and transaction. ang tanong, nahabol mo si lazada? Shopee ung sakin :(

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  • La
    LallyJane Dec 13, 2018

    Same thing happened to me. Someone used my credit card to order at Lazada last Oct. Accdg to Lazada, they will investigate. And the only info they gave me is that the item bought was non-digital and they are still finding the email add used to purchase the item. Then they closed the report stating it was resolved.
    My bank does not want to reverse the amount for the reason that I have the physical card. They said that since I have the card and it undergone the online verification, they assume that I made the transaction. It's unfair. I didnt even get an OTP.

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  • Mi
    Minho si Dec 15, 2018

    Anyone here na nangyare to with unionbank and lazada?

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  • Ja
    Jan Dungo Dec 27, 2018

    This has to stop. Same thing happen to me. BPI and lazada! So did you do guys? Every month na cha charge? Did you pay ???:( its so unfair! Mine happened oct 22, 2018- up to now wala pang result!

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  • Ja
    Janine Bacani Dec 28, 2018

    @Jan Dungo One time payment

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  • Ja
    Janine Bacani Dec 28, 2018

    Same here mine happened last november sadly hindi nila nareresolve. Sabi nila nareversed na nila ung transaction amount nag bigay din sila ng date kung kailan then nung nag hahanap ako mg proof wala sila mabigay instead binigyan nila ako ulit ng panibagong case number. Tapos hindi nila masagot kung naideliver ba dun sa nag order... akala ko nung una may pag asang masolve kasi nireport ko right away pero wala padin hanggang now. Kailangan ko bayaran ung amount na hindi ko naman pinakinabangan napaka unfair talaga.

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  • Zi
    zinnia 🐥 Jan 14, 2019

    @Janine Bacani Hi janine,

    Same case here with my friend...may i know panu niu na contact lazda? Me number ba sila or pede puntahan sa mismong office?

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  • Ch
    Chrrymrtnzdg Jan 02, 2019

    Hi, same thung happened to my cc account. Hindi ba nag provide si Lazada ng details kung kanino mapupunta un item na di naman ikaw mismo un nag order. If in the first place alam nila kung san patungo un :( Grabe mag kakasunod un purchases sakin this December na di naman ako un gumamit.. Nagbabayad nalang para sa iba. Ang solusyon nalang na al ko is to request for new account para di na lumobo pa un babayaran

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  • Le
    Lenly Ornopia Mar 03, 2019

    Im experiencing this now with a fraudster. Will update accordingly

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  • An
    Anne Dy Apr 15, 2019

    Hi, I'm having this same problem. Someone used my account to buy things from Lazada. I reported it right after I found out which was at most one day later. Has anyone been successful in at least man lang stopping the delivery of what was ordered?

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  • El
    Elsa Migo May 02, 2019

    same case here, scammer used my account to purchase a 19, 000 worth of items.
    I reported it 15 mins from the time scammer done the purchase, i call LAZADA for the assistance, they said they will check if they can stop the purchased, naisip ko nmn bkt for checking pa eh for sure nmn kayang kaya nila un, kc its vert impossible na purchase today, delivery same day din. at ang sabi pa 24 hours lng ang maibibigay para ma solve ang problema.. pero hanggang ngyon wla pa.. 2 days na ang nakakaraan.. wala tlg akong maaasahan sa lazada.. pera pera lng kaya they are tolerating this kind of cases..

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  • Ai
    Aileen G May 03, 2019

    Same thing happened to me. Yesterday nangyari. Unauthorised transaction, nagulat na lang ako bawas na yung account ko. Till now wala pa din aksyon si lazada. Talagang tinotolerate nila yung ganitong klaseng panloloko. So for now sabi ng bank na naka hold pa or floating pa yung amount. Waiting for 15 calendar days. Hoping na sana hindi iconfirm ni lazada yung payment para hindi mag post yung payment. Anyone na may alam ng main office ni lazada? Mag ffile kse ako ng complain. Napaka imposible kse yung sinasbe nila na hindi nila basta basta maccancel yung transaction eh.

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  • Jo
    Josh1479 Jul 31, 2019


    I have the same prob pero Shopee. Based sa mga nabasa ko, BPI cant help their clients. Di reliable ang system nla pagdating sa ganto. Baka nga inside job ba. Almost 69k nakuha sakin. Wala pa din sagot ang Shopee sakin.

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  • Ru
    Rudy jestar Aug 16, 2019

    kaya dapat every transaction with lazada dapat card not included mas makakabuti na COD lahat ng purchase
    ako kase maski malaking item ang oorderin ko di ko gagamitin ang card ko para 100% rest asured
    so oag COD either edidiliver man ang item or hinde
    syemore nothing to loose ...

    pointers din minsan may makikita ka na item tas makikita mo sa ibang seller mas mababa ng 3x yung price tas walang review (or sometimes may review ng 5 starts pero walang comments )
    eala pag ganun mag duda ka na
    mas maganda na yung mag describe ka muna ng good reviews and comments also mag anap ng recomendations sa real price ng item di basta basta

    kase ako for almost many many items na na naorder ko wala pa naman akong bad experience sa lazada kase
    alam natin mas convinient ang online payment
    pero alam mo naman mas secured and transaction pag COD ang pipiliin mo kase sure na sure ka kung dadaling man or hindi ang item mo nasasayo parin ang pera diba
    kesa naman sa card or bank transaction kumbaga naibigay mo na ang pera agad tas yung item wala pa tsk tsk tsk pede nilang itakbo pera mo
    atleast sa COD hawak mo :) good day

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