Latam Airlines (formerly LAN Airlines)completely impossible to book oneworld reward flights


I have been trying to use my LATAM km (100, 000km which are expiring tomorrow) for 2 months now. Customer service is absolutely horrendous. I have called the contact center countless times and lodged countless tickets. Each time all I get is an email saying LATAM tried to call me - but I have never had a single missed call! So I call again and give the ticket number - and I get a unhelpful, inconclusive answer. Sometimes it is "yes there is availability but we are not able to book it. Someone will ring you back in the next 5 minutes to do this" (no-one ever does). Sometimes it's "We will check for you and get back to you in the next day" (no-one ever does). The quality of the connection is terrible too I can never hear clearly what the rep is saying, and their English is generally not very good. You don't get this with any other oneworld airline.. wherever they are located.
I don't understand as well why each time you get a different customer service rep - why can't one person be assigned the ticket and actually just help until it is resolved? I thought airline alliances were meant to be helpful? Bottom line is my points are just going to disappear (60, 000 already expiry earlier this year because of this exact same problem) and LATAM does not care in the least even after years of loyalty.

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