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I've just got the worst experience in my entire life with "last minute"! No other services were so poor and non-professional and representative+supervisor were so ignorant! They sent me email two days prior the trip (international destination) that the reservation was canceled without any apparent reason! Honestly, neither the rep nor the supervisor did explain me what was the reason... They claimed that they called me, but it's far from truth as I did not receive any voicemail. They started giving some other stupid excuse saying my bank was closed on the weekend! My bank - TD - is the only one that actually is open 7 DAYS a WEEK! And there is always a representative who will assist you on the phone even during the weekend! So what they say it's B.S. And lie!!! When I spoke to supervisor she put the phone away and so when I didn't speak there was silence!no answer! After sometime you could hear her picking up the phone from the table and saying repeat it again... This is soooooooo beyond my understanding! Now the tickets are much more expensive as the date of the trip is soooo close ( 2 days away). No one will pay me a difference! So you guys make your mind and don't use that poor service!!!


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      Nov 03, 2011

    Hi there,

    Alex here, from
    We're very sorry to hear about this issue, and please accept our sincere apologies for the distress this has caused. I've just sent you a message with details of how we will investigate this and help resolve the situation. Please check your inbox and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you for alerting us to this issue, and we hope to resolve this for you as soon as possible.


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      May 17, 2012

    Same story with me. I book a flight in April 2012 by phone with It took them one hour on the phone to finalise. They called me back a couple of weeks later to inform me that the airline had cancelled my ticket. No explanation. They said they will call me back within 24 hours after fixing it. I've been calling them from France to London every 2-3 days since. Same answer again and again (but always excessively polite). No one has ever called me back. I will try with the police to see if there is any possiblity to get my money back but I guess it will be a long battle!

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      Sep 07, 2012

    After searching Google for the keywords " complaints" I found pages full of complaints indicating fraudulent behavior and misleading customers.

    I booked a hotel deal today taking advantage of their Five Star Luxurious Top Secret deals. My only requirement was that we were in the city centre of our destination. I was told that the hotel was 400m from a famous city landmark and was in the city centre. On handing over my card details they advised me that my hotel was 2.5 miles out of the city centre, miles not meters from the mentioned landmark and so luxurious it didn't even have a swimming pool.

    After phoning up to complain I was fobbed of with 'These deals are not refundable׳ and the representative seemed incapable of comprehend how if something is misold it's always refundable.

    Of course the helpful Customer Service representative DAVE in India had no manager to escalate this to. After checking these complaints I see I'm just another customer ripped off. Trading Standards and Smalk Claims court here I come.

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      Jul 18, 2013

    The deals and the site are misleading.
    I wanted to book a nice hotel for my boyfriend's birthday as we were also doing the London 10km race so I planned a fun romatic weekend in the city. I was looking between all the various travel booking sites and choosing between known hotels on the sites or the "Top Secret Hotel" and i thought it would be fun to have a bit of mystery. So, I booked the 5* night in a london hotel as I was lured in by the "exclusive" brand, and the "great deal". I didn't have a hotel in mind and I thought for what I was paying, and if it was 45% off, it must be a pretty nice hotel. I wish I had checked the message boards before paying for the room, little did I know the "top secret deals" are a complete farce and as a consumer you have no recourse.
    If I had known I was going to get a Holiday Inn I wouldn't have booked - it's not the sort of 5* they were touting (e.g. W) . The site advertises 45% off regular price bookings, that I was not compromising on quality and that it is guaranteed to be cheaper than booking the same hotel the usal way through or through anyone else. The CURRENT (18/7/2013) weekend price for a standard room at the Holiday Inn IS 185GBP a night and that is EXACTLY what I spent for the room (13/7.2013). Had I booked Holiday Inn through Expedia I would have paid GBP159. This is not exclusive and not cheaper, it is the same deal I could have gotten from Holiday Inn themselves and more expensive than other leading websites. It was NOT the best late deal. It was not discounted.
    I expected to get a room that was special, that WAS exclusive and instead we had an inside room overlooking the air vents of the courtyard - that to me is a compromise on quality and certainly not what I had planned when I booked this night in the city.
    I am so disappointed - but unfortunately it seems I am not the only one.

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      Jul 26, 2016

    I have booked with lastminute, it tooks 3 days to get confirmation, and ny My boarding pass was doubled seated

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