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customer service

I have been appalled by Laura Ashley's customer service - shocked!!! I have been trying to resolve an issue and have so far been on the phone for 4 hours to al their 0871 numbers! The wait times are unacceptable and NO-ONE calls you back... I wish I had never bothered with the order, the hassle has been unbelievable and the pleasure has been completely taken away. I just want to cancel the order and go to M and S where they are at least known for good customer service... I have also read so many similar stories and am now concerned about the quality too. What a tragedy for a store that once had a great reputation - I won't be going back and will be cancelling my santander card too!


I bought 2 kingston sofas in July 2009. In September I noticed a swell in the centre of the larger sofa seats. They became uncomfortable to sit on with little support unlike the smaller kingston sofa. A technician who works for Laura Ashley checked sofa and informed me that because the sofa is slightly larger the pads have more room to spread!! They do not put extra padding in to compensate!
In my opinion as well as 11 other people who have sat on the sofa they should have put more padding in, it is so obvious to see and feel the difference from the other sofa.
Customer service didn't want to know and said it was due to the way I maintained them - because the technician said there was no fault!
I went to the FIRA and got an independent report and he said exactly the same as the Laura Ashley technician - which struck me as a little odd.
I thought buying 2 sofas exactly the same apart from length would feel and support in the same way.
Both technicians agreed the pads looked and were different but said it was irrelevent as the weights were correct!
I will never shop in Laura Ashley again, I found they couldn't care less - there customer service skills leave alot to be desired.
PLEASE be aware that when you buy 2 sofas of the same style and one slightly longer than the other they may not look - feel- and support you in the same way.
I am now left to have the pads on the larger of the 2 sofas re filled.
I have only had the sofas since July, 4 months old and the pads after sitting on them look like my old sofa which I had for 15 years!

  • Sw
    swatts Dec 10, 2009

    Two other complaints of exactly matching yours:


    So not a rare issue it seems.

    We have just bought a pair of sofas from LA like yours, and the leg of the shorter one has broken already - LA seem very unresponsive, no home visits, and it is currently propped up by a stack of books.

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  • Li
    linda travers Jul 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Come on Girls, lets get them...how they do con us.
    2 sofas at christmas. I chose from shop swatches handed to me and hanging samples instore. Sofas came just in time for christmas...oh yes, fault leg, faulty cushion - not filled to "Standard" but replace and next lot even worse.
    Sofa back cushion is 3" above seat when you sit and Wait for It! the fabric is really CHENILLE - although it says polyester, acrylic and viscose on all the labels.
    Well, this baby Chenille causes your fabric on sofa to crush and flatten, the colour changes the whole of the seating is a different tone to the rest.
    Laura Ashley - 1 month delay to write to me, another month goes by but this is what to do; Get one of theConsumer Direct people to help you on the phone. Send them a TO WHO IT MAY CONCERN letter and guess what - they'll ignore e'thing you write. They send a technician from FIRA and he knows all about Laura Ashley furniture 'cos he's been trained by them to tell you that there's nothing wrong with your sofa = its standard and no action needed. One told me that any sofa covered in chenille will get no action from Laura Ashley and if the cushions sag and you get back ache every night - too bad! it's Standard - so there!
    I have sent two TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN letters and they dont care a fig. I'm on to the Financial Ombudsman now and even of those guys has given Laura Ashley and Santander Cards (their credit providers) an interview on the phone. NOT ME though, he never spoke to me but sent me a letter telling me that he couldn't see any reason to believe that my sofa was faulty - he hasn't even seen a picture of it until today.
    They used to be a member of the Furniture Ombudsman until they learned they had so many complaints and consumers could pay for a report for £99.00 and get a final and binding order from the Furniture Ombudsman that they had better put it right or else.


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  • Mg
    m grace Nov 09, 2010

    I bought the Langham 2 seater sofa last December and I am still paying for it. Literally! The seat pads do not recover when sat on. The INDEPENDANT technician mentions this in his report, but the weights are correct so that' s it. The customer services had to be contacted 2 months after the initial investigation and promised to ring me back, which they didn't. The next customer service( what a joke) told me it was abuse of my furniture. I'm out at work all day? I can't believe how terribly let down I feel. I thought I'd bought a piece of heritage furniture I could re-cover and pass down. After only 10 months, this is looking highly unlikely.
    I was told to seek indepent advice. Reading your report above seems futile now!

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broken foot on new sofa

I have just today had delivered two sofas from Laura Ashley. After the delivery men had left I noticed one of the sofa's feet was broken and crushed. When I rang to complain I was told that they would send a new 'foot' through the post for us to fit ourselves. Given that my husband is 70 years old and has a back problem, this is not possible. How can they sell faulty and damaged goods and then expect you to repair them yourselves. This is disgusting customer service.

roman blinds

had a roman blind made few years ago which now needs to be relined but they do not do this service considering i spent alot of money on my whloe room done out of just laura ashley i think this is discusting as it will mean that if i cant get this doon then my whole room design will need to change costing me alot of money and all they could say is they still do that pattern but a new one would cost £365.00 which i refused to pay i am very dissapointed and feel let down by this as if they can have them made up in first place then it would not matter if they put a new lining on to what is still a very good blind .

stained new curtains

recently we've spent £2700 with laura ashley on our home furniture and curtains. one of the curtains were stained with a black mark, so we contacted to laura ashley costumer services and they messed us up with collection of faulty item for 3 days and now it has been more than 2 weeks since they took it away...the person who is responsible for is Cathy Chance but she is never at hers desk and she never returned my calls. we are not happy customers and i don't think i would rush out of my feet to spent any more money with laura ashley

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Extremely poor service. The staff are poorly trained, they have no customer relations experience. The...

customer service

When I tried to contact Laura Ashley Customer Services, I emailed them and got no reply. I emailed again and...

curtains and blinds

We ordered Roman blinds. When the order arrived, some two blinds had the beading missing. Few blind had the wrong colour backing. One blind had beading thread comomg away from the fabric. this was all very poor quality workmanship. Obviously no quality control checks are carried out. We had return these to their head office. By then we were told this fabric is now discontinued and offered us £50 comensation. We could not beleive this.
Their prices highly inflated, and does not offere the quality and service for the price. LAURA ASHLEY IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

  • So
    Sophie Fairless Jul 14, 2009

    Yes, I too have had a similar bad experience. I was not happy with some made to measure curtains, before they agreed to let me send them back they sent a representative to my house. She agreed that they were substandard, the interlining is not sufficient, there were errors and they were not hand-finished. They were sent back to be quality assesed.. After 3 weeks they were passed and with me constantly chasing them up they were sent back to me. I then had to go through Trading standards, they sent a representative who was independent and agreed they were faulty. I could have taken them to court, because of all the time it was taking, I asked a curtain maker to re-make the curtains and re-line them at a significant cost. My next step is to go to head office to try to claim back some money. There quality of product and customer service is a sham.

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Resolved delivery

I ordered a Laura Ashley 2 seat sofa and a sofa bed from Laura Ashley and I received a call telling me the delivery date, a text message conforming delivery and I also called the day before delivery to confirm that the delivery was happening. All was OK and the delivery was scheduled for between 1 and 4 pm. After waiting 7 weeks for delivery the Laura Ashley delivery truck finally arrived. Low and behold the sofa bed was missing. I called Laura Ashley and they did not know why it was not on the truck. They seemed very defensive and non-appologetic, they said they would call me back, which they did not. I called towards the end of the day and still no news. I called the followig day and they said that the sofa bed was late getting into the depot and was not loaded onto the truck. I asked if it is in the depot now and they said it was. They said that they can get it delivered to me in 6 days! 6 days. I said if it is in the depot and you have trucks why do I have to wait 6 days to which they had no answer! Discusting service. Mistakes happen this is they way of the world but when a mistake happens a good company pulls out all the stops to rectify the situation. Making me wait another week with no reasonable excuse is not good enough.

  • Be
    Betty No_Mates May 11, 2009

    I saw a Laura Ashley dresser displayed at half price but when I then offered to buy it they refused to sell it to me, stating that it would disrupt their display but that I could buy it for the full price.

    I'm sure displaying goods at a 'sale price' to get people into the shop and then stating the goods are unavailable is contravening the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations but no one in the shop seemed able to make a decision and customer compliants don't read emails.
    Too many of them perhaps!

    Oh well, off to John Lewis.

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  • Li
    Lisa Heyes May 13, 2009

    I ordered and paid for two, two seater sofas from Laura Ashley 10 weeks ago and the delivery was supposed to happen today from between 10 and 1. I re-arranged for my 3 year old to be picked up from Nursery and then waited in for the delivery. At 11.30, I saw an unmarked van drive past my house, and look towards it. Great I thought - the delivery is here. There were some cars parked on my street, near my house, but the van could park across a neighbours driveway to gain better access to my house, which I would have told the delivery men if they had contacted me ( they should have rang me 30 mins before delivery to let me know they were on their way - of even could have knocked on my door !!) but no, they just drove past and kept on going !! Once I finally got through to the correct department in Laura Ashley customer services ( 3 attempts !!) I was told that they had failed to delivery as they could not gain access to my property !! - they easily could have. I have now been told that I will not receive my sofas for at least 5 days !!. We have gotton rid of our old sofas and now have nothing to sit on. Appalling service from what I imagined to be a very dependable company.

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  • Ca
    Carol 12345 May 27, 2010

    I ordered a Alma day bed back in Jan. Was told due to was begining of May. I didn't get it until the end of May and when I called got through to a very defensive person who said is was not late. Apparently the due date means nothing !!!


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  • Ad
    Adams1987 Jan 01, 2011

    I work for laura ashley in midwales, Im very offended by the comments above, when i work in the departments and know from actually seeing the work done that everyone there do there best to help customers, there is only ONE Customer services department that cover the UK and That is alot of work, calls and orders placed by us daily and we do our best to make sure that all orders are processed effectively. The comment about the none delivery due to parked cars, when you order you are asked (and i know this from placing hundreds of orders for customers) if there is any assess problems at the property, it is not laura ashleys fault if you have acsess problems this was asked when you placed your order and if you do not give them the relevant details it is only down to you that your delivery failed. Its nice to see these comments as compared to the amount of satisfied customers out there, Laura ashley is a dependable company, we all work very hard to do our jobs and it is comments like this about us not doing our jobs properly that angers me, as before you send blame you should look at the actual reasons behind them.

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  • Le
    Lee hyde Jan 28, 2011

    I'm afraid to say that, although I believe there are many lovely and hard working people at Laura Ashley, My first (and now only) experience with the company has been absolutely dreadful. I paid for three items of Garrat furniture ( which I must say looks amazing in the shop: superb design and finish - the website pictures do not do it justice) and a special delivery charge (£60) The furniture arrived but the crew ( two man) crew said it couldn't be delivered despite the arrangement because they didn't have the correct crew available. The furniture had been packed into the lorry!!! They delivery was registered as special -they new it was for a second floor flat but they sent a crew! They wasted my day - the surely would have charged me another £60, if I had let them down. I have cancelled my order and asked for a full refund which I'm legally entiteled because they could not fulfil the contract terms (i.e make the delivery). The proceed of being refunded is a farce. The company is very poorly organised in my opinion - members of staff have been pleasant but the systems they are working with are awful. I simply can't trust that things will be done. I'm utterly disappointed. I thought the company would be dependable because of it's good name. I have since discovered few people think of laura Ashley as a dependable company. They have some lovely furniture, but if they can't deliver the goods, what good is that?? I will never buy anything there again. I agree with a previous post about john lewis. You know where you are with them: the customer service is second to none - the staff there always apologises and explains when there has been an error - and they make up for it! They have a good attitude because their focussing is on a remedy rather than defending themselves. This us why john lewis actually grew last year, despite the recession!

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  • Le
    Lee hyde Jan 28, 2011

    Sorry, I wrote using my iPhone. I hope you can understand it despite the strange grammar, syntax and punctuation. The iPhone sometimes "auto-corrects" -I should have checked first!

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Resolved shrinking paper

we bought 12 rolls of wallpaper from laura ashley and also paste as advised. we had this hung by a profesional decorater.and the next morning it had shrunk and was falling from the walls. the instuctions were followed to a tee . We sent samples to laura ashley for testing who after 5-6 weeks and several unreturned phone calls said it was not there fault and would not take any responsability. this has cost us a fortune and they did not even offer a good will gesture. We are hundreds of pounds down and still have no wallpaper our staircase was supposed to be beautiful and it is an eye sore. We expected a better respnse from a company like this

  • Pe
    peterpam Jan 20, 2010

    We have a room decorated in Laura Ashley Erin paper in Duck Egg which has completely changed colour since it was put up two years ago. It had started to fade within 9 months and now has become a dingy grey - Laura Ashley customer services couldn't have been less interested and we were fobbed off by everyone, including the manager who said there was nothing they could do, they certainly weren't interested in coming to look at it. It makes me mad every time I go in the room when I remember how hard we worked to do it.

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  • Fr
    Freshwater Dec 07, 2011

    We have 17 rolls of Laura ashley wallpaper which is still in the box it arrived in so is unfaded...BUT...the sample which has been in the room they are intended for over 12 months has yellowed badly and is now a horrible heavy gold colour that looks like a completely different colourway. We are unable to use it and await Customer Services decision.
    Our Duck Egg blue fitted covers on our Laura Ashley Sofas have largely faded to white over admittedly quite a few years. Perhaps that should have been a warning to us. Laura Ashley is not in the same league as John Lewis etc despite charging inflated prices.

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padstow sofa

I bought a Padstow large size sofa (catalogue price £1100). It was delivered November 2008. The seat cushions sag towards the centre.
I complained to a very defensive Customer Service Department and was told by a visiting 'technician' that the sofa met 'specification'. A letter followed, saying that they were 'not responsible' for their sagging sofa and if I wished to pursue the matter further then I could pay an 'Independent Test House' of THEIR choice to submit a report!!!
They can't really loose can they?

  • Li
    Liz Burton Apr 17, 2009

    I have just had an identical experience with an Avignon dining table and dresser. Gaps you could see daylight through were described as 'in tolerance' by the quality advisor wh0 spent 3 minutes viewing the faults, had no inspection standard and took no measurements. Equally defensive customer service 'supervisor' would do nothing further and said I would have to pay for an independent inspection and said there was nothing further LA would do. I am left paying for substandard furniture, which I now hate every time I look at it. No concept of customer service whatsoever.

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  • So
    Sophie Fairless Jul 14, 2009

    Yes, I too have had a terrible experience with curtains and have started a complaint about this. What I found really disgusting was that when I returned the curtains I was told that they meet specification and I had to foot the bill for an independent report, they really win on all fronts don't they? I found the customer service supervisor extremely unhelpful and very ignorant in her manner.

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  • Sw
    swatts Dec 10, 2009

    For your information, two other reports of the same situation:


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design service order!

I used their design service in June 2007, and spent £7000 in total on furniture, curtains, cushions and lamps. Never again. Things arrived damaged, curtains were the wrong size, (made to measure supposedly) things were missed off the order, replacements were wrong - I could go on.!!. NOBODY would take responsibility, e mails were unanswered, I spent hours on the phone and call center staff couldn't even find my order. I tried to send everything back but they refused. I eventually agreed on an amount of compensation and repairs - I am still waiting. Appalling. Seriously thinking of approaching watchdog as I would hate another customer to experience this dreadful service. DON'T TOUCH THEM UNLESS YOU CAN BUY IT THERE AND THEN AND TAKE IT HOME WITH YOU.

  • Em
    Emma Feb 24, 2009

    I am shocked by customer service at Laura Ashley.
    Absolutely unacceptable, especially in a recession.
    I was basically told that despite the awful service that I had received, they were not interested in helping me find the product I wanted to buy. One lady even said that their records had not been updated since 2005 so they didn't know anything about their stock. Unbelievable, I do not advise giving yourself the pain of calling this company.
    When I eventually spoke to a manager, he told me that he could not ring round some stores because it would be too much bother. I had at this point, driven round most of the stores and yes, he was right, it was a lot of bother and I didn't get anywhere.
    Each person I spoke to had a completely different answer to my questions which makes their entire 'customer services' a complete and utter shambles.

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  • Li
    Liz Burton Apr 17, 2009

    I have made / attempted to make 4 furniture purchases from LA over the last 10 years. Every time exactly the same concerns - appalling quality, and a couldn't care less approach to customer service. I usually have got over each experience after 2 years (hence the time span) but really have had enough with my latest experience (see response to padstow sofa). DO NOT USE LAURA ASHLEY. It will cost you a fortune, and you will neverget what you thought you wanted. Next stop Watchdog...

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  • Be
    BeeJam May 14, 2009

    Yes - customer services - what a joke!

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  • La
    Laura A Oct 27, 2009

    As an ex member of Laura Ashley Staff I could add many many more complaints to this list. They are no more interested in customer service than they are looking after their staff. All that matters is how much money they are taking. They have known issues with shrinking fabrics and poor quality furniture but are still taking customers money and waiting for them to complain but then not showing any interest at all.

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  • Sb
    s barnes Nov 13, 2009

    Newcastle, Staffordshire, shop flatly refused to exchange a beaded quilt, which was daily losing more beads, for a friend so she contacted Trading Standards who gave her a sale of goods act to quote in a letter. She then wrote to the CEO and their reply letter told her to take the quilt into the shop for another one. They replaced the quilt.

    I recently saw Lucille silk fabric on their website with 30% off, went into the shop and was told that the sale had finished, they had nothing to do with the website and they had no samples and no material in. The material was on the website with 30% off for a further 4 days.

    ps Such stuck up staff in the Newcastle, Staffordshire, shop - don't want to help you really!!! It's almost empty every time I go in.

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  • Se
    serendipity2010 Nov 17, 2010

    Sadly, I too can empathise. I have ordered furniture on 3 different occassions. My sofa (due 2nd Sept) arrived damaged - they took it away and have still not re-delivered it. They didn't even offer to send me a new one but said they would decide whether to repair it or not?!? They haven't turned up for my other deliveries and I am still waiting. I had a rude person tell me to just wait on the day of delivery despite the time slot allocated passing and they just didn't turn up. I would recommend using the say no to 0870 website and not lining their pockets any further with the 0871 (10p per minute) number. VERY VERY poor service if only others knew this before ordering they might not be so keen to use their service. It is a shame as their designs, for the most part, are very nice.

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shop staff told wrong delivery timespan

On 19th January Sales assistant told us the console table (costing £305 inc delivery) would be...

failed to provide goods!

22 Jan I ordered a bedspread online from Laura Ashley (order number [protected]), an email confirmed the order and the money came out of my account. Expected delivery 4 to 5 days.

31 Jan I had neither received or heard anything from Laura Ashley and phoned customer service. I was told they had processed the order the day before (30 Jan), the stock was available and had been allocated to me and delivery would be 10 to 14 days. Unhappy I sent an email to complain about both the wait and the poor communication (you cannot track orders online and they will not acknowledge dispatch) - I got an automated response that they would get back to me within 10 days.

13 February - in response to my email (over 10 days) - I am sorry but the New Hampshire bedspread is out of stock. Unfortunately this item has also been discontinued, so we will not be getting anymore in. I have refunded the £54.50 that you paid for the bedspread.

  • Bo
    bob wallman May 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So it seems other people are having problems with Laura Ashley, they take the money and do not supply the goods, who would have thought with a company like that . i have email 3 time and have had no reply, apart from automated ones.4 months i have been waiting

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  • Ma
    Margaret E Collins Nov 11, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purchased a watch at amazon. It is about 3 months old. It was gold filled watch band and face. Now it is ugly old silver and changing every day. The face is also changing. Please do something for me. This was not a cheep item and I am extremely upset. HELP ME

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  • J1
    j1981 Feb 11, 2019

    Hi. I bought two tins of laura ashley pale french grey eggshell and painted a chest of drawers and side tables. The two tins of paint are not the same colour


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