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In July of 2006 I went to buy some clothes at Lane Bryant, they convinced me to to get a credit card to save 10% on my purchases. Which ended up being a savings of about $10. I planned to pay off the card once I received the bill so no worries. Bill came I went online to pay the bill and could not. I don't do checks so I can only pay online or in person. So I went to the store to pay the bill, there systems were down so i couldn't pay there either. I tried again to pay via the website still can't pay. This is all over about a month time. I went into the store again systems were up so I paid $75, and decided to put another purchase on the card to build up my credit. At that time I was told I had a zero credit balance. I was so upset by this time because of all the frustration I bent the card in half and told them to close the account. She said she couldn't close it so I called into have it closed.

The representative couldn't help me so I asked to speak to a supervisor, who never called me back. A few calls later with no supervisor returning the call, and I was really upset. They had now charged me another $75 Plus interest and the account is still open.

They now start to call me but they dont talk to me, as soon as I pick up the phone they hang up. I sent letters in and even reported them to the BBB. I do not feel it i fair that they continue to charge me late fees and interest when I have asked the account be closed and a final bill be sent. Plus the late charges waived since their website and store were not able to receive a payment.

Fast froward a year later.... This was an $81 charge.. I've paid $75... and some brilliant lady called me again at 8:32 AM to tell me my current bill is $176!!! Granted I work until 2AM so their early morning calls are really affecting my health do to not getting enough sleep.

Can they continually keep calling and charging this account forever? The only thing they have done is stopped sending me a monthly statement. I just want this to go away, what should I do.. besides paying them $176? I am fine with settling this for $50 but they seem to not think that is appropriate.... are they all such bloodsucker?


  • Su
    Susan Willis Apr 04, 2008

    My daughter received a call from a collection agency saying that she owed Lane Bryant. She had not heard from them or received a bill from them. They told her the bill was due the next day. She was told the total was $343. Feb. 27, 2008 I called Lane Bryant and paid $200. they would not give me info on the account because my daughter was the account holder. She called Lane Bryant and they told her that they received payment and since there had been a settlement offer for $130 they would pay off the account and give her a credit of $70. I thought everything was settled until the collection agency called yesterday April 3, 2008 and said that Lane Bryant said they had never received payment. I told her I had paid by phone and checked my account and it had been deducted from the account. She told me I would have to send something to Lane Bryant to confirm payment. My daughter called Lane Bryant and they said they had received the payment of $200 but they wanted $185 more! They said they would not provide account records unless she sent $5. (They had promised to send confirmation of the paid off account and the $70 credit but to date nothing has come) We are fed up!!! I was trying to pay this in good faith but they way they are playing it the debt will never be paid up as in the case of the previous person. Warning! Get everything in writing if possible and do not pay by tele check.

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  • A
    a Jul 05, 2008

    Lane Bryant is the WORST. I paid off my Lane Bryant bill and then recieved a bill 2 months later with mysterious charge of 35.99 on it which I did not make.

    I called the custermer service department immediately. Customer Service me that they were baffled and could not tell me what was charged to my account but inisited it must have been internet charge that I must have made. I did not.

    I was told to write a letter to their Disputes Department and everything would be taken care of. It was NOT. They continued to harass me twice daily and pile on late fees.

    I finally spoke with a gentleman in Customer Service who told me he would bring my account back to ZERO. He did not. The late fees and the phone calls continued.

    Eventually, I gave up the battle and made a "deal", paying the mysterious charge with the removal of late fees. I thought I was free. I'm NOT. They still continue to call. I'm literally at my wits end and will NEVER step foot into a Lane Bryant again

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  • Ca
    Canisha Sep 17, 2008

    I have not had any of these things happen to me from lane bryant but they do call me in the am with a recording that tells you of sales coming up. I now do not give my number to the cashier when they ask for it because it is not necessary. But to whoever reads this in the future. Start saving your receipts that you get from them when you pay in the store. If you send in checks, save your returned checks when you get them in the mail. Or if you use a money order save the stub. Whatever you do save the receipts.

    A friend also said that what she does it save the last two bills that come in. Say your bill is $100.00, save it and if you want to pay it all. Pay all but say one dollar. They are going to send you another bill for that $1.00. Either go to the store and pay that $1.00 in the store or send it in, but save your bills. Now you show proof that yes, you owed $100.00 and on the bill with $1.00 it will show that credit for $99.99 with the new balance being $1.00.

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  • Do
    Dorotha Allamand Sep 20, 2008

    I am so disguested with Lane Bryant I could scream, you see I have been a customer of theirs since 1990 and just recently received a cred card from them with $1, 600.00 on it and so I decided to order some clothes and I went to their web site and put the order in got a confirmation number and the next day a letter saying they had SHIPPED the order .

    Time went by and no package and finally I decided to go to the site and track my order and much to my surprise Lane Bryant had canceled the order.

    Why? So I wrote and I got an answer back some kind of double talk about the fact they had changed banks and I did not have a credit card from that bank and therefore they could not fill my order.

    No one said a word to me about this and I was baffled so I went to the site to check on my account and guess what you got it I cannot even get to my own account because of the bank number that I do not have so I tried to call and got the recording and because my account number was not correct I could not even get to a live person.

    I ordered a mattress pad and what I got was a piece of plastic to put UNDER the mattress and blow it up to make the mattress firmer but the piece of plastic did not even begin to cover the mattress so I would have had one more lumpy mattress.

    Of course I had to pay the return postage.

    I bet anything when they send the bill they will not have any problem sending it and I almost feel like writing back and saying I changed addresses and I am not accepting anything from this address or I changed banks (like you did) and your bill cannot be accepted by my new bank.

    Well, I won't do that but I will pay the bill off it is not enough to write home about but I will tell you one thing Lane Bryant will never get anymore of my business and I am handicapped so ordering from the computer makes it nice and handy for me and between Lane Brayant and Brylane Home I had planned to do most of my Christmas shopping but not now I will go to Wal-mart they know how to treat their customers.

    Thank You for letting me get this off of my chest as I am writing anyone and everyone who will listen I think this is terrible.

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  • I just wanted to inform you that Lane Bryant has lost my business and I will pass the word along. I was short $10.00 on my payment and they turned my name over to a collection agency without a warning. I can't believe your company handles your customers this way.

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  • Le
    Lencarlton Dec 01, 2009

    I have had continual problems getting online to Lane Bryant's website, so just decided not to use them anymore and paid off my account of $95 (I thought...). That was in September. I get caller ID and would from time to time get calls from Ohio (who knew?). So yesterday just for kicks I looked up the number and lo and behold it was Lane Bryant. So got on the phone to them, spoke with 3-4 people before I could get any answers, then still am left baffled. I have had NO communication with this company since July 2009, no emails, no USPS mail, nothing. In my mind I paid OFF my account back in September.

    First person I talked with said because I didn't pay some pay-by-phone fee that the payment never went through and I was charged $50 in late fees. I hit the roof on that one, she didn't speak English well, so was sent on to the next person in "Customer Service", who also had poor English skills. He had to eventually get a supervisor, who was thoroughly unhelpful and nasty. I was told then that the $95 payment DID go through, but that I owed 8 cents!!! I must have pushed a wrong button on the phone when asked the amount to pay WAY BACK in September. So ended up paying the pay by phone fee ($5) + 8 cents to them. They did finally agree to take off the late charges. Then noticed, when I FINALLY did get into the Lane Bryant online account (they had upgraded the website so was somehow easy to get into this time), and found my credit limit had been much decreased. Obviously due to my "late fees", etc. So another call to them. Nobody knew anything, nobody could do anything about that. So had the last person just close out my account, told them they were way too much trouble to deal with, that they were very inefficient, had a bad system, poor service, etc. etc. And was told there was NOONE else I could speak to. Of course, there is ALWAYS someone else, so looked up Lane Bryant Corporate online and wrote to everyone there. Have yet to hear back from anyone, and don't expect to either. Bad company. I will not give them any more of my money ever again. And just as an aside, the quality of their clothing has gone WAY down over the years, very trashy and cheap, all except the cost of course.

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  • Ge
    Genyfer Jan 07, 2010

    I too have had them call and hang up when I answer. I figure it was just an unknown number until I called back after the 20 phone call. I got a letter in the mail saying that they are turning it over to a a collection agency but they haven't gotten a hold of me either. So, I tried to get into my account yesterday to see if I could finally pay it and get rid of the card, but, the account number on my bill is not the one that matches my name on their site (I don't know how that works?) How do I figure out how to Pay the collection agency if I don't know who it is? I don't even know what to do. I hate Lane Bryant.

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  • Ga
    Gayle A. May 22, 2010

    I went to pay on my Lane Bryant account. They offer same day payment or the next day payment, but you have to pay $10.00 for it, which I feel is a rip off. Why does it cost $10.00 to get your payment posted to your account before the third business day?
    I made my payment to go through the third business day. I got an email thanking me for my payment. Today I got my statement in the mail, charging me a $29.00 late charge and another $1.00 for the paper statement I received in the mail.
    This new company that has taken over the credit card for Lane Bryant has lost my business. I can't wait to pay off my card. I have enrolled in paperless statements, so I will save a $1.00 there. But I think to be charged $10.00 to get a payment posted to your account before the third business day is got to be some kind of wrong business practice.

    Lane Bryant: I love your clothes, but I hate your credit card practices...

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  • De
    Dee2172011 Jul 02, 2010

    I just filed a complaint against Worldwide financial for not disclosing their ridiculous $10 "same day" fee that you have to pay if you're paying less than 3 days before the due date. Hope you enjoy your lousy $10 guys. I wouldn't have minded if at least you'd put it in the terms. Losers.

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  • De
    Dee2172011 Jul 02, 2010

    The regulator for a national bank is the Comptroller of the Currency but you can file with the Federal Reserve online and they will route it.

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  • Da
    Darkbeauty25 Mar 29, 2011

    I am Canadian and while visiting Florida in March of 2009 was offered a Lane Bryant card to save $. I did not make any purchases on the card as you can not use it to purchase online anyhow and I make it to the US about 1-2 times a year. I finally put a purchase on the card in August of 2010. I got my first bill October 8th in the mail with the due date being October 3rd. I called them to tell them I did not get my bill in time and that I had sent a cheque and gave them the amount and cheque number so they were aware it was enroute. I was then told I had to send anothe cheque for $2.42 cents to get it to zero balance. I was appalled I had to waste a whole check on $2.00 but did anyway. So here I assumed my account was at zero. That was October 2010. March 20th I receive 2 bills in the mail (Feb/Mar 2011) saying I owe $68.79 to them and it is all late fees and finance fee charges...needless to say I snapped. I talked to person after person, was hung up on and treated like garbage by their "customer service" I was unable to have anybody answer me as to what these charges came from and how I get no bills, emails, and am expected to pay this. After a couple of days I finally spoke to a man named Ty who said he would reverse all the charges, and fix my credit I said "WHAT?" YOU ARE RUINING MY CREDIT when I have never received a bill from you and all these charges are fees that you have decided to add to my account even though it's at a zero balance? He assured me I was now at zero, he fixed my credit and I wouldn't be getting any bills because my account was at zero. About an hour later World Financial Bank called me and asked me for my arrears, to which I informed them my account was at zero and was credited an hour earlier. I was then informed to double check in a week to make sure because she had heard this before. Great! So today I go online and try and find my account to which I did and it says I have a balance of $ this never ending? What does a person have to do to have this at zero? when will they stop screwing people over and ruining credit scores? I taped the whole conversation and am thinking of you tubing it and making it go viral and asking a lawyer what to do with this ludacris company.

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  • Se
    seeshell Apr 09, 2011

    Lane Byant is about to losing my business unless they start making some changes in the store. 1) I notice that the fashion for at least the past 5 years looks like it for old people ages 55 and up. Whats going on? I see better clothes in the deep country of SC. 2) The price of these unsitely clothes are too high so when you the coupon its really no discount.3) Whats up with the short s flimsy materal, I'm a plus size and apple shape person it seems you cater to pear shape people.4) The winter coats are not made for winter, the coats are cheap and out of fashion. Come on get it together!

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  • Mt
    MT-K Mar 08, 2012

    Lane Bryant has been my 'go-to' store for a long time. I love their coupons & discounts. I am now in a position to take advantage of those 'timed' coupons. So what's wrong? Everything brand new is selling out. I just got the catalog; found several shirts I want; planned my purchase with all those great deals, but now nothing is available. It's either out in the color, or the larger size, or gone completely (it's a brand new shirt!). I can't afford to run in there to buy a shirt with out a coupon because the prices are inflated. So here I am with these great deals & the store / online is empty.

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  • Jo
    JonieMB Oct 21, 2014

    BOYCOTT LANE BRYANT AND THEIR CREDIT CARD- The clothes are definitely not worth the harassment.

    Lane Bryant harasses card holders nonstop every single day for their payments.

    It doesn't matter if it is $17 owed or $500 owed they will call all of the phone numbers listed in the account every single day until they get their money. Their interest on the card is crazy, their clothes are not even that great anymore, and they say "just answer the phone call, we will stop calling FOR THAT DAY ONLY!" Then if you don't make the payment they will continue to call every single day.

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  • Br
    Brit Brat Jun 11, 2019

    Do I have pay my current balance off of on my Lane Bryant credit card and when I spent on my Lane Bryant credit card is that my current balance or do I have to pay off my current balance off

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  • Sh
    Shopper TOO Sep 02, 2019

    I was told that "they don't serve my size, you need to go elsewhere. " 6 ft tall, size 14/16. I left and haven't returned.

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