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poor quality

I purchased a Lane Action Sofa 07-22-2008. The springs and cushions

are already failing. This is an expensive sofa and I would think their

furniture should last longer than 1 1/2 years.

I will never buy Lane again. I am very disappointed in the quality of their

furniture. Especially at the price they charge. I will for sure go back to

buying Ashley when our family room is finished and I get my new set.

Can't believe this poor quality is made in the U.S.!! Would think the

quality would be better when made in the united States!

  • Mi
    Mike001 Jan 06, 2010

    I purchased a Lane sectional in April of 2008 and within months the fabric started showing signs of wear that you should only see after years of pets or children, of which I have neither. I contact Lane and they told me even with a warranty they wouldn't cover the fabric and I need a repair center to fix it. Never buy a Lane product! I know I never will again!

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  • Da
    Dan T Aug 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purchased three pieces of furniture leather, sofa, chair, leather chair faded where head goes never had leather do that and on the sofa the cushions on the back of sofa is all lumpy and bumpy people asked where purchased and how long code for chair 013632680and other 81649 and 81038. I paid a good amount of money for this and am very displeaed. This should last longer than this and leather should never discolor age yes but not discolor where your head goes. Any help in the matter would be appreciated. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter please.

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  • Sa
    Sally L. Apr 30, 2011

    I bought 2 Lane Recliners from Macy's and they began to breakdown after less than 2 years, the material was fine but the padding was horrible, a repair person was sent from Macy's and he told me that the padding was defective, when the report was turned in he stated that in was in manufacturer standards, I was so mad that I turned Macy's into the Department of Consumer Affairs and I also turned the inspection company into them and Lane Furniture. I am appalled as to how these company treat the consumer and will never shop at Macy's again

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  • Rb
    rba1400 Sep 24, 2013

    i purchased two lane sofas on aug./2012. in one year we had eight service calls. sheelys contacted lane, to see if they would returned them. they will not. sheelys will also not do anything for us. this furniture is nothing but good old american junk. sheelys sould be ashame to sell this junk.

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I spent around $1400 for 2 matching Lane "Leather" recliners at Hurwitz Mintz in New Orleans. My brother and I are big guys and in case it wasn't obvious enough, I made it clear to the sales person that we needed strong furniture, made for big men. She directed us to the Lane recliner, that was also a rocker and swivel chair. About 4 months later, I had to call for repairs as the seat support and lever mechanism was failing on both. To their credit, Hurwitz sent out a repairman to fix the chairs. Only problem? It happened again, and again, and again. Until finally, the store's warranty ran out after a year. They made one last repair on the last week of the warranty and advise us that the chairs were no longer covered. One month later ... my bother's chair fails again;mine is sagging badly. And a couple of months later -- boom. The seat cracks and falls in. Bottom line is that I have no confidence in Lane furniture and I'll never waste another dollar on anything they make.

unbelievably ignorant customer service people

I inherited a 1931 lane cedar chest a few months ago. As it needed some reconditioning, I started searching for parts. I needed: a lock mechanism, some trim weather stripping and hinges.

After scouring the net, a furniture restorer told me to contact Lane directly. BIG MISTAKE.

The customer service people were surly and acted as if I was wasting their time.

I finally got the hinges and trim ordered and had to pay for that. The lock mechanism was free as the old style had caused injuries in the past.

2 weeks late a box easily 2 ft by 4ft by 1 ft arrives. The box was 95% packing material and everything was in their except the lock. NONE of the parts matched the original stuff, even after having the rude customer service person assured me it would match. I asked several times.

Another package arrived FIVE weeks after I called. There was no lock in it, only a new latch.

I called and explained how I have had this thing torn apart and waiting on parts LANE promised would arrive for over 5 weeks. And they didnt even send me thee right parts.

Her response was a sarcastic "and...?" as if she was saying "so what do you want from ME?"

I have Lane tables and chairs, lane recliners and lane end tables. I will NEVER purchase another Lane product ever and I am urging all people I know to do the same. These lazy rude people just lost TONS of money all because of a rude and incompetent customer service department.

bad service

I purchased a leather recliner from Frontroom Furnishings in Columbus, Ohio after my old chair started to wear out. The old one was a cheapo, lasted me a good 5 years before the cushions literally wore out from under me. So, I figured I'd go all out and buy myself something better for Christmas. I have owned the thing for two/three months and the leather is peeling all over the place. It is not big peels, but little stuff. The guy from the store said "oh its from your shoes wearing it off." To which I replied that I don't wear shoes in my chair, and how does that explain how nearly every seam on both the ottoman and the chair is starting to peel.

This is inexcusable, cheap, shoddy manufacturing. They said they are going to "repair" it. I'll love to see how they do some makeshift fix while they are in my home. I plan to raise some *** if this is not exactly as it should be. Dishing out 800+ for a leather chair means that it better last me a while. My 12 year old leather sofa has taken the beating of a dog and 3 kids and it has NEVER peeled.

Lane Furniture is shoddy and overpriced. I will not be satisfied until the problem is resolved, which is likely an entire replacement. If Lane refuses to do that, both the store I bought from and the company shall never see my business again.

recliner chair

I bought a really nice Lane recliner chair and ottoman for around $800 some 7 years ago. I thought I got a really sweet deal as others of this style were almost twice as much.

To be honest, I've loved this chair.. nice and comfy and very stylish. However, last night when sitting down I heard a weird sound and while attempting to lean back to investigate under me, the thing went all the way back down to the floor with me in it. I thought maybe something like a spring had broken causing the issue, but what I found was that the entire metal attachment to the chair had simply torn off from my use!!! Right in the middle of where the piston attaches to the chair. Imagine a square of metal with a rip in the middle.

I don't weigh that much and other than sit in it, haven't done anything wacky in it. In fact I don't really recline in it.. by that I mean it has always been at such and such an angle and rarely changed it.

For the amount of money spent, I am horribly disappointed in this product. The metal that tore as well as how it tore, shows me that it is cheap metal as well as construction and was destined to break. I am so thankful I didn't have anything close behind me as it would have taken that out as well.

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defective material, poor customer service

We picked up our Lane 2pc sectional on 4/8/09. On 8/5/09 I emailed Lane Furniture Customer Service to explain the following fabric defect.

The fabric is coming apart in areas throughout and a hole has developed in one area. The problem is the light brown threads that cross the dark brown threads are separating. This leaves tiny dark spots because the light brown thread is gone. It is in random spots throughout the couch and isn't very noticeable, but the hole is noticeable and if the light brown thread continues to separate there will soon be holes all over the couch. The fabric has also become fairly loose over the cushions which makes the couch look "time worn".

They told me to deal with the store I bought it from because it was less than a year old. I did and a Furniture Pro employee came out, inspected the couch, took pictures and reported back a couple months later that a Lane Rep stated they would replace the defective part. I confirmed that the entire couch would be replaced because it only comes in two pieces. I was told to contact Lee's Furniture where it was purchased so they could let me know when it arrived. I did so.

After a couple more months went by and I heard nothing I emailed again a Lane's Customer Service, Furniture Pro and Lee's Furniture. Lee's checked into it right away and told me they never received the replacement couch, which has been discontinued, and they called a Lane Rep who knew nothing about it. Furniture Pro didn't have the name of the Lane Rep who stated they'd replace the couch. The Lane rep finally stated she was trying to figure which rep Furniture Pro was working with and would get back with me. She never did, but later another Lane rep did call and left me a message.

I returned the call and left a message which she didn't return. I called her again and she stated she didn't know why she called me. I explained the whole thing all over again. She then stated she was put in the middle of this and would have to talk to a rep to see how they would handle this since the couch was discontinued. It's been about a month and I haven't heard anything else from either Lane rep.

It appears that Lane will just give the consumer the run-a-round until they get tired of dealing with it and give up. We looked for a year before we chose this Lane sectional. We thought Lane made quality furniture...maybe they did at one time, but they don't anymore. They don't back their product and their customer service is horrible. What good is a warranty if they won't honor it?! Or are they waiting for the year to be up to say "Sorry, your warranty has expired."?!

very poor quality and terrible service

We purchased a sectional about three months ago and after delivery, we immediately complained of the quality...

timeless looking furniture that does not stand the test of time

I was so glad to see a complaint against Lane furniture.

I, too, experienced severe quality issues with my sectional and bed bench. Please note that these items where purchased at seperate times, and at seperate stores. I can easily believe that this is a problem with the manufacturer, not anything to do with the place of purchase.

The bed bench had a soft cushion top and metal legs. The appearance was classic, however the quality was terrible. The legs bent out and broke within less than a year. The damage was unrepairable. Due to the low item's cost, I did not bother with the manufacturer.

However, around the same time I purchased a $2500 5 pc Lane Sectional. The sections included two recliners, two stationary seats, and a chaise lounge. The sectional pieces never stayed attached. The fabric tore on seams. The recliners do not recline or go back easily. When I contacted Lane I was instructed to submit pictures of the complaints. Their resolution was to send me the same crappy sectional connectors that were the problem in the first place. Nothing was done with the tears or recliner mechanisms. The piece, although it appears nice, has a bad engineered design of it's functions. It is a hazard, I will eat a huge lost just to get it out of my home.

Lane furniture looks good, but it does not last long. I will never buy another piece of Lane furniture.

  • Ni
    nicky27 Dec 05, 2009

    we are in the same situation with crappy furniture from land from the moment it came into my house. We are still trying to resolve it but all they say is normal wear which i don't understand after 6 months of use.we even had one of their repairmen spray windex on the leather and as he wiped it watched the color come off. He did not even noted it on the form and now we have to look at a seat cover with a big faded streak because lane says it's not their fault.They are the worst and we will never buy from them again.

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  • Ji
    Jim Withrow Aug 05, 2010

    We have Lane Bedroom outfit, purchased slightly used (6mos old) in 1960. Still looks good.

    Pledge makes it look very good.

    All my Lane furniture has been excellent, and long lasting.

    My daughter still using Lane Coffee tablet we purchased in 1961.

    Jim WIthrow

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Mechanism Warranty

The machanism on our rocker/recliner failed. The mechanism has a lifetime warranty. On the repairman'...

awful company

We purchases two Lane recliners from a local furniture store in our area and within a few weeks the padding that goes under your legs and makes up the front of the chair had totally lost its shape.

We called the store about the problem and they began procedures to have someone come look at the chairs. After about a week, they called and said Lane had their own people who service their furniture. So, I made an appointment with them and they came a few weeks later.

The service man was quite rude and told me that the furniture's padding lose its shape because of some law that was passed in California, where they had to be able to take the pad out and check to see if it was fireproof. Why would they have to do that when they can't take the padding out of the whole rest of the chair? This all sounded like a bunch of baloney to me, but the part that really blew me away was he told me I'd just have to get under my recliner and straighten the pad all the time. I'm 62 years old and I am not about to climb under the chairs each time someone gets up, to straighten the padding. It takes just one sitting and they look bad again.

One chair also makes a loud banging noise, which I couldn't get it to do when he was here. I put my foot up in the chair, the way I sit sometimes and he told me, 'Well there's your problem, if you put your foot up there, that's going to happen.' Meaning the pads will shift. I have two Lazyboy recliners, which I've had for 8 or 9 years (I showed to him) and never had to sit any certain way to avoid the pads from shifting. He had an excuse for that too. No matter what I told him, he had an excuse for why it was happening, but no logical or satisfactory solutions.

I called the store and they said they don't take items back after 14 days. According to some of your other complaints, apparently Lane doesn't do anything either, even though the chairs have a one year warranty. If I do hear from Lane and receive any kind of satisfaction, I will let you know.

I will never buy Lane furniture again.

  • Valerie Sep 24, 2008

    A few years ago my wife and I spent our tax refund on two recliners from Globe Furniture in Lagrande, Oregon. My wife purchased a Lazy Boy and I purchased a Lane. She tried to talk me into a Lazy Boy because we had previously owned a Lazy Boy handed down to us from some friends, that chair was 20 years old. I wanted the Lane because it was big and fluffy. 6 months after this purchase the Lane’s back broke as well as the rocker. The furniture company (Globe) fixed it and a month later the repairs failed. My wife called Globe who repeatedly told us through their representative that they would repair it, but no one ever showed up to pick up the chair. I contacted Lane and their representative told me they could do nothing for me unless I needed a new rocker assembly and then they would ship that to me, but the actual chair was not covered. Lane refused to take ownership for the poor construction in the chair, and placed the blame on the furniture retailer (Globe).

    Frustrated, I decided to take the chair apart and see if I could repair it myself. When I took the chair apart I discovered that the plywood that Lane had used to construct the chair was substandard. We have a plywood mill in our area; my father in-law told me that when a piece of plywood is substandard the mill sells the plywood at a cut rate so that it can cover some of the cost of this error. The plywood is usually used for pig pen dividers and various non structural purposes because this plywood is weak and sub-standard. One of the main reasons for this is that the glue that is supposed to hold the pealed layers together doesn't hold well and therefore the plywood is very pulpy and weak. With this in mind I examined the materials used in the construction of my chair. The plywood was very pulpy and the wooden pins used to hold the chair together didn't hold fast to the pulpy plywood. The pins split away from the plywood as if it had been glued into a piece of balsa wood (the wood used to construct toy airplanes, very light; not very strong).

    It was very clear to my eyes and experience in the construction field that my chair was built in a very hurried fashion, and out of sub-standard materials. It is very sad that in this day and age American Made has no value. American companies use to take pride in the construction of consumer products, from automobiles to furniture. However, it is very clear to me that Lane doesn't care about the construction of its product and refuses to stand behind it. I feel this is because Lane knows that their chairs are pieces of Garbage and to stand behind such Garbage would mean sure bankruptcy for their company.

    Recently, I explained my story to another furniture retailer telling them that I didn't want a Lane. This company offered me a great deal of money off my next chair to restore my confidence in Lane. I thought about this offer for a moment, and then almost vomited in my mouth. How could I swallow my words and go back to the company that had put me through so much stress and discomfort (the chair was horrible after it was broken, and my wife wasn't giving up her chair)? The mere fact that I had given this offer a second thought disturbed me. A reasonable consumer would count the almost $700.00 (the cost of my Lane recliner) a learning experience and never return to the *** platter. Yet, even though I gave this offer a second thought, I won't be returning to the poo poo platter and anyone else that does, is just asking for trouble.

    I have a suggestion for Lane. They need to get the price of their chairs down to what they are worth, (about $49.99) and sell them at Wal-Mart. I'm sure many consumers would be willing to buy them as throw away chairs like camp chairs. Then when they broke the camper could break out the wooden frame inside the chair and use it for kindling.

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  • La
    Lane sucks Mar 01, 2013

    For Christmass I got a very cool power recliner, the problem is the switch was broken and to this first day in March it is still broke. What good is a power recliner that does not recline or the Lane brand that does not service. I followed the process with no results. I am willing to put the switch in myself if I could get them to send the part. I too vow to never purchace any Lane product.

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shoddy recliners

We paid $1300.00 for two recliners which have already been replace because of poor workmanship. Next two...

bad service

On January 18, 2008, Mr. Bennington (Guardsman Rep) came to my home to investigate the complaint that I had made in reference to the furniture I purchaced from Havertys @ Hilton Head, SC. I was not home when Mr. Bennington came to my house, but my wife was. Mr. Bennington basically stated that the dye on the leather that was coming off was not covered by the protection plan that I purchased. He told my wife this problem was a manufactures defect, however he would try to cover the faded area by spraying the leather. Mr. Benninton tried to do a good job, but I do not want patched up furniture that I purchased a little over a year ago. You will also notice that the leather is also cracking on the smaller recliner-sofa (see photo). I was told to take pictures of the furniture and e-mail them to your website.

defect in cuddler recliner?

I got an "ashley" sofa and loveseat at big lots 3 years ago which i thought was actually made by "ashley" but...

42 comments Union City Furniture

leather sectional

Potential Lane Furniture Customers Beware: Please understand before you buy a Lane product that Lane...


After a house fire, my husband and I had to replace some of our furniture. We decided to also buy a recliner for my husband. We bought a Lane because it was fluffy and softer than a Lazy Boy. From almost day one the chair has sat crooked. The reclining mechanism has had to be fixed twice and now it won't even rock. It feels like there is something under the chair preventing it from moving. It also sits way back when you sit down in it. My husband, who is 6'2" can't even reach the floor because of it. It makes a banging sound and it's just ridiculous. After contacting the furniture store about getting our money back, we were told that Lane doesn't offer a money back guarantee. Imagine that! No wonder...their furniture is crappy and if they did offer the guarantee they would lose everything. Well, the battle continues and we are being persisitent about getting our money back...tune in next time!

sofa/loveseat recliners

My wife and I purchased a Leather Sofa/Loveseat from A&H Wayside, 1550 Freeway Drive, Reidsville, NC in Sept...

terrible quality products

I purchased a large recliner 3 yrs ago, which is a piece of crap. It is literally falling to pieces. I have to place a piece of lumber under it to keep it from falling over to one side. Large pieces of wood from the underbelly frame are falling off, cracking wood and exposed nails. This furniture, which I paid lots of money for, is crap, garbage.

I want it replaced. Your company is a disgrace to the public!! Either replace it or give me a refund. Furniture should last a lot longer than 3 yrs.

  • Db
    DBDartmouth Dec 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We purchased a sectional 320 Aspen in June 2010 from JC Pennys in Langhorne Pa, This furniture is falling apart the fabric is all pulled and the pieces do not stay together. I have hurt my back several time trying to put the pieces together.
    The foam in the cushions is bunching up. This furniture is only a little over a year old, at $2071.00 I think it should have lasted a little longer than that. I also would like a replacement. If this is the way a american product is made no wonder we are going downhill.
    I would like a response to this complaint or where I can go from here.
    [email protected]

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awful quality products

Bought two Lane Recliners from local store. Both recliners started making noise immediately when sitting in them. Store replaced one chair which still had the same defect. Paid $500.00 down when ordered chairs still owe $322.00 would not pay balance until chairs fixed.

To this day chairs have not been taken care of and have got even worse in the noise they were making. Even contacted Lane Co. themselves with no response??? Have decided to keep chairs as is but will not pay balance owed until satisfied. Will not ever again buy Lane products of anything, period again!

  • Ca
    carolyn c. shiver Nov 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I thought I was the only one who got doodied on ! Bought a Lane Big Man recliner last Nov. just because the foot rest was seemingly longer and didn't make my ankles hurt. Three times the mechanism has been replaced, the last time less than a month ago and now it's messing up again. The Lane Company says it's the store's responsibility to replace the chair, and the store says it's the company's. The chair has a lifetime warranty and the mechanism's warranty is for 1year and will expire soon. I'm going down to the store today and face the owner tooth to toenail, but am not expecting much. Badcock's furniture is much better, less expensive and they are easier to work with. I will say that I have bought several Lane recliners over the years, and this problem is a first for me.

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  • Ca
    carrie thomas Nov 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I did write you last week about an expensive recliner we bought from hoovers store in Milton Pa and we got no response there is no reason the springs should of broke and now staples are falling out. I gave you all the numbers everything is still on the bottom of the chair all papers Please give us some kind of response Mr hoover was quite rude about it. thank you carrie thomas 507 piper avenue Milton Pa 570-742-4475

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  • Wa
    Wallace Newman Aug 15, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a beautiful recliner. The mechanism is malfunctioning and loosing nuts and bolts. If you could give me the replacement # part that would be nice.
    Thank You,
    Wallace Newman

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  • Ly
    Lynn2017 Sep 19, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a couch and waited 8 weeks for it to be made. It arrived with a tear in the fabric. I spent 1k on this piece along with 3 lane recliner chairs. I was offered 100 dollars but do not feel this is reflective of the damage. this is a fabric tear that cannot be sewn and thru use will only weaken the area and further the damage.


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scam and garbage

A few years ago my wife and I spent our tax refund on two recliners from Globe Furniture in Lagrande, Oregon...