Lastman's Bad Boydelivery team and customer service


Bad Boy seems to have no concept of quality, I wish I knew this before because I would have never bought from them.

1. They send third party unskilled delivery personnel to do the job, who are unable to do their job if you have anything but a straight forward path
2. They left my property damaged and passed my off to their automated telephone service
3. Their CSR staff seemed to not be concerned at all with the fact that their delivery team could not do their job and damaged my place and passed us off to an email for the complaint and just rebooked the delivery
4. One of their reps told me to call them directly but only left me with their general number, still haven't heard back after calling within the times they told me to and leaving a message with "urgent" status
5. No reply regarding the complaint, unable to reach anyone to get a proper response from
This has been my life for the last 3 days and still nothing!

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