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Subject: Voucher Refund ([protected])

Hello dear Sir/Madam,

I'm writing you because I'm having some difficulties to have a voucher refunded to my bank account.

I have made the first booking on your website ( with ID [protected] on the 4th August 2019. Unfortunately I've been affected from the Thomas Cook bankruptcy and because of my flight back with them I've had all my package (flight+hotel) cancelled on the 25th September. My departure was the 4th October and this happned at very short distance from the planned departure.
I've been offered the choice to have a refund to my bank account or a voucher I could have used straight away. I've chosen the latter and the same day 4th October, I placed another booking for the same itinerary but this time overpriced by roughly £630 more.
I've been waiting for the booking to be confirmed for many days and I've made numerous calls to the customer service that each time I called and asked about the status of the reservation and I've been told every time (almost 3 times) that they were just looking into my booking and let me know after couple of hours, end of the day, etc. During the last calls made more than operator was blaming British Airlines for this delay because of some sort of problems by their side.
The 28th September I've received another email from the customer service (email address [email protected], in a very informal way with just plain text, at first I was thinking to a scam email to be honest) confirming that they've not been able to confirm the booking and that they were giving me a refund to my bank account of £638.41 (the price I paid extra when I used the voucher) with no options if I wanted instead a full refund. I've promptly called customer service to have a refund and been told to allow 72 hours.
Very quickly instead, the same day I received a voucher for the amount of £3, 639.78, again with no other choice but to accept it (this time email address was [email protected], same plain text with no header, footer as for the previous one) voucher code: [protected].
Called again the customer service and this time without even asking me for booking ID they already knew who I was. Very unprofessional and unsafe to manage a call with such sensitive data in this way (what could have happened if someone else was making this phone call from my mobile?), the operator was answering my question about the refund request in a rude way and I had to ask her which was the booking ID I was talking about as I was unsure she was handling the right one. She was the one upset when I really should have been fuming after the second cancellation at less than a week from departure now.

For this reason I want a total refund on my original payment method for the voucher you're keeping, as I've had no given choice to have it refunded or converted to a voucher. I feel like held hostage from booking with you again for a third time and I really don't want to as the previous attempts failed miserably with a customer service unable to handle my requests and give me proper answers, with my holidays ruined and with a money loss.

I'm also in touch with British Airways to have confirmation if the problem was really caused by them (as your customer service told me in more than one occasion), doesn't seem fair or professional to blame someone else for no reason. I'm telling you this because I've been able to book the flight with them just yesterday night with absolutely no problem.

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Oct 08, 2019

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