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This morning, as I was working out on one of those hamstring machines that has you lying on your stomach, face forward and raising the weights with your ankles, a personal trainer approaches me from behind, puts his hand on my back and tells me that this position is exposing me, that I should preserve my dignity and there are other machines that I can use "without shame" that will exercise the same muscles (the machines he pointed to were for quads, not for hamstrings but that's just a small point).

I asked him to remove his hand and was touching a woman he had never met also a part of preserving her "dignity". When I complained to the general manager, however, that manager defended the personal trainer (who had interrupted a session with a paying client to monitor me). the manager said he himself touches people all of the time, that it's good to have someone stop women from being "exposed".

I think this is a terrible atmosphere for a woman to work out in, and I am now about to cancel my membership. Not that it's relevant, but none of my skin was exposed, nor should I feel restricted by what machines I use by someone else's (a personal trainer no less) mixed-up sense of "dignity". And to have his inappropriate touching and monitoring be supported by the manager? What kind of company is this...


  • Valerie Jan 09, 2007

    LA Fitness has been running huge ads in the Dallas Morning News. I called the Rowlett Texas location to inquire about memberships.

    The lady who answered the phone acted like she didn't know what to do. I also asked her if this was the closest club to me in Garland. She informed me that they will be opening a club in Garland. I inquired as to when it would be open. She said "I have no idea". She asked "Would you like to talk to a sales rep?" I answered "yes". The sales rep acted like he couldn't be bothered but informed me that the new Garland club will be next to South Garland High School. That is right down the street from me. He couldn't give me any specifics and talked so fast that I had to ask him to slow down when he was explaining rates, etc. to me. I asked him if I could purchase a membership now and join the Garland club when it opens. He said "yes". I asked if he could call me when he finds out when the Garland club would open and gave him my phone number. He said he would get back to me. He never called back. I encountered no financial loss with this experience but it tells me that LA Fitness could care less if they make you a customer or not. In other words, if they treat a potential customer so poorly, just think how they will treat a customer once they scratch up your money.

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  • El
    Elizabeth Carrillo Jan 31, 2007

    I must agree with the complains in this post. I have my own experience with LA Fitness in McKinney and it isn't pleasant. I signed up on November trying to take advantage of a promotion even when I knew I wasn't going the first month since we were going out of town. A week after we signed up, I decided to go and took my two daughters with me to check the kids club which turned out to be a horror scenery. First thing I saw when walking in, I baby crying scared at the corner of the club and non of the 4 sitters where even bothering to look. I figured "first timer" and let it go. Then left my daughters and starting working out. 10 minutes later I am called because they are upset crying. I go down and stayed with them to check what was going on.... surprise, surprise, within the 1/2 hour of being there, 1 of the sitters was yelling at a kid for being loud, the one that was supposed to be taking care of the non-walking babies is chatting with the other one and all the babies are crying at the top of their lungs and they were not even bothered by it. Of course the hole time, they are being bothered by me being there and staring at me like a weird bug. I took my 2 daughters and left, 2 days later came back with my husband and asked him to stay with the kids without saying a word to him of what had happened just told him "so the kids get use to the place". 10 minutes later in the workout he is calling me on my cell saying the same thing!! we took our kids and left. The next day I called the manager to complain and she only said to come and speak to her next time I am at the Gym... I mean, hadn't I just told her what had happened on the phone? Of course!!! the first thing on my head was "she just wants to know who I am for whatever reason" ... nothing was done, things at the same at the kids club. At the time I asked to cancel my membership and my money back since only a week had passed they refuse to do it because they have a 3 day only policy that the sales guy "forgot" to mention (my own fault for not reading through the contract though). I kept the membership but haven't been able to work out a single day because my 2 daughters are terrified of going in there. Today I wanted to freeze my account and I was told that I need it to give them 2 1/2 weeks notice to do so (no where in the contract says anything about that, nor in their web page. I called the corporate office and they said nothing could be done because the charge to my credit card was already done even when they are supposed to charge the credit card on the first. The explanation: "we sent out the billing (charge the credit cards) a few days before the first so by the first we have the clearing of the bank and your account won't go delinquent, in fact, we are making you a favor by doing this" I could not believe what I was hearing!! As of today we have spent $430 on dues and not worked out a single day... by the way, I also forgot to mentioned that they charge you with first and last month and year subscription to get you enrolled.

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  • Valerie Feb 12, 2007

    I recently started working in a new area and wanted to join a gym. There is an LA Fitness very close to where I work in Sorrento Valley/Mira Mesa, California.

    I went in there about three weeks ago just to look at the facilities. I was in no frame of mind to make any kind of commitment because there are a lot of health clubs in the area, and I wanted to check them all out before joining anything. Well, before they would let me even look at the place, they called this goon over who spent more than 20 minutes trying to sell me a membership. I told him that I wanted to see the facilities first. So he took me around for 5 minutes and then brought me back to his desk and proceeded to try to get me to give him a check and sign a contract. I told him that I just stopped in to see the gym and that was it! Then I asked about a free pass to try out the exercise classes. So he said he would put me in the computer for a 7 day pass. I explained to him that I didn't have time to try it out right away but that in a few weeks I would. He assured me that the pass was good for 7 days once I actually started to use it.

    Well, last night - about 3 weeks later, I went to the gym to try out one of the exercise classes for the first time. They couldn't find my name in the computer, but I didn't want to miss the class so I gave them my info so that they could sort it out by the time the class was over. After the class, I went to see what happened. The General Manager, Joe, jumped all over me and told me that if I wanted to try out their gym it would cost me $40 for the week, and that a gym is a gym and that I should just go ahead and buy the membership. I explained to him that I am joining for the classes only, and that I want to make sure that I like them before I commit myself to $149 plus $35 a month.

    (Do the math, that's almost $600 for the year!!!!) I told him that every other gym gives people a free pass to try out their facilities and he told me that the exercise classes are for members only and that the only way I could try them out was to pay him the $149 and if, within 5 days, I didn't like them, I could get my money back. Yeah, right. Why not just let me use the free f$#^$king pass??!!?!? Then I go on the internet and learn about all the horror stories about LA Fitness never giving anybody their money back or allowing members to cancel their contracts by not processing their paperwork!!! Why should I give these people $149 to try out their gym when they are supposed to give free 3,5, or 7 day passes to do this???!?!?!?!!! I was so mad that I called up their corporate headquarters and talked to some guy in the membership department. He told me that of course I should be able to get a free pass to try out the gym. Then he put me on hold and called Joe, the GM of LA Fitness in Sorrento Valley. When he came back on the line, he was extremely rude to me and told me that if I wasn't prepared to join the club the day I walked into LA Fitness then I should have never stopped by there in the first place. I was so mad that I asked to speak to his supervisor and he refused to put his supervisor on!!!!! What a way to operate a customer service department. And come to think of it, if you're trying to sell a gym membership, shouldn't you wait to be rude until AFTER you've condemned the victim to one of your never-ending contracts???!?!?

    People, do not join this club. They are only after your money, and once they get it, they WILL NOT GIVE IT BACK, nor will they cancel your membership, so you will continue to have to pay the monthly fee month after month, even after having sent in the paperwork to have it cancelled. The staff and management, from local to corporate, are extremely rude and unprofessional. I never thought the day would come when I would be insulted by a bunch of meatheads. They are worse than the proverbial used-car salesmen (my apologies to used-car salesmen). As for the class, it was crowded, nobody looked happy, and there weren't enough weights in the room for everyone to use - and the weights that were there weren't marked and looked like they came off some submarine from WWII that had been lying at the bottom of the sea for the past 60 years. You are better off joining a smaller gym where the staff and management care about their members and know how to treat customers. In Mira Mesa/Sorrento Valley alone, there are lots and lots of gyms. I am so glad Joe was such a dick to me because I started looking around and found a gym that was much better, friendlier and cheaper than LA Fitness!!!

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  • Te
    Tenzin Feb 28, 2007

    LA Fitness is by far the most unprofessional fitness club I have come across. I joined initially because they were giving discounted membership and letting people use their temporary facility for free. However, it's been over two months since the promised "opening" date of their new and improved club at Springfield, Maryland. I didn't want to wait any longer and decided to cancel my membership, but they told me I'd have to wait till the club opened and then I can cancel within the first three days of their opening for a full refund. They kept giving me random dates for the opening with the same scripted response,"Oh, I know it's frustrating for you. It's frustrating for us too." I finally call on Feb.28, the last time I was told the club would open, and guess what? The club is still not open and the date has been moved to beginning of March!! This is ridiculous! Not only does the staff not know how to behave and talk professionally, they don't even look fit to represent a fitness club. I didn't think about it until I visited a Washington Sports Club (WSC) and was greeted by a fit looking, very professional and polite fitness trainer. I mean, a healthy and fit looking body is what a fitness club is trying to sell and if you don't look the part, what does it say about the business you are in? The people over at LA Fitness looked sloppy, chubby and definitely not someone I would approach to ask for advice on fitness.

    P.S. I did get my money back after I yelled at the "General Manager" and told him I don't have the patience to call them back over and over again. He said it's done and that the money will be back in my account. I was surprised that he didn't ask me to come in personally like they did before to get my money back. I mean, if this could have been taken care of over the phone in the first place, why inconvenience their members (or ex-members is more like it)??? I don't know what business wisdom lies behind this tactic, but for sure now not only did they lose a customer, they also managed to lose potential customers because I will be advising people against joining this club.

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  • Er
    Ernie S. Mar 27, 2007

    Do not join this club! Be warned! They are only after your money. If you do, you do so at your own risk. LA Fitness is by far the most unprofessional fitness club I have come across. And if you already made the mistake of joining , whatever you do, DO NOT sign up for any of their "personal training". Don't even talk to them about it or they may put your name in the computer, access and charge your credit card or bank account without authorization and then you will have to deal with trying to get a refund and the hell they will put you through.

    I'm surprised they have not had a class action lawsuit or criminal charges brought against them yet.

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  • We
    Wendy Coleman Mar 28, 2007

    The staff at the call center is beyond sub-par. Everytime I call I get different information and they are doing this to delay my cancellation so that they can keep my money longer. They told me I needed a doctor's note so I provided one then they said it needed to say a specific phrase which they never told me i needed. Now I am wasting time and money due to their incompetence. I have really had it and there are no apologies, they make the mistakes and make the customer fix it. DO NOT JOIN LA FITNESS!!!

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  • St
    Stacie Jul 12, 2007

    I just wanted to put my two cents in since I saw that the Rowlett, Texas gym was mentioned. I work out at LA Fitness in Rowlett and have had nothing negative ever happen there. I am also in the personal training program and Jeff is my trainer. He is FANTASTIC! I have not had one problem there. When I first talked to the personal trainers, Noel and Ryan to be exact, they were very nice and very sincere and never once talked to me like they just wanted my money. They didn't even hound me about getting a personal trainer. I actually had to call up there and ask them when a good time was for me to come back in and set something up! I have nothing negative to say about the gym or the personal trainers what so ever. They are very professional and very polite. The people at the front counter are very curious as well! I did not sign any contracts either. Everything for me was done on a month to month basis and I can cancel at anytime as long as I give them 60 days notice. I give this gym two thumbs up and the trainers (especially jeff) two more thumbs up! Love it!

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  • Jo
    John Smith Jul 13, 2007

    My complaint is about their cancellation process which is totally designed to make as much money as they can off of you. I sent my cancellation form via regular mail and they never received it, they told me that I should have sent my letter with certified mail. I called and talked to their customer service and after being on the phone for almost 45 minutes, they told me that they canceled my membership and there is nothing to worry about, that I don't owe anything. Surprisingly two months after that, I received a letter from a collection agency that I have to pay $184. I went to the LA Fitness club next to my house and they said basically they could not help me and they would ask their corporate to call me back. They called me back after a few hours, and told me how much are you willing to pay to cancel your membership and stop receiving bills. It's like when you go to a car dealership and you want to negotiate on the price of the car, or when you go to the flea market to negotiate on the price of an item. Finally, I agreed to pay for one month and they told me that they will not send me ay other bills and that they will cancel my membership. I recorded my conversation with the customer service representative, in case they wanted to screw me over again, hopefully they will not. I found so many complaints online about LA Fitness, and their cancellation process, so people be careful. I DO NOT recommend this club to anybody!!

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  • Yo
    yohkos Sep 07, 2007

    I just want to say thank you for all the people who took the time to express their concern about LA Fitness. I am searching for a health club and was considering LA Fitness. They have recently built a nice looking gym in Arlington, TX.

    From reading complaints here and elsewhere on the internet, no matter how great this gym looks on the outside, I am taking your warnings seriously and looking to join a different gym. There have been so many complaints that I have decided not to even apply for a free pass... I just do not want to be associated with a company that cares so little for the customer. We already have enough of that going around.

    Thanks again for your comments and saving me from making a horrible decision.

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  • Ja
    Jamie Sep 08, 2007

    Thanks to all those who have publicly expressed concern about the horrors of dealing with the LA Fitness corporation. I have had a very similar experience with both LA Fitness and Body of Change, the gym's personal training service. I foolishly signed up for both a one year gym membership and a personal training program, after being unfairly persuaded with a "free trial" by their greasy and unknowledgeable personal trainers. I attempted to cancel the personal training contract after being promised a "no obligation, cancel at any time" policy. The crooks at LA Fitness and Body of Change continued to bill my credit card $312 for the past two years, amounting to nearly $5,000 over time. Beyond that, LA Fitness will not stop billing me for my one year gym membership, which expired over a year ago.

    I have spent at least one day per week over the past two years on the phone with LA Fitness trying to get my money back and to ask that they simply stop billing me. My complaints have fallen upon deaf ears. I have spoken to everyone from LA Fitness corporate offices, local gyms, etc and nothing has changed. Everyone we speak with continues to make false promises of resolutions, but thousands of dollars still remain on my credit card statement after two years.

    I've seen many of you say "LA Fitness should be sued." Well... today might be your lucky day. My family is considering filing a class action lawsuit against these ###, and we'd love for you to join in the fight. If you've had a similar experience, I'd like to hear your story. You can leave us your contact information or remain completely anonymous. I'd just like to gauge how many people's time, money and credit has been affected by this horrendous excuse for a company. If we do decide to go forward with the lawsuit, I will email you back to see if you'd like to participate.

    Please email me your story at [email protected]

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  • Tk
    TK Sep 18, 2007

    I was scammed by some sale associates at LA Fitness in Riverside, CA. I was doing a summer internship in the city and only needed membership for a few months. The sales associate persuaded me to sign up for personal training by lying to me and assuring that I can sign up for personal training for 3 months with no futher obligations after that. Guess what? After those 3 months I moved back to school and I was stuck with 9 more months on a personal training contract and LA Fitness would not cancel the contract.

    My colleague who was also an intern talked to a different sale associate who gave him "special 1 month" pass, but he had to pay cash. I guess my intern got a better deal, but that just shows how shady the employees at that location are.

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  • De
    Debra Alanis Oct 26, 2007

    I signed up for the free training assessment that every club offers through their Body of Change program in August 2007.I talked to the trainer, Michelle Scott, and she told me it was a six month training, twice a week. I didn't sign up but she called me a couple days later to see what I thought. We talked and her manager (Jeremy?) was talking to her in the background. She said it would be $360, and I said that was too expensive. She then talked to her manager in the background and he said he would throw in 17 free sessions that I could use in the next six months. Hence, that would be 6 months x 8 times per month plus 17 more sessions, and it would be $160 to sign up and $200 more in two weeks, for a total of $360. So I agreed and the training started the next week. I asked at the first session if there was something to sign and she said no, it was taken care of, so I never saw a contract, never signed a contract, and the $360 was charged, which is what we agreed to. However, then I got a $211 charge in September, and another $211 charge in October. I tried to call a phone number from the website which told me nothing, I went to the club which referred me to the trainer, and the trainer told me she would email them and they would contact me because that's the only way she knew how to reach them. She had no phone number for them. When they finally called, they informed me that it was $200/mo in addition to what we agreed on, and didn't I know that? NO, I didn't. I had them fax me the "contract" I never saw, and that's what it said, plus you had 3 days to cancel, although there's NO signature from me because it was never discussed and I never signed anything. I would NOT EVER agree to $200/mo and they knew that in our initial discussions. I told them I want to cancel immediately and they told me to send a registered letter stating this, which I did. When I called the next week to check on it,(888-889-0984) they said I would have to pay half the remaining charges for the months not being used, namely another $300 according to the contract, and I would still have 6 months to use my 17 free sessions. WHAT CONTRACT??? I didn't sign anything. I had a grand total of 12 trainings and it's cost me $760 so far, and they want me to pay $300 more? NO!! This is a bait and switch FRAUD!

    For what it's worth, I filed a complaint with the BBB and I've cancelled my credit card number so they can't bill me anymore.

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  • Th
    Thomas Smith Nov 05, 2007

    Hi. This is a personal trainer . I am here to defend all fitness facilities. All we hear is your pissing and moaning. Basically, you people are trying to whine your way out of what you owe. Why? Ever hear of the expression: "No pain, no gain"? Its exactly that. Sometimes the pain will be physical, but sometimes it will be financial. You cant get something for nothing. Just deal with it and stop crying like ###. Lets be honest here folks... you (pathetic slobs) members come in here for training and expect us to somehow get you into some sort of human shape (not possible, your disgusting and WAY out shape). Day in and day out, we personal trainers make every attempt to reshape your flabby, greasy, out of shape bodies into something that will not make the rest of us projectile vomit. We do what we can, but to add insult to injury, we have to hear you snivel and cry about how much you have to pay. To be honest with you, I think you should be paying double what you are. If you were not so pathetic, you would actually drop that hamburger, pick up the weights and DO IT YOURSELF. But no... you think you can just buy your way out of your wretched physical existence. Look, we cant do it all for you. Maybe we should schedule you some surgery to have your mouth sewn shut? Guess we cant, because you would have to reach into your pocket and pay for it. Heavens forbid.

    Well, I hope this clears some things up for you zipper heads. Have a nice day, and remember..

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  • Je
    Jerry Gosinya Jan 15, 2019

    @Thomas Smith Lol...most trainers look like the people they train and the ones that don’t, are steroid abusing, testicle shrunken, bitch-tit morans

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  • Al
    Alexandria Whitby Nov 05, 2007

    I'm sorry, I just have to disagree with that. "Inappropriate touching"? That's ridiculous. You have a messed up sense of dignity if you think just by touching someone to get their attention is being a pervert.

    Also, I find it hilarious that you people complain about the costs when you could do it for FREE and do your own work. That's just being stupid, whining about how much it is to PICK UP A GOD DAMNED WEIGHT.

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  • Je
    Jerry Gosinya Jan 15, 2019

    @Alexandria Whitby Touching someone without their permission is considered assault. It’s the law. Keep your hands to yourself, ya pervert!

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  • Mrs Bean Jan 15, 2019

    @Alexandria Whitby Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    I can't believe they pay money for this when they can walk and carry soup cans FOR FREE!

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  • Cr
    crazyforcoke Nov 15, 2007

    As to the "trainers" response to the complaints about the "cost" the "slobs" are speaking about...

    "Trainer", I guess you are all "muscle" and "little to no brains". If you could read you would have heard the emphasis of the complaint to be with the intentional deceptive practices of this outfit in general. If a health club was honest they would have contracts that would be easy to fulfill by both parties. A club would not want to make money for a service the other party (for whatever reason) chose to no longer take advantage, or felt the club was not adequate in supplying what they agreed to. As for the lady that never signed the contract and was still charged (who bone-head "Trainer" was first referring to?), lady, I would be suing this club as well as the notification to the BBB.

    I work in contracting and we recently gave this same club some steep discounts to get more business. It worked, they wanted us to do more work for them. But one thing, they are not too good at paying their bills when they owe. Really? Surprised? Not really. Look at the history of most major health clubs and you find they are notorious for deception and simply put "legalized robbery".
    Go ask your banker if they have clients coming in trying to get the banks help to stop payment to a particular club. They will tell you they are the worst. Might find the club you are ready to join on the top of their list?

    Want to join a club? Do it on a month to month contract... in cash. You like them you can save money by making a longer arranged payment (ie. pay for 6 or 12 months). If they won't accept monthly and want your bank account or C.C. number with authorization to rape you monthly (worse than the meager polite hand on the back, by the way you would have thought she would have liked someone letting her know some things she wasn't aware of being exposed were in view, but maybe in the meat market that was her desire), you may chose to find a different club.

    Smaller clubs seem to be more honest, and not mind your cash business.

    Food for thought.
    Oh hopefully diet food, without all the fat.

    Happy weight pumping!

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  • La
    Laura Dec 14, 2007

    This is in response to THOMAS SMITH - the "Physical Trainer" who posted garbage like this:

    "All we hear is your pissing and moaning." "No pain, no gain"? Its exactly that."

    "Just deal with it and stop crying like ###." "expect us to somehow get you into some sort of human shape (not possible, your disgusting and WAY out shape). Day in and day out, we personal trainers make every attempt to reshape your flabby, greasy, out of shape bodies into something that will not make the rest of us projectile vomit."

    "Maybe we should schedule you some surgery to have your mouth sewn shut?"

    THOMAS - you are exactly a representation of why Corporate America is in the state that it's in. You whine & complain about having to work to earn the almighty dollar and yet to fail to understand a vital point : YOU WOULD NOT HAVE A JOB IF IT WERE NOT FOR THE CUSTOMER.

    No pain, no gain???? How about "IF IT HURTS, DON'T DO IT"... physically, financially or otherwise, you idiot. Some physical trainer you must be.

    And I'm sure you must be in stellar shape, you egotistical man-slut. You probably stand up straighter because your head is so full of hot air.

    Get a grip, get a life and get a job more befitting of your attitude --- like a garbage collector.

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  • Co
    Connie Lee Dec 19, 2007

    I agree with what people are saying on this site. Peopl at La fitness are the rudest people I've ever met. With the exception of a few. I WAS a member of La fitness in Mill Creek Washington. I went into the hot tub after a long days work to relax my muscles. Came out took a shower went home. The next day I find all these little red dots on the top part of my body. Starting from my lower back , Down to my bottom. frot of my upper legs, up my back to my arms and stomic. I went to my doctor to show him. He then told me it was an bactiral infection and that the bacteria is only found in Hot tubs and Lakes and had I been swimming lately. I told him I was in the hot tub at my gym for a bit. I then told the managment staff at the gym. Some IDIOT and ### named Shawn, and Sarah. Those two ###s had the NERVE to say it was an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the pool and that the hot tub was clean. I got my doctor to write a note stating the bateria that cause the affection lives only in hot tubs. They once again stated that I am allergic to the chemicals in the pool its like I've been swimming since i was 2 im not allergic to the chemicals in pools plus i was a member of that club for 2 years before the hot tub insident. I had to threaten them with legal action just so I could quit the gym without paying that cancelation fee.

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  • De
    Deborah Mar 18, 2008

    Not only do I have a monthly membership that I thoroughly enjoy, but I also have a training membership with Body of Change. I work out with an awesome trainer from Coral Springs, Florida, (Umberto) and am happy to report that I have seen substantial improvements. Am I working hard for those improvements? Yes! With Umberto's help!

    As to membership practices, I never felt that anyone was being deceitful in the least. The Body of Change representative not only got me the best possible deal, but he spelled out the entire financial obligation! If you work out the details, I am paying about $20 for each 1/2 hour training session, which is incredible if you do any research and check out the much higher prices out there.

    Honestly, I was so impressed by this company, that I have started working there myself one hour per week conducting an Aqua Fitness class.

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  • Mi
    Mia Apr 24, 2008

    LA fitness needs to educate its training managers on proper customer service. I was scammed into a full year of training sesssions by an unscrupulous, money-hoaring woman. They show you pictures of how fat they were and brain wash you into agreeing to training sessions with unqualified people. They claim that they are all certified trainers and some can't even speak english!!! Then, their billiing practices. They double bill you, claim innocence and give you the hardest of time to get your money back, making you provide sensitive, personal bank information. Don't trust their billing practices, they are deceptive!!

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  • Ry
    Ryan Jun 09, 2008

    This place's business practices are the fitness equivalent of the mafia.

    I joined a new location in New Brighton, MN. I went there for maybe 3 days, then went on vacation for 3 weeks.

    Coming back, I noticed cheap paper signs had been put up in the locker room informing members that lockers there were for day use only. No overnight storage... can you see where this is going?

    Of course, my locker had been cut already and upon checking with the front desk's lost and found, my stuff was nowhere to be found.

    I requested 3 months of paid membership since I estimated the total value of the contents of my locker to be about $100.

    I also expressed considerable concern that they would throw out or "donate" a brand new member's belongings within a month of opening!

    I received word that if I could prove that it was in fact L.A. Fitness that had cut my lock, in a court of law, I could receive one free month of paid membership dues.

    Upon hearing this, I instantly informed them I no longer wished to be a part of their club. I strongly urge anyone considering a membership at L.A. fitness to look elsewhere, or better yet buy a bench and some free weights.


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  • Pr
    PR girl Aug 06, 2008

    LA fitness have horrible training and it is almost impossible to cancel the membership! LETS FIGHT BACK!I WORK IN PR I GOT CONNECTIONS!

    I joined LA fitness December 07 and had my free personal training session where that idiot of trainer told me to lose 10-20 pounds...Im 5'8" tall and 125 pounds...WTF!
    I yelled at him and told him that I will never come back again, because one of my best friends nearly died because of an eating disorder.

    So, the next day they called me to ask if I was alright and I said no and that I wanted to cancel the membership immediately.After trying to convince me to stay they finally agreed to send me the form. I never received anything, so I called them and they said I should go online. I did, but i didn't wanna set up an account so I called them again and the lady told me that the problem will be solved. they will call me back.
    because I was graduating I didn't have the time to follow up with them.

    when I canceled in MAY(!!!) my Swiss credit card they started calling me non stop. then I realized that they have been using my card all the time, because I was so stupid to slide my card once over there!Since then I was sent from one place to the other and apparently all their printers are out of order...sure, but they still can print out applications!!!

    I'm working for a PR guy and he discovered in 1989 a major scam with the parking meters in LA where the city had to pay over 15 million dollars back to the people that got parking tickets at manipulated parking meters. He is very well connected and we are going to the media now. If you want to be part of it let me know.I'm trying to collect as many angry people as possible!

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  • De
    Dee Sep 25, 2008

    I have read all the comments on this page and for others who are very skeptical about not joining LA Fitness I have worked at the Lake Highlands Location for about ten months and I'll give you an inside tip as to why you should not join this gym.

    First Sales. When you first walk in the gym they do not see you as a person who is concerned about your health and wellness all they see is the potential $50 in commission they are going to get. $0 enrollment means a higher monthly fee you will have to pay and sometimes they go in the system and change your monthly dues. And if the sales are really pressed up against he wall to make there quota they'll charge you for two memberships. So please hold on to your contracts. Most of these general managers are very prejudiced towards African Americans who walk in the club. First off let me say that although lake highlands is well kept, its still in city limits and to not want to sign someone up cause of the color of their skin is flat out ridiculous or if someone that was African American comes in to the gym with a 3 to 7 day guest pass then they're freeloading which was the comment made by a general manager who is no longer there. And if the currrent general manager at the LAke Highlands location isn't making racists comments to a staff member he's probably in the back getting oral sex from the club pride girl (people i'm so not making this up)

    Secondly Operations. By me working at this location for ten months I have encountered my fair share of complaints myself where If I couldn't fix the problem myself then I made sure the operations manager knew what the problem was and it could be fixed. Nothing is ever done until it becomes a coorporate problem so going forward if you have a complaint send it to the coorporate headquarters not the general or operations manager.

    Lastly the Atmosphere. If you want to join a gym where it smells like raw sewage, the pool and hot tub is never cleaned, the weights are never put away and stored in their proper place by members, the wood in the dry sauna is falling apart, pieces of the workout equipment are missing, your things can get stolen faster then you can put them down, people making unwanted advances to you while your working out, and walking into the mens lockeroom and witnessing sexual encounters between two men then this is the place for you. I know certain things happen everywhere but this location was totally unprofessional the managers have no idea what they are doing so how could I know what to inform people about if i'm given the wrong information myself. I'm speaking from experience on an unprofessional standpoint seeing as though I lost my job because my manager said he was going to do something and didn't and because he didn't he had to save his ### and make me look like the bad guy which is to be expected but I never even got an apology from him or this lousy company this is me giving you all real inside reasons as to why you should not join this gym...

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  • Je
    Jeff B Nov 25, 2008

    LA Fitness Membership:

    This is to inform you that I have entered a formal complaint against your company with American Express and I am disputing any future charges you make against my account.

    My reason for this is because your customer service personnel in Irvine California hang up on me when I ask them for more detailed information about the persons whose membership fees, services, and other fees being charged to my American Express account. As you probably know, without that information I am unable to process the form you supply online for each individual charge/ membership I have been paying for. You do not even reference on my American Express bill any information I can use to communicate to you about the individual charges.

    I am sure that there are many other consumers across the USA who are also frustrated, mistreated, and inconvenienced by the way in which you manage membership information and enter it into your on-line system. I am convinced that your company deliberately fails to enter all pertinent information such as member names, membership numbers, email addresses, etc so that you can delay your members’ requests to cancel their memberships when such requests are made. It is my opinion that this action thereby enables you to fraudulently continue to charge them for fees until they are able to untangle the information you deliberately entered incorrectly into your membership computer systems.

    Because it is your policy to require its members to inform in writing to cancel one or more memberships being charged to an account, please accept this letter as such. With this letter, please immediately discontinue all membership fees, services, or other charges you are billing to the following American Express Account: xxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxx.

    Cc: American Express PO Box 981531 El Paso, TX 79998-1535

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  • Fl
    flapjackjoe Dec 11, 2008

    I was a member with LA for about 2 years, and then I left because of the terrible, TERRIBLE customer service - not only on the phone, but at the gym as well. They don't care how many members they have at their facility. Overcrowding is a huge problem, especially at some of the more urban gyms. But they don't care. They sign up as many people as they can regardless of how overcrowded they are. So I left LA and went to a private gym, which I had to cancel due to my schedule change. Cancelling my membership was an ordeal and a half. I think adopting a child is cheaper and takes less time and paperwork than cancelling my damn membership! They charged me for months after the papers were filed even though I received confirmation that my membership was cancelled. I had to contact Visa to get my money back and prevent any further charges from arising.

    I went back to LA Fitness and signed on because I got a really great deal for a 3-year membership. Now that I'm back and locked in for 3 years (it's pre-paid, so I can't leave or I lose all of that money), I'm stuck because they won't give me my money back.

    No matter which gym you go to, it is crowded and undermaintained. I go at 5am. They've had between 12am and 5am to clean. But the place is filthy. The machines are dirty, there's water bottles and dirty paper towels in the cupholders of the cardio equipment, and there's gum on the footpads of the elliptical machines. A broken machine will sit with a sign on it for DAYS before it is repaired. I have had a fungal infection from the showers, even though I wear flip-flops; I now use anti-fungal cream as a prophylaxis to avoid a recurrent infection.

    The trainers have an "I'm hotter than God" attitude when they walk around (not all of them, mind you - there are some really nice, professional ones - but most are meathead jerks). It shows not only in their actions, but their words. I've heard many comments muttered about guests, or about topics that they feel are appropriate to discuss at work (who they're screwing outside of work, etc.) with their meathead buddies. Professionalism is ZERO with these guys. I had brain surgery a few years ago and wanted to rehab myself back into shape. No way in hell would I pay these guys to train me - especially after reading the trainer's comment earlier. They obviously have NO regard for people's well-being. It's about making money and being seen. That's it.

    For your online account, your username is your e-mail address. I typed my e-mail address again and again to get in, to no avail. I finally contacted customer service, and I was told that "HOTMAIL" was spelled wrong. The manager of the gym that I signed up at spelled "HOTMAIL" wrong, not to mention my entire e-mail address! I was told that I am not allowed to change my username, so I am stuck with that one that is misspelled and therefore has no meaning to me whatsoever. First of all, HOT and MAIL are first-grade words. And this was the manager I dealt with! Second, why the F can't I pick my own username? So I was later told by a manager that I can change it if she resets everything. She did so, and I got an e-mail when I got home. It again told me that I cannot change my username.

    In one of the men's locker rooms, they put up a sign that swimsuits are required. Mind you, it is only one gym, and it is only in the men's locker room (there's no such sign in the women's locker room - I smell discrimination!). I never wear a swimsuit when I'm steaming, because steam is for relaxation and you can't fully relax if you're constricted by clothing. I understand that there's a lot of cruising that goes on in the gym with the gay guys. What do you expect - they're gay and they're around naked dudes? I think the solution isn't to make everyone wear a swimsuit. In fact, being naked is more likely to reveal those who are cruising for sex, if you know what I mean. I think the key is just to have your eyes open to it and identify those who are cruising and stop it dead in its tracks. Not to mention that quite a few of the male employees are in the steamroom cruising for sex themselves. So who are they to call anyone out on it?

    I've spoken to the management about my concerns, but it gets me nowhere. They just tell me, "yeah, we hear that complaint a lot, " or they give me some mumbo-jumbo that I have to go home and put into an online Idiot-to-English dictionary to interpret its meaning. I've called customer service, and they also blow me off like I'm nobody. I know I'm only one person.

    This gym is a total joke. DO NOT sign up here.

    And to that complete ### of a "trainer" that posted before - not everyone that goes to LA and complains about it is a fat, greasy dirtbag. I'm a heavy lifter, and I work out 6 days a week. I go to the gym to get in a decent workout, and I get out. But while I'm there, I want a comfortable environment. I shouldn't have to clean off the equipment when I'm the first one to be using it that day. I shouldn't have to avoid a run-in with some greasy muscle jerk trainer because I walked near him on my way to my next machine. I shouldn't have to learn to misspell my own e-mail address so that I can login to my account. I shouldn't have to shower with clothes on because the Larry Craigs that they hire are desperately seeking sex in the men's locker room.

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  • Jm
    J.M Jan 19, 2009

    When I went to LA Fitness, was nightmare! Membership manager Mr.S B was so rude. Just a bit complain and asked to check tearm and condition (I was very calmly) He suddenly shouting and thretened me. Even, he said call the police! I said didn't mind call the police cos I didn't make any wrong..for me was wellcome, police could stop his aggresive attitude. I asked him to please stop shouting, just I wanted check team and condition but he posed like Gangster and shouted I'm came from xxxxx, if I shouted you can't stand up here! What the custmer servise. Well, LA Fitness hired Gangster guy as Membership manager? I wanming everybody Very dangerous to join LA Fitness South India Quay.

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  • Go
    gotohoward Mar 01, 2009

    Hi. I really can't believe what I am reading going through all the texts. I have been in customer service for many years, and issues can certainly get muddled working with the public. Everyone has their own perception, and sometimes even distort reality, when it comes to their experiences. Many larger gyms have huge expenses to cover as well as over zealous practices to generate income. Exercise is also a highly personal endeavor which takes a strong commitment and affects people psychologically in so many different ways. Health center employees have to deal with this on a daily basis, and sometimes the financial issues are where things come to a head. I don't forgive the gym business for shoddy business practices or even having difficulty hiring and retaining qualified individuals, but I do feel that systems should be in place to handle difficult circumstances according to basic operating philosophy of "Putting the customer first."

    There are exceptional cases where resolution of a difficult problem can not be resolved on the front line, and sometimes even at deeper levels, but I always feel that an unhappy customer just isn't worth the trouble of standing your ground business-wise. 99 out of a 100 times people that are unhappy just want someone to treat them kindly and professionally, and make an adjustment if necessary.
    When all else fail, agree to disagree, and move on. A person that is that dissatisfied will not be an asset to your center. On another level, a dissatisfied patron will spread the word exponentially which could hurt business no matter how large or small your concern is.

    As far as the one post from a supposed trainer, I never read anything so abrasive in regard to customer service. I am sure he follows the school of thought of telling people how it is, but being an administrator myself, I would like to find this individual (if in fact he exists as a health center worker) and dispatch him immediately. Having somebody around like that is far worse than having a disgruntled customer. This is certainly a testament to the future of business in America. Companies just can't afford quality personnel. It's embarrassing as a citizen, and I'm not even out of shape! Hopefully, everything will get smaller as a result of our economic climate and corporate mismanagement. This problem may even go deeper into our nation's infrastructure starting with the education system. Good luck everyone! I may just a nice walk in my own park, and hopefully not get bitten by somebody's dog.

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  • An
    anna Mar 23, 2009

    watch out for a guy named Adam at La Cienega Club In Los Angels as he has been known to grab womens buttocks and sexual harass girls. Complaining to Corporate Office does no good.

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  • Je
    Jeff Apr 03, 2009

    I've never been as member of LA Fitness, but I've had similar experiences with others.
    At one the "personal trainer" was constantly asking to refer friends and went as far to ask for names and numbers so he could contact them.
    At another the staff members were not interested in helping unless it was for someone they knew personally.
    Right now I'm a member at a club where the staff seems to care and they aren't bugging me for leads on new members.
    I hop LA Fitness never comes to where I live. It sounds like they are a bunch of losers.

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  • Di
    Disgrunted Apr 09, 2009

    This place is horrible. I had a free training session coming to me and when I took it--the young woman worked me so hard I almost vomited on the spot. I had to lay down on the floor for over 20 minutes just not to.

    During that time the trainers were joking and laughing. One of them even said to me, 'Want a steak sandwich.' I hate these people. I immediately revoked my membership.


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  • Ma
    MANUEL BURGOS May 07, 2009

    To: LA FITNESS 05-06-09

    My name is Manuel Burgos; I’m a member of your Downey fitness facility, first I would like to say I have several complaints. The first complaint is when I signed up for personal training sessions I was verbally told I would receive three days a week plus twenty seven free sessions at the cost of $232.00 which I indicated to my personal trainer whom trained me according to that schedule without dispute which lead me to believe everything was straight. However months down the road I spoke with the manager whom addressed herself as Suzy, she told me that I did not have a contract with what I was implementing . Suzy went on to tell me I had two days a week plus twenty seven free sessions. I was very upset when I found out I had been mislead, but I swallowed it down with the many tardy sessions I had to endure from my trainer Eric Escobar which was reported to Suzy. I did continue with my sessions with Mr. Escobar because people do make mistakes so we continued with our sessions on a promise there would be no more tardiness. However despite the unprofessionalism, I purchased an additional two sessions a week to make up for the sessions I thought I had already purchased. The next day Mr. Escobar propositioned me to forfeit my new contract and pay him cash for the additional days I desired, which would be Tuesdays and Friday at your other facility which is located at Rosemead and Washington. I agreed with his proposition because it was without contract and his cost would be 180.00 a month no strings attached. On 04-28-09 I forfeit my contract 09117C35EEB with Suzy in the afternoon but she told me she needed me to come back in the evening to pick up my receipt, I requested my receipt at that time, but she declined me, and said she would have it ready for me in the evening and not to worry. I returned in the evening for my receipt, however it was not ready and I had to wait 15 minutes to receive my proof of cancellation. On 04 -29-09, Mr. Escobar informed me that he could no longer work out with me during our training sessions, I would like to state Mr. Escobar has been working out with me during our sessions since the start of my original contract. It seems Suzy is now trying to dictate how my work out sessions should be administered to me, and if what Mr. Escobar has been doing is against company policy, why am I now after several months being informed that there are certain guide lines that must followed? And finally the whole reason for this letter is to bring to your attention on 05-06-09 during my verifiable session, Mr. Escobar made an unwelcomed statement, he said where did you get that ###ed up van from, your mother? I said dude my mother is dead! And he said, and! Where did you get that ###ed up van from your mother? Mr. Escobar had no right to question nor slander my dead mother nor myself after I told him she was dead .that statement should had been halted however he did not stop and human rights were abused. I am requesting a complete cancellation of both my gym and training memberships. Thank you .Manuel R Burgos 213-631-6816

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  • Bj
    BJ0409 May 18, 2009

    I live in Elgin, IL. I recieved a flyer from LA Fitness in the mail to try their facility for 7 days for free. They had just opened 2 weeks ago in South Elgin so I was interested. There was no asterik or catch to it on the coupon. It just said, "other memberships MAY be presented". So I go in and the sales person SHAUN GREEN takes the coupon, asks me if i'm serious about joining, which yes, I was because I was interested in joining at a later date. So he then goes on to tell me that the pass is for 3 DAYS and that then I would be charged for the first month of membership and last month of membership and wouldn't have to pay registration fee. I told him I wasn't sure about that and that I would think about it. THen he offered me a tour of the gym. I thought, I'm already in here, might as well. After the tour he said, so do you want to give it a try? I'm thinkin I get to try for 3 days and if i don't cancel I get charged. So he takes me card and the next thing I know he's asking me to sign for 79.95. I said that is not what we discussed and told him to cancel it and he said, "well you might as well sign it because it's already gone through". WITHOUT MY SIGNATURE ON IT YET! He then said, "just come try a class and later if you don't like it, i'll cancel it for you" telling me i'd get a refund in 3-5 days. I leave, pissed and upset because I didn't have that amount in my account. I came back less than 5 mins later telling AnnMarie, the operating manager, to cancel it. She did. The next day, when the overdraft was on my account, my financial advisor as well as a friend of mine (who owns a gym) told me to demand reinbursement for the overdraft fee because it was their fault. I went in to the gym the next day and DOMINIC ORAIGARA told me i needed to speak with AnnMarie. I went in the day after that and AnnMarie told me it was Dominic that i was supposed to speak with. She tells us that the company never reimburses those kind of fees and there is nothing she can do at her level. So I call corporate. JAMES FOX, a customer service member, tells me he WILL NOT give me the district or regional manager's number and that they will contact me in 24 hrs. I asked to speak to James’ boss and he kept giving me the run around, saying, “he’s not available.” So I said, “James, I know you have a boss. I want them on the line. Now, please and thank you.” James says, “well I don’t know where he is” So I said, “well could you find them please?” and he said, “Well he’s not in the facility” So I said, “So you mean to tell me there is nowhere their above you.” He said, “no. but everyone is going to tell you the same thing I am telling you, that we don’t give those kind of refunds.” I was LIVID! He told me the regional manager would be in touch with me, his name is RENE SHARP. I waited in the gym for SEAN because AnnMarie said he was starting his shift soon. SEAN came in, and spoke down to me and tried to make it seem like he did nothing wrong, that I knew I was getting charged, and that he was trying to save me money. Yea. Right. I told him he never said anything about the 7 day pass and that how is it saving me money to make me pay 80 bucks for 3 days. He then tried to dismiss me by saying, "fine i'll give her her $25 fee out of my own pocket." But it's not just about the money. They are tricking people into memberships, telling one thing and doing another and he shouldn't have done it to me or be allowed to do that to someone else. So I called the customer service number again, told the woman to have a director call me ASAP. That was at 4 pm central time. Still no word. And they didn't call me after the initial complaint. It's been 4 days. They are not taking me seriously and trying to sweep the matter under the rug. And now I’m losing money that I couldn’t afford to lose- I just graduated from college without a job and am still transitioning, so this is really taking a toll on my finances.

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  • Xc
    xclovenx Jun 18, 2009

    I agree that it can be hard to get some places to stop charging you. I've had experiences with this as well. I really like LA Fitness though. I use the gym everyday before work. The trainers have always been polite ( I didn't sign up for a trainer, I just bought books and magazines like Bill Phillips Body for Life, and Oxygen), the front desk persons are friendly, and the facility is well maintained. I have also been a part of other gyms, and I felt they had run down equipment, and a not so professional atmosphere.

    I have run into a few people who loved the personal training and it has worked for them, and I have also run into a few people who wanted out of the program and had issues with being charged.

    I found that several people who were angry with the training or gym not working, didn't really do everything they were supposed to do to see the results. They missed appointments, they didn't change their food/water habits, and slowly drug themselves around the gym complaining about how they didn't want to do the stuff the trainer was having them do. They saw little if no results after weeks of not really changing their life or outlook on working out and their relationship with food.

    Maybe this frustration is felt by the trainer who made the post. I feel it could have been said better (nicer?) and that perhaps their intent was to say it's not the trainers fault that the money spent and time put into it didn't work quite right. That perhaps if people took an honest look at all the parts it takes to make the commitment it would turn out a bit different.

    Training is a lifetime commitment, not just 6 to 12 weeks. It's something you think about every meal of the day, every workout, every supplement, and the time spent envisioning what you want for your life.

    If you feel you were cheated and over charged, these things may be true from a financial stand point I agree. That responsibility is with the corporate offices.

    If you feel the trainer was being unjust, perhaps they are just as frustrated about not being able to get results from their clients. They can't fix what people won't fix for themselves.

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  • Dg
    Dgafkmk1 Jul 17, 2009

    LAF is a Rip off!!!
    When me and my bro signed up they said the best plan for us .is the one with the 2 guests and today i went to LA Fitness is Redlands, CA and the guy said i have to be 18 to enter the gym because of new policy rules.Its BullSh*t because i go everyday to the gym and never had this problem.The Girls that work there are super Chill.and This one guy is a complete D*ck!

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  • Mo
    mommyto2 Aug 05, 2009

    I am a member at the LA Fitness at 1300A LITITZ PIKE, LANCASTER, PA 17601.

    On March 25, 2009, I told one of the female managers about an individual that has been bothering me for a while. All I had to say was “I have a problem with a gym member” and she knew exactly who I was referring to.

    I told her that he constantly approaches me and talks for a long time. I try to ignore him but he will stand there and just talk for a long time. I have tried to be polite but he doesn’t get the hint that I don’t want to talk. I have to always be aware of where he is to avoid him. He is always talking to the girls there. I try to sneak around so as not to be seen by him but he always finds me, every day.

    Sometimes he sees me in the parking lot as I am going into the gym with my 8 month old son and he walks me in. He will stop me as I am walking in to the gym to see my baby. He is always asking about my baby. As a parent, this freaks me out a little. He is not a friend at all. I don’t even know him except that we go to the same gym.

    I go to the LA Fitness every day for an hour. I put my son I the daycare. He is there when I get there at 8am. So I tried going later in the afternoon, he’s there. My relatives go to LA Fitness as well and say he’s there when they are there. I tried going as late as 5pm, he’s there. This leads me to believe that he is at the gym every day for about 8-10 hours a day.

    The female manager I spoke with was very nice about it. She told me that there have been many complaints by other women there about him bothering them. She, herself, has had many talks with him about his behavior. She had said that if they get one more complaint about this member, they will revoke his membership. My friend who also is a member was so harassed by him that the management told him to leave her alone and don’t talk to her anymore.

    His response was “You need to hear my side of this”. This shows that he doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong. After management spoke to him about bothering my friend, he confronted my friend in the middle of the gym. She then yelled at him so loud that a trainer came to her aid and told him to leave her alone.

    March 26, 2009, the same manager I spoke with said that the problem was taken care of that morning. I wasn’t given the details of what was said, only that the issue was dealt with. I was at the gym today, March 28, 2009, and he was there. He walked by the treadmill I was on and waved and said HI! He also follows me from machine to machine sitting and staring at me just waiting for me to pause so he can talk to me.

    I asked the manager what the policy is for this. She said it's a very lenient policy. Only after several warnings by local management does the corporate office send a letter to the member's home warning them about their behavior.

    I now carry mace and my cell phone with me at all times while working out. I wish there was police presence there.

    I do fear retaliation by him. I have requested that someone walk me to and from my car when I have my infant son with me. As of yet, nobody from the gym has contacted me regarding my request.

    He needs to have his membership revoked and be banned from the gym. This member, according to the manager, has been giving several warnings about his behavior. He obviously does not understanding the situation. I am very disappointed at LA Fitness for not having a Zero Tolerance policy for this type of behavior. I am also disappointed that the gym is putting his feelings above the safety of the women members. This guy is a predator and needs to have his membership revoked.

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  • K1
    k1221n Oct 09, 2009

    I too had a membership at LA fitness in San Diego, and had nothing but problems with the sales and training staff while trying to get a work out. They went so far as to call the police on a guy that the women there found attractive and wanted to train with him, the trainers became jealous and talked one of the female workers there to file a false police report on the guy in order to drive him out of there.

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  • Li
    linhans Dec 17, 2009

    I am in the process of trying to quit LaFitness. I have heard this is easier said than done. I have had issues with the club in Edina Mn. There are numerous paper towel and hand cleaning stations around the club but, 9 times out of 10, no towels or cleaner. I told the front desk people about this, waited 15 min. to see what would happen and, guess what-no towels or hand cleaner. The carpet in the club is starting to stink and the machines are somewhat dated and they don`t clean them. There also seems to be so many employees wandering around looking so totally buff with nothing to do but stare at others. I personally don`t need them monitoring me like this is the senior citizens center and they are waiting for one of us to drop. I am glad to quit. Hope others heed the warning. Try another club otherwise, start walking. Lift rocks or something. This place just isn`t worth it. Also, used hot tub once and got a very nasty infection from it. Year later, still have it. Not pleasant at all.

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  • Da
    David Morano Jan 18, 2010

    The LA Fitness in Chandler Az. at Dobson and Warner SUCKS! I pay for towel service and out of the last 25 times I went to the gym, they were out of towels. They were either in the washing machine or dryer. As if they only have 3 towels. When I complained to the manager (Daniel) he showed very little interest and told me that the reason there are never any towels is because the gym members steal them. Thats CRAP! I have 7 members that I am currently paying for. I am going to cancel all 7 and join Pure Fitness. The trainers are also a bunch of perverts. They just walk around and scam on the ladies. This place is a huge joke.

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  • Ho
    hollywoodtrainer Jan 26, 2010

    In all honesty I am a trainer and it's hard to think that a trainer in their right mind would be inappropriate. From what I see, most of the members outfits are inappropriate. No offense, but are you heavy set? If something is so disgusting as to be offensive when doing the hamcurl machine someone should say something as this trainer did. We need a second opinion, what were you wearing that day? some women think they look good in something when they DO NOT! And touching a stranger on the lower back is not inappropriate, I do it all the time. I touch the upper back at times and sometimes even the lower back, never the butt or legs, so get over that part---its not inappropriate!!! There is ### that goes on everywhere people, every gym, get over it!!! I rarely keep valuables in the locker room and I always take a clean shower at home and wash my hands real good as to not get any staph...
    blah blah. Get over what you don't like about the gym. Who cares what the gym puts on TV or the trainers or what other excuse you people ### about. youre there to workout. put your headphones on with your own music, mind your own business and get your workout on! capece?!?

    Please upload a photo of what you were wearing that day...and i hope you were wearing panties too...

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  • Je
    Jerry Gosinya Jan 15, 2019

    @hollywoodtrainer Another douche bag whose ignorance is his own bliss. Touching someone without their permission is against the law. And if you ever wind up in jail because you did something that was against the law, and get your s^^t pushed in by Jerome, I hope get over it.

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  • This week I was excited to begin my work-out by getting into the spin classes at the TANASBOURNE/HILLSBORO La Fittness in Oregon. At the Monday 5:45am class the teacher Michelle spent the first 20minutes wandering around chit chatting with her friends in the class, in her slippers. When I asked her if she would be getting on the bike and starting the class soon she said she needed to make sure everyone was ready. During the hour class she was on the bike less then 15 minutes.

    I tried to go to the evening class feeling the morning one was a complete waste. I saw not only the same behavior but worse. The instructor Victor was flirting with the thin girls, told me and my sister to get in the back so we could sneak out when we couldnt handle his class. He was touching peoples dials, wandering around again on the bike less than 20min. He also told a 70 year old man that if he couldnt keep up with the big boys maybe he should find another class. (Most teachers would have suggested to the whole class to modifiy the moves if you are having a difficult time, without humiliating new students.)

    I tried again on Wendsday. The class was supposed to start at 5:45. The front desk person wasnt in so the instructors, janitors, students were locked out until he got in at 6:00. It was Michelle again and instead of getting in and start working immediantly she wandered around again so I got a 30min class.

    Friday, I found out The teacher would be the person that manges the other instructors. I was excited to get a decent class and alert her to the problems with the other instructors. To my dismay, she didnt even bother to show up. We had a class of 15 students trying to work on our own. I have never seen such unprofessional behavior!

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  • Wa
    WashingtonResident Mar 24, 2010

    Along with that, their staff (mostly personal trainers, not sales staff) enjoy gossiping, trash-talking, harassing, slandering, etc., of their clients which I have recently experienced at a WA location. Unfortunately when I first came to this location, I loved the staff. With recent change in management and new hiring of staff based on friendship, I have been very discouraged and dissatisfied. Not only was one personal trainer talking to my personal trainer very loudly about me and my personal business (where my personal trainer defended me) but this conversation was overheard by an acquaintance of mine (member of la fitness) which is partially how I found out. Very very tacky and unprofessional business practices. Also this constitutes slander and harassment because the things this trainer was saying were not true. When I brought this to her attention, she said, "this is not the right time or place." And she was right, my point made exactly. Talking badly about your own customers in your own workplace is never the "right time or place". It's amazing how she can differentiate between talking badly and making up false statements about la fitness's customers which seems to be ok with her but it's not ok for her to be asked about her actions and why she's doing them at work. Weird.

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